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What's people's thoughts on Tommy Robinson being banned from all social media????

Scroves 3 Feb 28

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Don't agree with Tommy being banned. Sargon of Akkad being banned. And all the others. I don't care if you're right, left, or somewhere in the middle. Everyone has a right to be heard. Do we want these platforms to be regulated? Or, is letting them exist as full-blown propaganda machines better?

Perhaps websites like this are a better antidote to the attack on free speech than regulating facebook


Tommy Robinson is the most falsely maligned person in the UK at the moment and the establishment, which includes politicians, mainstream media and other self - interested pressure groups have colluded to try and prevent him from revealing embarrassing and inconvenient truths. As far as I know, he has never said anything racist or fascistic (two epithets which are nowadays just used as slurs to attempt to silence anybody whose views you don't agree with) or ever called for violence against anybody. He has no strikes on YouTube. He is always labeled "far right" which is a joke because he has never actually talked about his political views. He is a single issue man, which is his opposition to the "ideology" of Islam. He has said, time and again, that he is not against muslims as that would mean that he's against people and that to say he anti-muslim is completely missing, or rather deliberately misrepresenting, his point. He comes from the most ethnically diverse town in the UK (Luton) and has many muslim and minority ethnic friends and supporters.

It was his expose of the appallingly underhand methods used by BBC senior reporter John Sweeney to pervert the truth about Tommy, and John Sweeney's collusion with left wing activist group "Hope Not Hate" in planning a documentary about Tommy (the working title of which was "Tommy Takedown" ) that has drawn the establishment's recent ire! It's no surprise that the mainstream media over here in the UK have made no reference at all to his showing of Panodrama even though it happened outside of the BBC's main studios in Manchester - a classic case of bias by omission.

I would encourage everybody to not just draw conclusions about Tommy Robinson from mainstream media, but to listen to the man himself on YouTube (while you still can!) incuding his address to the Oxford Union and interviews with people like Imam Tawhidi. Then, and only then, will you be in a position to decide for yourself.

I have followed Tommy since his first arrest in front of his children after a football game. I did my homework on him and listened to his YouTube debates. He is probably the most persecuted man on the planet and "they" haven't done with him yet! He's now been charged again and though in the States you can't be recharged for the same thing (double jeopardy ) evidently it can happen in Britain.
It's like in the States over Trumps "collusion with Russia". .if you say it long and often it MUST be true..NOT!
anyway please do your own listen to Tommy. I'm dumping FB for any but local news. Just family. But thanks to this site I can still be part of a group discussion and the give and take of ideas to satisfy my own need for interaction!#tommyrobinson


Wow, this is my first ever political post. The reason that I was drawn to this community is because of the clear bias (OK that's my opinion, but that's what I think), of the mainstream & social media, particularly towards Tommy Robinson. Many people seem to be getting banned from Facebook these days. Even posting anything relating to Tommy will probably get you banned. Pointing people in the direction of TR.NEWS sounds like it's enough. If I had only been exposed to the biased mainstream narrative relating to TR, then I too would probably have regarded him in a similarly negative way, just like most people. Instead, I have spent some time watching his interviews, and other Youtube videos, and have come to a completely different conclusion which is (largely) supportive of him. (Although I find his abrasive and confrontational style somewhat galling, especially when it is towards people who I think he would be better off engaging with on a more civil basis). There must have been massive pressure on Google/Youtube to get him banned from that platform too. Thankfully, they have resisted so far. The pressure is clearly political as some of it is known to have come directly from Tom Watson, the deputy leader of the Labour party who are the main opposition in parliament. I think that FB is gone as a platform for any informed debate. They seem to want to keep it squeaky clean (except for radical left wing ideology). If Youtube goes completely the same way, that there would be little or no popular social media outlet left, and we really would be in a dark place as far as the free exchange of ideas is concerned.

I feel that this community is the first opportunity I've had to be able to express my views openly. Let's hope it encourages good, honest, and most of all, respectful debate. In the meantime, it sounds like it's a big thumbs up for Youtube for holding the line in the war of ideas.

