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I'm about to download all of our videos to make videos on every single one of them, was just adding them to a playlist and had to take a break, thinking about what I would say about you was making me wanna puke.

But that did make me think about all of the other things I would say to you that I've not tried saying to you here yet. I'm gonna make a YouTube channel dedicated about talking about only you for the most part, I hope that you realize that. Most of the things that I would talk about in my YouTube videos if I had my own channel are already right there in all of your videos, so that makes it easy and keeps track of what I wanted to say to others. You're my enemy though, of course maybe I wouldn't need to stoop so low as to pick you being the atheist girl who is my enemy and and possibly maybe if being atheist made people my enemy then I would maybe have my choice to pick whoever what are better to make into my enemies who are atheist than you just an atheist being a girl on YouTube, but, you fit perfectly and I would say this in my videos too that, that's the reason I would pick you, you are just like so many atheists that want to think that you know something about being atheist because you're atheist and therefore can speak about God and stuff, you'd have to be right, because you're an atheist, no matter how stupid it seems to believe in a God, if being atheist is what makes you and is so much better than being a religious person, then if you were atheist, you had to have put at least some thought into it right, so generally it's considered to be assumed that all atheists have something to say, maybe there are better atheists out there that I could make a bunch of videos talking about their crap out there, but you though, you're not one of them which is what makes you the most perfect to me to do it about, if you were going to talk shit about atheists right, then don't just pick the one at the top who is at the top just because they are at the top, if you really wanted to hurt the atheist community and do some real damage to atheism, then you'd just pick the average common everyday atheist person and talk about them, that part makes sense, except it won't mean anything until you already know how to talk about them and what they are saying, that's just what you would do, what you, do when you want to talk crap about people, you don't have to do it like that, but if you're gonna do that, then yes, that is the best way to do it, I already know what I would say about you and what you are saying, and it doesn't hurt you being the common atheist too, if you do be that and you do it to tell what you want to talk about to other people to tell other people, pretty much what an atheist on YouTube is going to do, I mean, then, I would assume that you do have something to say, but I'm not just saying crap about you just to be saying it, if I'm going to talk crap about an atheist there would be a reason, is to inform people too, so I'm not doing this just to talk crap about people who are atheist like you talk about Christians, if I'm going to make a YouTube video about you, then I'm going to do it whether or not I'm right or wrong or people think that I'm right or wrong or that you are, I'm just to be doing it to inform and not to just to be doing it just to talk crap about atheists like you do to religious people, if I was going to talk crap about atheist and make YouTube videos about it, then yes that is exactly what I was going to do though would be to do it just to inform people. You just happen to be the best atheist girl that is well enough to being the best atheist girl out there that I can do it about without talking too highly about atheist people.

I want you to know the feeling that it felt like, to have someone shit talking everything that you believe like it was your job all of the time. I just had to sit and listen to you making these videos for years, you talk a lot of shit for a person who says that people shouldn't care about the supernatural you know that, if I'm gonna talk shit, then I'mma talk shit now, I don't need a reason, you think you have a reason to talk shit and I don't, but I don't need a reason, I'm just gonna talk shit, that's what you do all the time too. We watch you, we love that you think that you're contributing to the YouTube and atheist community, that's one reason people love you and there isn't anything wrong with that, but we don't watch you because we think that you actually make good content, you're just another girl on YouTube making YouTube videos, we watch you because for the same reason we watch anyone because we know that all that you're doing and going to do is just talk shit all of the time, so many others are well and not so good at that, but you Jaclyn Glenn, it's like you were an atheist baby being dropped by an atheist stork and right onto the doorsteps of an atheist bitch making factory, I don't know if that is a good thing to be like that and to be atheist, but if it was, then you are that retarded baby blowing out them candles, and that's not even me talking shit about you, that's why people love you, I wish more people were like you too, or at the least people know that it's not so bad to talk shit about things, that's just what I would say to you and them to tell them so they know that I'm not even wanting to just talk a shit about atheists because they are happening to be atheists, if I was going to talk shit about anyone then, whether they were good at talking shit or not, it would happen to likely be an atheist then, if I mean I would talk shit about anyone that just so happens to know why talking shit isn't so bad or even thinks so, it would have to be an atheist, so just if I were talk shit about anyone you'd be the perfect person to do it about, and if you were to be that person, then