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Grow your own food. Food shortages coming. It's cheaper healthier and better for environment.
WayneHawthorne comments on Mar 19, 2021:
Right on Poncho. But when two feet of snow melted off my veggie garden, there was nothing coming up. What am I doing wrong?
Canadians oppose vaccine passports, mainstream media’s own polls show - LifeSite ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 18, 2021:
Fifty years ago, your vaccination papers were tucked in your travel passport. Many countries required it, or turned you around. History repeats.
Today is Thursday, August 26 2021 and Justin Trudeau is absolutely the worst Prime Minster in the ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 26, 2021:
With Trudeau's foot in his mouth and a banana in his pants. . .why, he is truly a Liberal winner!
Kate Wand: Trudeau Is The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing | Kate Wand Update The ultimate wolf in sheep's...
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 28, 2021:
A wolf? Nope, he is a RODENT.
True North: O’Toole was weak and dishonest about running as a progressive Erin O’Toole ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Sep 24, 2021:
You, the CBC and the other Liberals have been bashing O'Toole (another Liberal) since he got on the scene. Some positive thinkers would have a much better chance of changing the world positively.
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 15, 2021:
This is a very well written article with plenty of unanswered questions. But, of course, Biden is not required to answer the ordinary voter.
Medical experts today were asked if it is time to ease the COVID lock downs.
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 21, 2021:
Here is to looking up your. . . *address.*
Rebel News: It's no secret that the Trudeau Liberals hate Rebel News.
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 18, 2021:
Hark, has Rebel finally figured out who the enemy is? Good.
Happy New Year to you all.
WayneHawthorne comments on Jan 14, 2020:
I hope we are more democratic than FakeBook. Not every group takes off like a house-on-fire, and not every group appeals to everyone. When groups grow mouldy and membership dwindles, then it's time to go into the archives. People vote with their mouse-clicks. As for High-Q? Life is more pleasant without his comments.
Top 20 politicians that took money from big pharma 1 joe biden 2 trump 3 bernie sanders...
WayneHawthorne comments on Sep 24, 2021:
Wouldn't the list of politicians *Not on the take* be a shorter list?
Timeline of Civilizations and key events.
WayneHawthorne comments on Sep 26, 2020:
That is a nicely done timeline of recent events since 3000 BC. However, it is a disservice to those great civilizations that made the sphynx, Gobekli Tepe, Machu pichu, Baalbec, Turkey and dozens of other pre-Adamite structures .
Sky News, Australia. "The Wave of Mass Protests Across the World is Growing." []
WayneHawthorne comments on Nov 30, 2019: As the Canadian government arrogantly allows an invasion of illegals, buys-off the media with tax-payer dollars, turns Israel, China, USA against us and steals from us through fake-tax schemes, people are fed-up. When the electoral system installs an idiot son that 70% of Canadians voted AGAINST, who has miserably divided the country on several lines, people are fed-up. When do we hit the flash-point? Who will strike first? Will we manage to flush the TURD before we all go down the drain?
Foreigners May Replace Unvaccinated Health Care Workers in New York State: Governor
WayneHawthorne comments on Sep 24, 2021:
Will those in the article who are claiming religious exemption be allowed to go home?
Spencer Fernando: Callous Abandonment Of Afghans Who Helped Canada Further Widens Gap Between Who ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 18, 2021:
Yes indeed. Cancel Trudeau.
WayneHawthorne comments on Mar 30, 2021:
I think his name is Wing Wong Biden.
Last one, I promise, for now. []
WayneHawthorne comments on Jul 7, 2021:
Oh, Don't quit yet Pam, there is lots more to see, read and ponder. There are ancient cave paintings of extra terrestrials. The oldest writings I have found are "The Lost Book of Enki" by Zacharia Sitchen, or the "Lost Book of Enoch" from the apocrypha which mixes in religion.
As Canada slowly begins to open up again, as things normalize, lockdownists have found a new way to ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 28, 2021:
If every person ignored the piles of BS and got the shot like all the other shots they have had in their lives. . .that would kill off a lot of those pesky virus. But, then what would there be to fight about?? HEY, how about applying talents to get rid of Trudeau, a two legged virus!
BreakingNews So CANADA is paying people to lie about COVID! []
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 5, 2021:
Even if Trudeau spouted something truthful, nobody would believe him.