I will be fascinated to see how the trial of TR goes on the 22nd. Even if you think that there was some justification in jailing him in the first place, the way he was mistreated, and the fact that he has already spent so much time in prison, including long stretches in solitary confinement with restricted access to food, should clearly be more than enough of a punishment. Any more, is just is just ongoing political persecution.


There are many videos about Tommy Robinson posted on YouTube. I suggest you watch the following (in the right order) to learn his background and how he's got where he is as the enemy of the sate. Hope these videos will help draw your own conclusions about him. (Some are more than one hour long, so take your time. It is worth watching.)

  1. Main speech at the Oxford Union

A speech on the corrupt British police

BBC corruption exposed "Panodrama"

Tommy Robinson talks about intimidation of his wife and children subsequent to "Panodorama"

Thanks for posting these! I love the Oxford speech.

Latest TR video explaining the last MSM story a worrying watch due the lengths the state/msm/hate groups are going too

thanks for this! though I have already done all this it is the best way to see and hear Tommy


We are getting very close to living in a tyranny in Britain now. Tommy Robinson pointed out the facts that the main stream media chose to ignore and vilified him at the same time. Sinister times indeed. Our population has become so weak, spineless and compliant. The whole situation is pathetic.


His book has been withdrawn from Amazon. However, Main Kampf by Adolf Hitler is still freely available!

isn't that awful?


He is a victim of political tyranny, by a country that used to represent Western values such as freedom of thought and journalistic values. GB as I knew it, was decent and it's people brave. Now, thanks to a biased media, you get locked up for it.


Once you allow a precedent who will be next

I don't know why 'slippery slope' is considered a logical fallacy, when it so often happens.


He's a great man Tommy! As brave as anyone I have encountered. He did nothing to deserve his banning, coincidentally his banning/s occurred just 24 hours after he exposed the BBC for what they are, a corrupt organisation determined to pander to Islamic extremists and miss-characterise, shame and silence people who tell the truth like Tommy.


Utterly ridiculous. It’s a case of leftist tech companies silencing a conservative.

George Orwell's 1984 is half-way here!


There is a paranoia situation here in the UK (and elsewhere in the west it seems) regarding race relations. All logic has gone and the persecution of Tommy Robinson, who is definitely less racist than the far left of the labour party and the majority of muslims, is the biggest symptom. The ruling middle class elite are terrified and the more they try to silence Tommy the more they prove his point....I wouldn't be all that interested if he had been allowed to carry on and do what he he does but because he is being oppressed I'm a firm supporter, so own goal BBC et al

This is the first time if have ever seen this phrase, "The ruling middle class elite"

@BrunosDad How nice to feel I have said something original!

@ladykd151 You are welcome, It does seem to be a contradiction of words though.


@BrunosDad Those who rule us are middle class, most journalists and MPs are products of private schools and hence the best universities. They almost all support the Labour party who rely on the votes of the working class but use them to stay in power but resist social mobility with all their might...abolishing grammar schools for example which were a way in which a lot of poorer people managed to get to oxbridge and then into power

@BrunosDad I think the issue is are in the US and therefore your definition of middle class is different from ours....your middle class is what we would call lower middle class and for us upper class means titled

@ladykd151 Thank you for the info, I learned something new today!


TR's rhetoric can be severely clumsy. The best example is his report on Grenfell Tower, where he effectively "insinuated" that the council building had 100's of unregistered illegals in it, thus he predicted there would be 100's of deaths. We now know that to be a mistruth! (There were a few illegals so not "completely" untrue" ). Another example of his clumsy rhetoric is his constant use of the slogan on his Facebook page "import third world become third world" which for someone who tries desperately hard to distance themselves from the BNP, using a well known BNP slogan is just idiotic, especially if you use it as a headline over a family slaughtering an animal in their back garden, or someone taking a shit in a public park (real examples fyi).