you'd be the perfect person to do it about. I think that you'd love it too. Just for the pure fact that you're an atheist girl on YouTube. I mean you made this into you, it's perfect, what more could an atheist girl possibly want who makes videos about it? I don't even know, so if I'm going to talk shit about it, I'mma talk shit about it, I would need to, I mean, if I'm telling people that I'm talking shit about stuff of course and I would have to know why that I would tell them that I'm talking shit too. See, that's the essence of making videos on YouTube. And, I need to have that in order to talk about what I want and to tell others why to be talking shit about things, no matter how right or wrong you and I are, if you're making an enemy of someone for an actual reason that's a reason, you need to at least have someone specific in mind too, or at least be looking for one just anyone ti fit that, without that, you're just another person talking shit about stuff because you just want to talk shit about stuff, and that's not right, if you're gonna be talking shit about stuff, then actually be doing something about it you know, or you're just talking shit and no one cares just enough to listen to anyone who is just talking shit just to be talking shit, except you of course, but hey you're an atheist girl on YouTube so, what's so wrong with that? Haha, hahaha, hahaha, see what I did there?

I wish that I would have your voice, and this is what I would say in my videos about you too, because then people could just hear what a person really sounds like who is just to be talking real shit, about shit, like, that's what the YouTube atheist girl is all about right, but there has to be more to Jaclyn Glenn than just a girl on YouTube being an atheist talking shit right, there has to be, there has to be more than this right for why she is an atheist girl on YouTube isn't there, right? And then I would start to make my case. No there isn't, you just talk shit about everything in every single one of your videos, at no point do people would you ever hear that there is anything that Jaclyn Glenn cares enough to talk shit about that she has any one original personal opinionated thought about in her whole entire YouTube channel, every single one of her videos, every single very last one is just her wanting to talk shit and then also telling people that she wants them to know it too, like if you're going to make a video talking about why atheists possibly celebrate Christmas, why Halloween isn't just for sinners, or why you'd defend the airlines for dragging someone off the airplane, instead of just talking shit the whole entire time about what other people believe and other people's beliefs they may have, actually give your case about it why you are defending yourself against people who would think that you don't, that's what people do when they want to talk shit but least those people want to at least understand and talk about the reasons that other people be the way they are instead of just talking shit all the fucking time. I mean, have you even watched other people's videos on YouTube of them talking shit about things before? You'd think that just an atheist girl, who makes a living and poses as an atheist poster girl, would actually have a lot to say or at the very least maybe feel the need to talk about what others think and not just what she thinks other's are thinking is just bad all of the time. Welp, not this girl, not this girl Jaclyn Glenn, atheist girl, she just talks shit all of the fucking time. I mean going way back through all of her videos that she has ever made, like the ones about the Nazi girl, or the way Raelynn talked about girls in her music video, or radical homosexuals, things that you'd think, like if you were, were anyone to be watching that, you'd be expecting and waiting for something from someone about what they themselves happen to think, not just that, oh it's bad because it's bad, especially an atheist girl like that, like waiting for it to actually start to get good, hoping to see that anyone would say something like that not just to be hearing why a person wants to talk shit about it, even that thing about radical homosexuals, I mean, talking about how that's bad now, you'd just say, that, it's a stupid belief to have, but why though, don't just start to talk shit and then not really ever start to talk shit even, and that's not even what you were made about, about them having the argument or asking the question, you were just mad about the belief that someone had, anyone could have had it, if you were to ever choose to talk shit about someone just because of a belief that you felt you could because someone you knew actually ever had that belief, then, you'd talk about how stupid it was for them to have it, not just be mad that it happens to be a stupid bad belief, anyone could have thought that belief, it doesn't make you look good, the atheist, just to sit there talking shit about just what someone says in a debate, just because they happen to say it, I mean do it talk shit in a debate, do talk shit, but don't just talk shit about what someone says just because they happen to say it in a debate, that's so stupid, and you can't defend yourself now, you didn't even do that back then either, that's the point, you are so good but yet so bad at talking shit even though you are I mean you are a really atheist YouTube chic, how could you be this bad at this, either defend yourself or don't and then talk shit later about it, but don't just talk God damn fucking shit all the fucking shit, time, shit, and then don't just get mad people because you happen to think that you could have talked shit about what belief but then never really tell anyone besides just to talk shit to just to be telling them that all that you want to do is talk shit, because you just could say that you could, it makes