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I'm from the UK and the ongoing mess of Brexit is so frustrating for the people of Britain the politicians don't know their arse from their elbow and if its not resolved soon then it's possible that they we will withdraw from the process to me that is unacceptable the people voted for it and to not honour that would be a farewell to democracy!

DOWNEYA82 4 Apr 13

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We in the US are experiencing something similar. Over 60 million Americans voted for Trump but the leftists and the leftist media will simply not have it. We elected Trump because the country was going in the wrong direction. We know the NWO is influencing the political momentum here and across the EU. But fear that will lead to unelected officials governing the west. That is unacceptable. We have a great country and intend to keep it but it will be an uphill battle.


I voted Brexit. I know my own mind and my reasons are sound yet I'm being told I'm a right wing thug and a racist for even voting brexit. Freedom of speech and expression in the UK is now policed by the progressive left who use it like a tool to force their own agenda. Big brother has given way to big bubba and he's taking no prisoners.

I feel the same way the left are dangerous and will bring us to ruin if they get their way it's everything from the restrictions on speech to the gender/identity politics about time for a revolution not a protest but a real change of direction for the sake of the next generation


Theresa May was a remainer and should have never been put in charge in the first place. I wish you guys luck but that is what we have for a so called Democracy these days. Just for in European elections for UKIP.


We've got a government that wants to stay in the EU - Ugh!!!


I met a gentleman from U.K. who said that Brexit is bad and hurting Britain and shouldn’t happen. And I thought, what about all the people who voted for it? Shouldn’t their voices matter?

Totally agree that's democracy rIght? We voted to leave now it's the responsibility of our elected leaders to make that happen

I think most of our leaders are duplicitous and I am from Canada. They are mostly two faced liars

They may well have been correct. Does not effect the reality that the country voted for it and so the Government is duty bound to make it happen.

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