The MURDERED Sherman's owned Apotex Pharmaceuticals and were Toronto Liberals who contributed to ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Jun 3, 2021:
The theory is that Trudeau pulled the trigger. But, as usual he is given a free pass for any $hit he pulls off. Why? He bought-off the media with taxpayers money.
This is another link from that article.
WayneHawthorne comments on Jul 7, 2021:
In the five books "Ra, The Law of One" explains that the Commonwealth of Planets resides in the Saturn Rings. They keep a close tab on the fifty plus visiting extra-terrestrial groups.
Fox News: MAX INTERVIEW ON TUCKER CARLSON Maxime Bernier appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 18, 2021:
MaxiPad is Trudeau's best hope to split the vote.
LILLEY: Trudeau uses COVID as a tool to scare voters []
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 28, 2021:
And. . . don't forget Trudeau bribing tax-payers with their own money, and paying off the media to promote him. He is ugly from all angles.
Earth day history and tyranny exposed! []
WayneHawthorne comments on Mar 30, 2021:
With any luck, our overdue alien invasion will wipe-out any of these silly greening notions. We are like cavemen sitting around the fire accusing each other of farting. Much ado about nothing in the grand scheme.
The Cuckdown - YouTube
WayneHawthorne comments on May 8, 2020:
It must be depressing to Swedes that Volvos are now built in China.
WayneHawthorne comments on Sep 14, 2021:
LOL, did mad Max REALLY just wake up? Oh well, better late than never. Prime Minister O'Toole is way ahead on this issue. Balance the books. . .cancel CBC ripping off the tax-payers.
WayneHawthorne comments on Mar 26, 2021:
Biden is trying to destroy America while Trudeau (TruDope) is determined to destroy Canada. Who is the hero(s) who will rectify these problems. **Neutralize** is the PC word for it.
Rebel News: Bake My Day owner refuses to comply with Alberta's COVID passport Although the Alberta...
WayneHawthorne comments on Oct 17, 2021:
There are no shortage of fools who wish to keep this crap going, going, going. Rather boring eh wot?
Pakistan riots Police say a senior officer and two paramilitary were among the six being held ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 19, 2021:
Salman Rushdie's “Joseph Anton” is a memoir of the roughly 10 years he spent in hiding, under police protection, after the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini called for his death in 1989 because his novel “The Satanic Verses” was deemed offensive to Islam.
TDS, TeDiouS!
WayneHawthorne comments on May 15, 2020:
It appears as though your mind is already changed.
Justin gives $61 million to qualified legacy media but won't tell us who got the money.
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 28, 2021:
Yup, Hitler also bought-off the media. Fortunately Hitler did not survive. There is a special place in hell for him and waiting for Trudeau.
"If you feel you are not properly sedated, call 348-844 immediately.
WayneHawthorne comments on May 15, 2020:
There certainly have been about 1/10th of the sirens that we used to hear daily. But, 88% of Albertans are working, so why the reduction? Perhaps the 12% not working were the ones causing accidents? Or did this global reset result in overall improved driving?
We need to remove him
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 22, 2021:
Yes, flush the TURD, right down the Montreal raw-sewage pipeline into the St Lawrence, smack into an oncoming Arab Oil Tanker.
I’m so sorry Justin, you get what u deserve.
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 28, 2021:
The idiot was concerned about *his* safety, nobody else's safety.
True North: A Liberal majority seems very unlikely Many believed the Liberals would easily pick up...
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 22, 2021:
Hey c'mon, let us be positive. Nothing short of a Conservative win is going to save Canada. Cancel Trudeau now.
Canadian Voters Already face voter interference from the CBC!
WayneHawthorne comments on Jul 16, 2021:
What can we expect when the Conservatives at talking selling CBC? CBC is fighting tooth and nail to support Trudeau who bought them off with OUR tax-payer dollars.
Today is Sunday, August 22 2021 and Justin Trudeau is absolutely the worst Prime Minster in the ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 22, 2021:
Trade Trudeau for the two Michaels.
German Microbiologist: “They are Killing People with these COVID Vaccines” to Reduce the ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 23, 2021:
It's the Communist Party of China that invented the CCP virus to kill off whitey so they can invade. World domination is the order of the day. They have been mildly successful with just over 3 MILLION currently dead. Hey, that is just a beginning. The Spanish Flu killed over 50 Million before they developed a vaccine. My Grandpa hauled many deads to the undertaker.
