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I received this email from a member of Pegida Canada, a group working for human rights against jihad terror and Sharia oppression, and opposing mass Muslim migration into Canada. Personal details have been removed, as the woman who was sued does not want to give her name. She has to pay out over $11,000 to this man who continually harassed foes of jihad terror at rallies. He works in tandem with Antifa and pro- “Palestinian” groups. Pegida Canada adds: “We have had Israeli flags torn out of our hands by these people. The police have given less and less protection. One of our people was punched to the ground, another was knocked unconscious. The police watch from a distance.”

This is the Canada of Islamophobia Motion M-103, Justin Trudeau’s Canada.

happygolucky666 5 Apr 5

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Can’t this Woman from Pegida Sue this Pro Jihad Idiot back? Why is this sueing always one way? Ie in favour if the Person spreading hate like Jihad!

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