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Jordan Peterson Addresses Socialist Intellectuals

I think this is a reasonably succinct 12 minute summary and contrast of Socialism & Nazziism.
Markss76118 5 Apr 2

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I believe any system that tries to control the entire matrix of society is destined for totalitarian monstrosities. It does not matter if you hate a race, a religion or an economic class, the result will be totalitarian monstrosities. It is inevitable. And history shows this. Just like Doctor Peterson said, "Experiment, repeat, repeat..."

There is a whole genre of literature by people who escaped communist countries. I remember reading one by a Polish man. When the Soviets occupied Poland they inustriously went about building a totalitarian society. Their goal was to eliminate any cultural leaders who had somehow escaped the Nazis. They had show trials and they put the prisoners in Auschwitz. Yes, Auschwitz.

Auschwitz was equally valuable to Nazis and Communists. It was an inevitable product of both systems, because they were both totalitarian.


I truly admire Jordan Peterson for shining a bright light on the mass murders conducted by Stalin and Mao.

Germany is steeped in self guilt for Hitler and the holocaust and IYAM 70+ years is more than enough and they need to put it behind them. The guilt monuments will always be there for tourist. There are only a few still alive that participated in the crimes. It is time for Germans to get back to being Germans under a democratic capitalist system.

You don't see similar guilt in Russia and China and that's okay with me. I am not big on extended national guilt..Fix it and get on with life. Russia and China have adopted the Capitalist system within their totalitarian systems and while Russia is not thriving, thanks to USA trade China is well on the way to becoming the worlds largest economy. What we see in both countries is virtually identical to National Socialism, minus the swastika and the blatant racial prejudice. Of course Neither China or Russia are allowing much if any immigration, even though they both are experiencing negative population growth. I am not aware of any Russian program to address this problem, in spite of it's disastrous prognosis. On the other hand China is making a concerted effort to address their fertility problem by "encouraging" citizens to have at least 3 children. There is no plan by either country to fix the problem by admitting immigrants, even though both countries are in a position to enforce a meritocratic system. I suspect Russia would welcome skilled immigrants if they applied. China seems to be totally disinterested in racial diversity and their policy is China for Chinese.

The bottom line is, you can call Russia a totalitarian oligarchy and China as a Communist Dictatorship, but what we have is two major powers operating in a way that is they ran up the swastika and self identified as National Socialists, there would be little or no change in the daily lives of their citizens.

Finally, we come to the scary ending. I believe the Globalist,Cultural Marxist that are currently emerging in the U.S. are impressed with the Chinese system. They would like to blow up the population with illegal immigrants that would be allowed to vote, and they would vote for the Neo-Marxist candidates. They would then attempt to eliminate the Electoral College and pack the Supreme Court with liberal judges. If they are successful, they will lock up the Presidency and both houses of Congress. They will rewrite the Constitution, altering the first amendment and eliminating the second amendment entirely. When they are done we will be a Cultural Marxist, totalitarian nation. There will be an upper class consisting of politicians, entertainers, and scientists. There will be no middle class, just a base class that they envision as low paid, well fed and kept happy with cable TV and a regulated Internet.

The good news is, they are going to fail.



The communists didn’t attempt to erase an entire ethnic group using an industrialised killing process. That is what makes the Nazis worse than Stalin.

The elimination of minorities is not a prerequisite to achieve communism; it is a prerequisite to achieve the goals of Nazism.

The two are not equivalent, and people don’t agree with the premise because they can tell it’s bullshit. It raises the question “why are you so keen to equate people who disagree with you to fascists, while simultaneously condemning people for comparing you to fascists?”. It is fucking obvious that the people protesting outside are not Stalinists, and Peterson’s hypothesis that simply being a communist makes you a Stalinist is absolutely moronic. There are complex reasons why history unfolded the way it did; materials, political structures... not just “because communism”.

Every single time Communism has been tried it has been a disaster. In the case of Russia and China, it was 60 million and 100 million respectively. Hitler's genocide vwas pure evil but at least there was a theoretical end to it. In the case of Stalin and Mao, I consider it even more evil. Millions starved and millions more were murdered based on their class and professions. There was no end in sight and the deaths continued until the Soviets fell apart and for China when Mao died. They were not equivalent, the Nazis were saints compared to the Communists and it always winds up the same nom matter who is running the show. Those people protesting outside are nothing but candy ass cowards that run like rabbits when confronted.

@FrankChandler “The Nazis were saints in comparison”

This says it all really.


I think it’s all much more simple than that ...
EVERYBODY has heard ad nauseum the horrors of the NAZIs ... thanks mostly to the Jews.

I’m NOT blaming the Jewish People EXCEPT in one aspect ... “the Holocaust” which they have correctly Advertised Endlessly as being defined INCORRECTLY as the Extermination of “6 Million Jews” ... the CORRECT Definition IS (or should be) the Extermination of 13 MILLION PEOPLE, 6 Million of whom were Jews ...
Personally I think it would be better for their message if they included that Other 7 Million.

ALMOST NO-ONE is aware of the Extent of the Exterminations under Stalin and/or Mao Tse Tung ...

This FAILURE to “Advertise” the Mass Exterminations that Came About from the Instituting of Socialism and Communism leaves the Uneducated UNINFORMED so when they hear these words, they are simply NOT Horrified by Things They’ve NEVER Heard Of ...

So ... when an Uninformed or Misguided “Intellectual” or, an “Intellectual” with an “Agenda” steps up and preaches their Nonsense to the Uniformed and Uneducated, there is no Instant Revulsion, no Push Back ...

Perhaps this being True is OUR OWN FAULT.


Those leftists that he thought of as genuinely good people sure had him fooled. They were morally superior in their own eyes. The left has three factions. The victim, the do-gooder and the activist. The do-gooder, like the victim, is often a tool of the activist and wears his good intentions on his sleeve. Elimination of the victim class would leave the do-gooder and activist without purpose. All that is necessary to eliminate the victim class is to promote individualism, being strong, facing life's challenges instead of pointing to some reason for your sorry state of affairs, that's the easy thing to do and people will tend to take the easy route. But making someone else the reason for your status is not really helpful, unless you can get a whole collective crowd to overwhelm the perceived oppressor. Marx had to emphasize that the proletariat were a victim of the bourgeoisie in order to create the classless society he envisioned. Someone had to keep highlighting that the victim was oppressed. They needed to rise up and throw off their oppression. Sounds a bit like Identity politics, doesn't it? Identity politics is simply an expansion of Marx's theory of capitalist oppression creating many victim classes in order to create division, dissent and chaos - a breakdown of the social order.

Jordan Peterson, in my view, has things pretty right. Just the odd thing he could improve upon.


Conveniently ignoring the role of US sanctions in the Venezuela situation there Jordan.

Did maduro shooting at foreign aid envoys help?

A political operation thinly padded with humanitarian objectives.


He’s one of the greatest thinkers of his generation. He can get lost in the weeds sometimes but I truly enjoy his perspective.

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