People's Party of Canada - OFFICIAL: Maxime Bernier announces policy on gender issues ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Sep 14, 2021:
Nutting Trudeau would be a good start, if you can find the small potatoes with a tweezer.
Of course Trudeau will win this "election", or one of the other NWO Cabal parties will be allowed ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 17, 2021:
How about changing your Liberal negativity to a positive **CANCEL TRUDEAU**?
Rebel News: All About Manitoba's New Vaccine Passport Manitoba has one of the most abusive and ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Jun 9, 2021:
Yeah, the draconian guy shipped his overload of ICU patients to Ontario because there are not enough ICU beds to contain the vaccine hesitant poor, religious and blacks.
WayneHawthorne comments on Nov 24, 2019:
"eye for an eye; tooth for a tooth"
Sockboy need to go
WayneHawthorne comments on Feb 28, 2021:
Would you be amenable to flushing the TURD down the Montreal Raw Sewage Pipeline into the St. Lawrence with the rest of the fecal material?
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 8, 2021:
This Calgary church minister questions why it took so long to shut down the scofflaw preacer that was endangering lives.
Tim Pool. "Democrats Are Trying To Remove AOC From Congress. AOC Begins Ad Blitz." []
WayneHawthorne comments on Jan 11, 2020:
My wife is a Cortez, but this ditzy broad is an embarrassment. The sooner Ocasio has NO occasion to foul the airwaves, the better.
April 6th- Why I Support The PPC Featuring Maxime Bernier And The PPC Friends I know, Trust, and ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 8, 2021:
MaxiPad is just a spoiler who will gleefully destroy the right by splitting votes. Trudeau just loves him for that. They make a lovely couple.
Miscarriages up 366% in 6 weeks in England but still giving vaccine to pregnant women.
WayneHawthorne comments on Mar 31, 2021:
However, this article says the vaccine is proving efficient for pregnant women. No mention of your percentage. I guess we can find opposing and agreeing statements, and just pick out whatever your personal opinion might be.
Looking for others interested in helping build a database of information on the state of world ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Jun 9, 2021:
Having viewed the site, it appears to be primarily **OPINION**, which is not much different than OPINION projected by the media. You can always find somebody promoting things you support. Truth is the biggest victim in the world today.
Well seems someone wrote a song about Bill Clinton []
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 24, 2021:
She couldn't swallow the idea.
My thoughts exactly:
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 24, 2021:
Emperor Biden fiddles while Texas burns.
Canada needs a "Constitutional Carry" law. []
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 12, 2021:
Sounds like a great idea as the US has been successful in eliminating gun deaths.
If this isn’t failure, what does failure look like? []
WayneHawthorne comments on Sep 3, 2021:
Fantastic video of Biden's failure in Afghanistan. Now, how about a video of loser Trudeau in the same vein?
China In Focus - NTD News - Trump: don't push Russia into Beijing's hands; China-tied chemist ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 24, 2021:
This is the first wave of China's invasion of the world. Wake up folks.
Miscarriages up 366% in 6 weeks in England but still giving vaccine to pregnant women.
WayneHawthorne comments on Mar 31, 2021:
@Poncho69 And here is the article talking about differences depending on ethnicity.
TERRACOTTA PIE Lilith, the Mater Dei This monstrosity is the Vatican’s nativity scene: ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Dec 14, 2020:
The Lost Book of Enki clears up much of the later distortions.
Happy 4th of July to all Americans, both here and elsewhere.
WayneHawthorne comments on Jul 4, 2021:
Let me add my wish for the future happiness of **Y'ALL**. ;-)
Methinks the corrupted UN should be disbanded.
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 4, 2021:
Right on Angelo. The UN is part of the Soros infection.
Rebel News: INTERVIEW: Independent MP Derek Sloan to form new federal party I can finally tell you...
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 4, 2021:
Hells Bells, Trudeau would pay Sloan to create another **RIGHT** division.
Trail begins for George Floyd. What will happen if they get off?
WayneHawthorne comments on Mar 29, 2021:
Methinks Geo Floyd came to the end of the trail.
Kate Wand: Canada's Covid Coup "In a crisis - and politics is one permanent crisis - those in ...
WayneHawthorne comments on May 1, 2021:
Would it be considered uncivil to say "kill the prick"?
The one man on the planet that could end hunger and poverty, how does he spend his money?
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 24, 2021:
He who pays the fiddler calls the tune.
A common truth is that the enemy must be known to be defeated.