Having said all that, everyone with half a brain knows that there is a substantial rise in the far-right, and it's not white supremacism, it's ISLAMIC supremacism - which for some bizarre reason the MSM can't get their head around. And even I can't deny TR does serve the public well with this issue with his activism/journalism.

For example, his report on Didsbury mosque - ten months before the Manchester bombing (Salman Ramadan Abedi attended this mosque) was imo interesting and something that should have alerted MI5 when TR showed WITH EVIDENCE that the Imam had Jihad sympathetic views and more worryingly had direct connections to known Islamic fundamentalists who have inspired universally recognised terrorism against the West.

So TR, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Should he have been banned? If, as Facebook stated publicly, he asked his followers to "behead those that follow the Koran" then he should be put in jail let alone banned from social media.

But we all know the truth don't we? He didn't do anything close to that, but that doesn't fit the narrative the MSM want to uphold.

So TR isn't perfect, but he's the best the UK has in dealing with the substantial rise in Islamic Supremacism. And the fact he's been banned from social media raises more questions than it does with dealing with the REAL problem.



It's complete for what they're doing to Tommy! And terrifying his kid's at a football game! Shame on the police and the government!

Rot not for


Since when did censorship ever work? It’s extremely hypocritical also, left wing extremeists are never banned.


It's ridiculous - he speaks the truth.


Suffice to say, it's bs.


The Left is frightened of reality.

Truth is a sword of the mouth

I think it is an oversimplification to say it's the left or that there is only left and right. They are two sides of the same coin. The more important question is who is tossing the coin.

@Catherine we all know who the Left is. They controlled the narrative for 50 years and now there are many avenues to the truth and we're no longer subject to the tolls they take.

@Facci There is a great deal of wisdom to be found in being open to considering one may not already know everything there is to know.

@Catherine who is tossing the coin...That is the right question!


Tommy Robinson suing Cambridgeshire Police for harassing his children (no mainstream media are covering this - funny that.)

Court case Day 1 (12 Mar.): The police even offered TR money to keep quiet, which he refused. He's not even asking for a compensation; he simply wants a sincere apology.

Day 2 (13 Mar.):
Day 3 (14 Mar.):
(ITV, mainstream media, turned up)

The verdict tomorrow.

MSM does what TR is charged for!


I'm not sure who said that culture needs to be reclaimed from the left but this video is a good start

Thanks for sharing digi..I had to share it on
have a great day!


Tommy Robinson is one of the most misrepresented individuals in the world. Tommy Robinson is a rough diamond.

I totally agree!


Anyone who points out the dangers of Islamic immigration en masse receives this censorship. As I recall Sam Harris had his interview with Douglas Murray removed from YouTube for exactly this. Extremes protect extremes. It’s insane


The verdict on TR's case against Cambridgeshire Police for harassing him and his children. The judge dismissed his case, as he predicted, only to prove the corruption of the system. For that reason, it was worth taking them to court.


I’m more worried about his government.


He didn’t call for violence against anyone. Everyone who followed him online knows this. The fact Facebook used that as a reason for banning him only exposes what they’re doing.

I watched the live feed of the event at which he was arrested. He did NOT call for violence against anyone, and the trial was over, the verdicts were already handed down. This was the sentencing phase only.

@SJJensen And lets not forget what he was exposing, abducters, rapists and pedophiles...or in PC language Groomers...sounds like theyte hairdressers or beauticians, doesn't it.

@purdyday, do you know the origin of calling these 'grooming' gangs? It sounds ridiculous to me, but maybe there's some reason.

@SJJensen Apparently it was defined aa a term in 2010 by UK Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre. They should be called Child Trafficking and Rape Gangs. It is a complete injustice to rhe victims, their families and the public to refer to it as anything else.


Was is Voltaire who said

"I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It"

Seems these media platforms have lost their way on this.

I don't like his rhetoric, but i also don't recall him calling on violence against Muslims. If someone can correct me on this with a video or link then feel free.

No they can not I keep asking everyone that I debate on the subject but they fail cuz it's opinion and what I say is fact

What rhetoric of Tommy's do you dislike, specifically?

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