you sound like this, I know you are but what am I, the truth is out there, doo, do, doo, dooo, doo, doo, do, doo do, doo, doo, do, doo, dooo. People just want to know a good reason to be angry, that's why they happen to watch them, and well, I guess if that's what you're going for then, you've hit that peniata right out of park, when people come and see your channel, maybe they seen something and thought that was alright but nothing stood out enough to make me think about why to be angry, so then they goe to your videos, and assuming they think they know how you are now, with all of these videos, they're thinking, yeah, this is going to be great finally a person and stuff to watch talking shit because shit is shit, and then when they after watching clicking through dozens of videos frantically searching for decent content like a man looking for water in a desert, they just say oh, so that's it, well then this whole entire channel is about talking shit, because it's all just shit talking about shit. That is lovely if you love talking about shit, but then they're not glad they're angry, they're angry because they would much rather watch someone talking some real good shit, than just a girl on YouTube that just so happens to be a bitch, bitching about other bitches, being a bitch, God damn. I mean, what are they gonna think, this fucking bitch man, I don't know, maybe, they're just into that, maybe they think that you're their Goddess, I don't fucking know. So, in a way, you are the perfect atheist to talk shit about, but yet you are the worst atheist to talk shit about too, I mean since people already think that atheists just want to talk shit all the fucking time, you're not really helping you know that, Jaclyn Glenn. I mean, just give the people something to think about, that's it, that's all that you have to do, you're an atheist, it shouldn't be that hard, I do and would think that an atheist can do it, I even think that you can to, hell you could even make something new and say it's your belief to be be talking shit, just something, something, like say you're atheist and you believe that because you're atheist you believe that you should talk shit about everything, say that, at least people would know why to be angry, even if you are that atheist saying it, not just, it's bad, so fuck it, what are you a cave woman, oh yeah that's right, you don't believe in cave women, what the fuck? Jaclyn Glenn, the fuck is this, the fuck is that? Haha, hahahahahaaa, oh man that came out so fast. That's how people know what makes people, themselves angry or not, is it's usually the person that says they have a reason and knows what it is, that are usually right to be angry, so that's the thing that people look for, you're just an atheist on YouTube and apparently it is just to be talking shit about everything, and you even try making it sound like it's just it's that you're talking fucking shit, that is the point, of you talking shit. No one can even tell if you're being serious or not, people that talk shit are seen as wrong and bad, but it's still true that not all people that talk shit really are wrong or bad, and that's what's so messed up, you're either a person talking shit because you want to be or you're not a person that's talking shit just because you really don't think that something is worth you talking shit about, that and the other way vice versa too both ways, no one has to be right or wrong, just if you are to be talking shit that you're serious about, at least the least you could do is be good at it or explain why that you are, not just why that thing you believe is so wrong is just wrong all of the time just because you think it to be, what I mean is, so people can't tell if you're saying it to be saying or trying to be funny, or because you're saying it because that's someone else's belief that the thing you talk shit about is really bad, at no point are you ever given anything else more than to say you talk shit to talk shit that would make the audience think otherwise. I can't tell if I love you or hate you because of it, and I hate it, I just hate it with a burning passion enough to burn Satan fry his ashes and put them back together with glue, I'm not like you an atheist girl and I fucking hate it, I talk shit but at least I know what I'm doing and am good at it too, you couldn't even make that argument, that's just it Jaclyn Glenn, I'm not like you I actually give a shit about God and stuff, so that's why that I can't even figure out myself if I either just hate or love you for just always talking shit about everything you think is bad or trying to be funny like you're really all that serious about it too, you're like the very definition of an atheist, you're an atheist that is an impossibility, you shouldn't even exist as an atheist, I can't tell either that if I'm even able to talk shit about you now being an atheist, because, like I said I can't even tell if you're being serious or not and no else can either, and that's another thing also I'm a Christian sort of that doesn't even want to talk shit about you for talking shit about stuff, that's my thing, you're just so bad at it though. Am I supposed, to feel angry and take my anger out in waves of insults at you, for just being a really stupid bad at your job atheist or not, the hell if I know, but I'm for one pissed off at you and you're the reason why. I would love, love, for you to talk shit about all of the shit I talk about, about the shit that you talk about, it's all going to be on my channel, I mean, it's all there, all that you'll have to do if you're being what you are an atheist that's serious yourself, is to just talk shit about the shit I'm talking shit about you about, it's that easy, like, that's the reason that you're an atheist YouTUbe atheist girl right, isn't it? Well, if not, then prove me wrong, it's going to be fun.