WayneHawthorne comments on Jul 4, 2021:
You are mostly correct that we cannot identify the un-uniformed commoner. But, we do know the Trudeau Liberals are the number one enemy of Canada at the moment. I added them to my list of known varmints years ago.
Follow the money
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 24, 2021:
And how much research money is spent on disproving the wacky climate change fiasco? ZERO.
Will Biden huge stimulus bill cause inflation?
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 29, 2021:
And churches too, did you say?
I honour these men for what they are doing! Rebel News: No more oath breaking! Nineteen active and...
WayneHawthorne comments on May 1, 2021:
And you are going to tell me that the lawyer is doing it out of the goodness of his heart?
QAnon in crisis as day of reckoning fails to materialise Inauguration Day was supposed to mark ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Feb 3, 2021:
We had a dream!
Blackface Speaks.
WayneHawthorne comments on Jul 2, 2021:
Liberals talk outta bot' sides a de mouth.
Flight of fantasy
WayneHawthorne comments on Nov 22, 2019:
Yeah and the booze was free, even for the pilot. ;-)
Should people who have recovered from COVID take a vaccine?
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 4, 2021:
Pick your outcome.
IMPORTANT WARNING FOR CANADIANS!!! Hey guys, I got this from someone in government (the IT dept of...
WayneHawthorne comments on Jul 2, 2021:
I am double vaccinated. Bite me. I also believe in free speech. So, I will say Trudope and Soros are delighted that Churches are being burned down in Canada. That is the big issue. Vaccination is a dead issue.
Chinese-Made COVID Vaccines Cause Adverse Reactions In China, Leaked Documents Reveal ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 24, 2021:
It appears that the CCP made vaccine causes the positive. Are they using only partially killed Virus in the vaccine instead of using the non-infectious mRNA vacccine?
WayneHawthorne comments on Nov 22, 2019:
Yes, the customer displayed **"A woefully inadequate vocabulary."**
House Appropriations Committee Chair Re-Establishes the Crony-Political Practice of Earmarks The...
WayneHawthorne comments on Feb 27, 2021:
OMG, the image of that shapeshifter is going to give me nightmares.
WayneHawthorne comments on Jun 7, 2021:
Creepy Joe has joined Trudeau in selling the country to China for 30 pieces of silver.
Trudeau’s failed legacy: More Than 10,000 Canadians Died Waiting For Their 'Free' Healthcare – ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Jul 2, 2021:
Will those 10,000 get to vote in the next election? Dead Liberals vote regularly.
The Revolt is in Progress - it’s Alberta that will awaken Canada to the fascists.
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 13, 2021:
The truth is true
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 24, 2021:
Anti-vaxxers are grasping at straws. Jeeze, it was just a little poke, nothing to get yer knickers in a twist over. Oh well, now I am protecting myself, my family and **YOU**. You are welcome.
Black Communists Smear Anne Frank; Book Burn with Her Diary A woke Black communist movement in ...
WayneHawthorne comments on May 6, 2021:
There are sure a lot of sick people in the world. Too many rats in one cage. Time to thin them out.
All donations to Fight The Fines are processed through a charitable organization: The Democracy ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Jun 7, 2021:
Lawyers will be rubbing their hands with glee.
ALBERTA (Unvaxxed) GO BACK INTO LOCKDOWNS!!! New restrictions in place TARGETED AGAINST the ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Sep 16, 2021:
My surgery just got bumped because anesthesiologists are overworked in the over-limit ICU. Over 80% in ICU are Unvaccinated. Triage is employed to weed out the ones least likely to survive.
Trust them.
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 24, 2021:
And we got fooled when Mr. Trump said he would drain the swamp. It was a good start though. . .
This is what happens when Trudeau listens to the CCP WHO, Gates, Fauci & $oro$! Spencer Fernando: ...
WayneHawthorne comments on May 21, 2020:
When the snowflakes voted for Trudope, they just wanted a part-time dance groper. They never really thought he would make a decision. Now, they will be paying for the rest of their lives for that mistake. Thankfully, us old folks will be going to a much better place soon.
LILLEY: O'Toole's affordability plan to lower prices of everyday items []
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 29, 2021:
The first thing required to reduce the cost of living is to cancel Liberal Taxes, cancel giving money to China to develop a faulty unusable vaccine and CANCEL Trudeau.
