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The final nail is, at this moment, being driven into America's coffin. Our military will be downsized, to Russia's and China's delight. Our oil fields will shut down, to OPEC's delight. Our forefathers will be erased, to the far left's delight. Not just California but the rest of us will soon be paying five bucks at the pumps. I'm looking at a very dark future. God help us. Oh Yeah! God will also be erased

When I drive around Michigan I see 16 Trump yard signs to 1 Biden sign. No way Biden and his whore won this state. More than a year ago I said I think the Demorats will do something corrupt to win this election. If they end up with the senate we are so doomed. The demorats are a communist driven party now and the whore, Harris, will soon be running the country. They were doing a hell've job of destroying our culture before having control of the White House. Think of the damage about to happen now.

We desperately need to have one central voice that represents our conservative beliefs. A voice that organizes us into a force that will not stand by and watch as our children are indoctrinated as all white history will be erased except slavery. God will be all but expelled from our culture and life.

Fossil fuels, gas and oil will come under attack. Gas at the pumps will be exorbitant as well as home energy. As the whore wants, abortions will be available up to the date of birth. The young Democratic party has no soul or morals. The older Democrats in power, who've been there for 30-40 years, only want to continue the gravy train and get reelected.

It's time for war folks. No I don't mean with guns and knifes. Another civil war just won't happen. But we need to fight like hell to keep our values alive. We need to recruit blacks, whites, Latinos, Asians and every other mix to unite as one conservative voice. We need strong leaders who can point us in the correct direction and show us the enemies to fight and protest. Who to boycott, what products not to buy. We can hurt our opponents with our wallets.

Votes don't work anymore as we've just witnessed. But we can't fold and give up. It's time to take a stand my fellow conservatives. Lets get organized and pass the word on great sites and the many wonderful conservative commutators. Be not afraid to let your neighbor know your stand. Ask him to join. If possible, privately educate your children.

Together, we'll keep old America alive as long as we breath air

CvBannister 7 Nov 7
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I understand your angry and I agree. However we also need to take the high ground and not call people "Whores". Resist with some integrity.


Man, I wish.

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