Other people, girls, they want to have and give a contribution to what they believe as girls and for girls that believe what they believe too, at least all girls that I've ever seen do that, and it's not to be right or wrong, or make people laugh or get mad, it's just because to do it it means they are a girl a real girl that can really contribute something whether girls or anyone thinks so. But you just, never do that, ever, at all, just never even do that, like ever, none of that. I can imagine, when I imagine, I imagine when I think about that little Nazi girl in your video about Evalion, what and how that she must have felt in making her videos, I wouldn't want to talk shit about her just because she is wrong, I would talk shit, but not about her, just like I don't want to talk shit about you either, even though you're such a conniving bitch like all of the time, I don't care about whether I'm right or wrong for being that way myself, and you should know that about me, but I would, I will, talk shit about you.

I don't need a reason, like I was saying before. I don't need a reason, to be talking shit just to be talking shit, if being a bitch all the time, just all the time is really such a bad thing, then that's the only reason that I need to fuck that bitch up, I don't give a shit, remember when being mad at your bitch for being a bitch, just seemed logical, yeah, those were the days weren't they Jaclyn Glenn, simpler times man, what reason, I'll just fuck a bitch up, fuck that bitch, when someone says walking up to me next to my girlfriend on the street and they say, hey there proposition for you, I'll give you a million dollars to slap your girlfriend in the face, I'll say you don't have that much money, and when they show me the check, I'll slap the shit out of that bitch, and you know what else, when she starts to wonder why that I did it, then she'll know why too, fuck that bitch, boom, bitch slap straight into the fiery depths of Hell. When I say make me a sandwich, I don't want a girl that's going to contemplate her existence while thinking of a comeback at the same time, bitch better come back with my God damn sandwich. Oh God, I'm alright. The only time that I don't expect you to be mad but really have a reason to be mad that I haven't given you, is when you're the cop asking me why I'm dumpster diving so late at night, I'll say, looking for a new girlfriend, why you ask, because my girl is a fucking dumpster hoe, that's why. Alright, that's enough of that. And if I'm going to be talked shit about for just being the one to talk shit about stuff, I mean, I might as well just be fucking up some bitch myself anyways too, because fuck that bitch. I love hating real bitches, but stupid people that want to spread bad information while saying it's a really good thing, and people like you who I can't even tell who is really serious about being a bitch for some any kind of good reason or not, just ruins it for me, and thinks it's alright for her too also, that there's no reason for me a man to tell it to her straight when she's wrong for being a woman believing that just being a woman makes her right, then watch this, if you're gonna be a bitch trying to teach me how to be a man while talking shit about how I am one because you're a girl, then I'mma teach you how to spend your money bitch and talk shit about you being a bitch because you're being one. That's what I would say to a girl. So I'm going to do this to talk shit about you, you can either agree that's I'm right or wrong, either way though, I wouldn't care less if you did thought that I was wrong and if you did, and if you didn't know so, that's why.