Diverge Media: From NDP and CPC voter to PPC candidate - Kimberly Brundell Join us as we sit down ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Sep 18, 2021:
A vote for Maxi is a vote for Trudeau.
Study: COVID Immune/Vaccination Response Strong Against Variants A new study on the variants ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Mar 4, 2021:
Excellent news indeed. But there will still be those who are afraid of a needle poke and feel it necessary to invent cock and bull stories instead of admitting their unsubstantiated fears.
Rebel News: REACTION: $61M media bailout recipients revealed (everyone's on the take) David ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Sep 16, 2021:
That is how the Communists normalize these actions. Everybody gets tarred with the same brush. The bought-off media is expected to attack the one(s) not bought off.
My name is Mark Trozzi.
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 24, 2021:
This is an excellently written treatise of how the Commie Chinese and WHO and Tam lied to us. However, to say the COVID ended in China in May 2020 is in conflict with reports of Chinese crematoriums and Funeral Urn makers who claimed they were burning up hundreds per day. The truth was the first victim of the Chinese Virus.
A priest was walking along the street when he was accosted by a Turk. " pictures of teettle boys?
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 29, 2021:
"Twelve, but only the ones with nuts."
GUNTER: Payette checked off all of Trudeau's symbolic boxes | Toronto Sun
WayneHawthorne comments on Jan 24, 2021:
Flush those Turds down the Montreal raw sewage pipeline into the St. Lawrence.
Horgan did not go any further on what loosened restrictions would look like for those who are ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Mar 18, 2021:
Yes, my wife and I got shot at Phil's Pharmacy today. Now, I have the freedom to dream of visiting my 95 yo Mother for the first time in many months. Two weeks from today, immunity kicks in.
Rebel News: Safe and bland Conservatives do themselves no favours | Andrew Lawton with Ezra Levant...
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 16, 2021:
Okay O'Toole, you can quit shooting yourself in the foot anytime. Shoot the TURD instead.
'I suspect we'll see children die, they'll label it as a new variant" - In this weeks 'Right Now' ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Sep 17, 2021:
If you need a crazy conspiracy to increase your blood pressure, listen to David Icke. Interesting but just a little . . .off the wall.
Can Trudeau SELL Canada?
WayneHawthorne comments on Jul 29, 2020:
Trudope SOLD Canada to CPC China for 30 pieces of silver, which of course went straight into his sock.
America Uncovered: Ivermectin Overdoses Overwhelming Hospitals | Wait, Is That True?
WayneHawthorne comments on Sep 16, 2021:
Funny how some would not take the mRNA vaccine which was ten years in development, but cheerfully take off-label drugs. BTW, yes, I have used Ivermectin as an animal anhelmintic, and it works great for that purpose. First attempts using it on horses was disastrous though.
Cuban doctors sent to South Africa to "help" with Covid-19.
WayneHawthorne comments on Apr 30, 2020:
Cuba sends doctors around the world to help in hot-spots. Cubans are friendly, generous folks whom many peoples would do well to emulate. Yes, SA has a tremendous problem with racial issues, yes white SA farmers moved to Russia out of fear. Cubans do not see skin color. I have received both medical and dental care in Cuba and would do it again. So, please cheer for the altruism that is so sadly missing in this world.
I stopped by the GMC Dealership yesterday to look at the new 2020 Silverado.
WayneHawthorne comments on Jan 10, 2020:
An oldie but a goodie. How so ever, I don't have a clue what a *RESIST* button represents. Who does?
How can you donate money to Taliban? Just pay your taxes in United States
WayneHawthorne comments on Sep 16, 2021:
Or in Canada (Canuckistan)
True North: Journalists are calling the cops on Maxime Bernier for tweeting The Canadian ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Oct 1, 2021:
Much ado about nothing.
Although I know of someone who passed from the Pfizer vaccine, at 25, due to heart failure, this ...
WayneHawthorne comments on Jul 6, 2021:
Will this be your Waterloo?
Lethbridge Police charge 10 males in human trafficking investigation | Lethbridge News Now
WayneHawthorne comments on Aug 15, 2021:
Hark, you diss Trudeaus favorite low-lifes?
Trudeau vacations in Tofino on National Day for Truth and Reconciliation []
WayneHawthorne comments on Oct 1, 2021:
When Trudeau's favored nation China increases its military presence in Canada and Xi is making dictates for Canadians, the natives perennial hostage negotiations will go the way of the Uyghur claims in China. Serve your leaders Comrades.

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