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Oct 12, 2021Oct 2021

Posted by TheHerrDark
Best stress relief ever "Your stress level is high;"
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Sydney Watson Fanspace
Sep 3, 2021Sep 2021

Posted by zartanfir
Today I want to discuss one of the biggest things that has led us to this and that is the Political Parties which have devolved into a two party system led by extremists. George Washington never belonged to a political party which is why he will ...
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Sydney Watson Fanspace
Apr 20, 2021Apr 2021

Posted by Noone
This expresses how I feel after the 2020 election:
Sydney Watson Fanspace
Nov 2, 2020Nov 2020

Posted by AngliNex
I have a friend in Kansas City who has given me some rather distressing news. He says that he wont be voting in the 2020 election. Not because he chooses not to but because he can't. Kansas required everyone to re-register themselves. However ...
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Sydney Watson Fanspace
Aug 7, 2020Aug 2020

Posted by Antiliberal
Sydney you make the most sense on all your videos, maybe you should run for president in 2024, you've got my vote
Sydney Watson Fanspace
Jul 20, 2020Jul 2020

Posted by NuuzJunky
True ...
General & Hellos
Jul 8, 2020Jul 2020

Posted by telimicus
So, i was just going through some of your older stuff. (i was only introduced to your channel a few months ago). and I love you stuff. I also wanted to know if anyone has told you that in the face you bear a striking resemblance to Summer Glau?
Sydney Watson Fanspace
Jul 7, 2020Jul 2020

Posted by daroldbanniste
As I watch my western culture and White history being attacked and destroyed by screaming liberals and hate I have one question; where in the hell is the republican leadership? Not one peep from my representatives in Washington. I'm pissed and feel ...
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May 21, 2020May 2020

Posted by FatMike
Glad to see Sydney growing outwards in the ether. Looking forward to her next vid. Syd, you're stunning as always. Keep up the strong work. From FL with love.

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Posted by WeltansichtHappy St. Pat's Day to the Eire people as well !!!!

Posted by NooneWhen you're tired of everything

Posted by NooneLooking back at the email address I had for college weeks ago, one message had an interesting topic

Posted by FEgersdorferSAMA 2021 winners Die Heuwels Fantasties are currently busy with the recordings for their VOLUME II album, which is due for release in early 2022.  []

Posted by NooneJust a reminder

Posted by NooneI just noticed this yesterday. If you want the dislike count back try this:

Posted by NooneIf I was black

Posted by NooneAnd if plastic is so terrible why do facial tissues come in boxes with plastic like this while the puffs version is entirely made of cardboard:

Posted by NooneIf they are so concerned about the environment why are they still using so much plastic?

Posted by AlpineFinally we are making progress here in Australia. Im so proud of Jordan Shanks and his legal team for continuing to fight for our freedom of speech.

Posted by FraggleHey gang! It's me again... the only cartoonist on Slug apparently. I'm back with another 80's movie parody! Want to see more?

Posted by TheHerrDarkLook Sydney, you brown eyed devil, I found a picture of you, with your fangs as well.

Posted by FraggleHey gang, It's Sunday and I'm back on Sydney's Slug space with a full page of Hitchhikers for you to enjoy! Feel free to leave me a comment or follow me to see more of my many many cartoons! FB: ...

Posted by KalkiWho would YOU rather SIMP-OUT on via OnlyFans?

Posted by KalkiWho would YOU rather SIMP-OUT on via OnlyFans?

Posted by FraggleHey gang! Here's another one of my cartoons.

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