You have never addressed anything else in your videos but except for what religions are like for the reasons as to why you doubt anything supernatural in the first place, I have to ask are you serious right now, it's like you're making me think that you're an atheist that has never thought of, or a Christian turned whatever, that yeah the point was like I've said before is to at least believe in something, just wanting to believe in something isn't that good of a reason to believe in something or anything, but that's not the point, the point is to be believing in something, if you're going to blame your skepticism on your lack of believe and blame that on because of your lack of belief a usually atheists do, then no matter if I thought you were right or wrong, you must have had another reason to think that other than besides blaming it on your lack of belief, I mean that is just common sense, but according to what you believe, you believe, that, all things to be supernatural mustn't exist, because of your lack of belief in believing otherwise about religions, like somehow in your mind, you actually think of considering that if religion can't be really truly right then nothing supernatural can really exist, and yet you blame your lack of belief in religion or more importantly the very belief in God himself, on that you don't believe anything supernatural exists, surely, I would listen to you had you had anything else to offer me than that, but you're telling me that is why that you are an atheist and don't believe and that's what you believe, that doesn't make any God damn sense man. You're telling me, that the whole time and why you ever, the reason, that you ever, were to wonder about not believing in God, was because you thought just religion is a dumb thing to believe in, and you're going to still sit there and try telling me that you are just an atheist because of your lack of belief and not that you weren't really a Christian, what in the hell is that crap? So, it's obvious the real you are the way you are right now, now because you think that you have a reason not to believe one single thing, that it allows you to just bash and play the skeptic of everything else related to being supernatural too, because that's exactly what you're doing. I knew that was you. It pisses me off, there are people, like Christian people who do belief in having beliefs, who question and wonder why they even have them, and you act like you care, but you don't give a shit, you just said that you don't believe anymore because of how unbelieving of other religions that you are, and then boom it was just like that Blair Witch, Bloody Mary and the American Witch in Rob Zombie's music videos all came together to have performed the ultimate ritual to bash your hand with a fig of Satan and then tadah now you are a mystic atheist spawned of the spaceless void of eternity's eternal slumber, what the fuck, I swear to God it's not that I want to make fun of you, but it's just, it's like you really think that makes it right for you to be atheist or to talk about what other people believe because now you say you don't want to believe anything at all yourself anymore, that wouldn't piss me off so much if it was just you really believe that, but you actually blame on not believing it on the fact that you don't so much as have anything you want to believe in anymore, it's what pisses me off is that this like you right now, yeah, it's alright little fella that you doubt and wonder what to believe, I don't believe in anything, so then that's what makes it right and alright for you to not believe because I don't believe because believing is stupid, sitting there trying to say it's alright, while bashing what other people believe too, not even giving a good enough reason other than you should doubt because I doubt and I don't even believe in anything anymore, no, it's not a wonder for why that you became you Jaclyn Glenn why that you turned into an atheist at all or why that you ever questioned why to be in the first place, because in the first place, you are a failure at being a Christian lady, just like a stupid failure at being nothing but a Christian lady, you make that you right now, and it gets worse than that, so because you've failed at being a Christian lady, now you're, going to blame why that no one should believe in the supernatural all because just you don't want to believe in your beliefs anymore while telling them that's alright if you just happen to disbelieve your own religion anymore, what the fuck, I mean that's why I had to ask, you don't even seem all that serious, but you talk shit and try to make this thing being atheist and giving up your beliefs is not such so much of a bad thing, and all that you say for yourself is, you think it's stupid, that's like an atheist saying I think, therefore, I must not exist, it sounds stupid doesn't it, well it's no wonder, because it is stupid, just like why you became a failed Christian lady that thinks it's alright, it's stupid, that's what you are, that's what makes you, you, what makes you be you, Jaclyn Glenn, it's who you are. So if, you've thought, well that probably doesn't sound good, it's not because I want to make fun of you for being atheist, but you're right, that's not good, or if you listen to me, it's not so bad on the other hand, I mean you just talk shit and are a failure at being a Christian lady, but you don't fucking hear me and every Christian that you ever knew talking shit about you for not wanting to believe in other people's beliefs, I'll tell you the truth, yes, it's true, that other atheists would have more common sense than you, at least they would ask the question why to believe or to not believe, you just make to believe be believing in anything just so wrong, and the only reason that you have, is that you chose to give up your beliefs to be an atheist girl because you didn't want to believe yourself in religion anymore, is that about right did I leave anything out? If you listen to yourself and listen to me, then you'd know it to be true, that no matter what the real truth might be, it's still true that, that's why you as an atheist chose to disbelieve your beliefs anymore, but look at you Jaclyn Glenn, look at what you've done all in the name of being right and drowning out other people's beliefs, you became and made something that was you, all on your own, no one, had to, tell you to do that, there isn't anything wrong with it either, you've done the exactly same thing now that people who believe things do could do if they choosing to believe by having the believe just to have beliefs, like a person that really does, even without, religion, telling them what to do, do you not understand yourself the real true reason to be believing in something, or are you just going to blame that too, only on just the fact that you never cared enough to believe in anything your whole entire life woman, I'll tell you a story and a moral to that story, you know because stories usually have morals Jaclyn Glenn, I see all kinds of people today going around asking other searching, looking for any ways to become more confident in oneself, and there are some people at least that care enough to share some decent advice, but really, if you were just see yourself being around other people that are confident that it's to be making you be confident even a little bit at all, if you can imagine that, then the answers clearly obvious, there's not really any such trick in it too either, confident people, you either are confident because you want to be, because you want to be period, or you are not, confident people they are just like unconfident people too, they just want to do or say to make others believe in the belief thinking they are confident and have something to believe be believing in, they are no different than unconfident people at all, maybe you can say yes they are, and maybe you could happen to let that be to you believable because you can believe it too, but, there is only one way to be, confident, to be confident, you must, be confident, so it never mattered that you could think or believe in the first place that you even could be by believing others would even at all understand that you are confident, what mattered all along, was that, you were an unconfident person and the searching for the reason to be confident, which was no where to be found has, now lead you, to being a confident person while believing that you can be confident, don't you fucking sit there and try telling me woman, that people are just dumb for having beliefs like it's the beliefs you, that a girl like you wants, to say that it's alright not to believe at all, all just because you believe that believing in something anything at all has to be such a bad thing. I mean it, you don't believe in anything, this all this shit talking that you do, it's all, all of this right now, is just what you would say while you being an atheist believing other people should listen to you because you just want to talk shit right now, and you really think that's alright too. You don't even have anyone to be mad at, it's like you're somewhere caught between an advanced alien society, that would be way more intelligent than us humans, and a beast lady that just got curious about the world after hearing it inside the cave, so you've run out desperate to ease your desire to search for a city, only to then get lost in the woods to become just a witch lady that happens to be living in the woods though. If you're going to give a shit, then give a shit, if you don't, then don't, stop doing whatever that the fuck that you're doing. We're going to have a test on this right now, Jaclyn Glenn. I wanna make sure that you're getting this too.

Question: is it right for people to have a problem with Moses, and give an answer that doesn't give very much explanation for why too?

Answer: No, because he's fucking Moses, he's fucking Moses, there doesn't have to be a problem with a guy being Moses if he's, fucking Moses, I mean, he's fucking Moses, he saved the God damn Jews, even God thought he was a cool guy, there is like no reason for why anyone would have any problem or even want to have a problem with fucking Moses, just because, he's Moses. If you thought that you did, or that well possibly maybe you should have a problem with him, Jaclyn Glenn, then hey, maybe that might also maybe just maybe explain why that you had a problem with that Preacher you debated when he said that about radical homosexuals? You know why, because, they fucking exist, anyone can be anything and anyone can, can, believe anything and there not have to be a problem with it, you can be a radical homosexual, or at the very least say that you are so that other people can believe you, not just, that's a believe, that must be stupid. You know that I love you, right, Jaclyn Glenn? Get outta here, you little radical homosexual you.. Don't forget to wear the helmet when crossing the street, because you'll be hell met under the God helmet without it, that's what the helmet is for Jaclyn Glenn. You know it's not even a belief even, all he said was radical homosexuals, and then you started printing fucking t-shirts that said radical homosexuals like he was the one stupid for saying he happened to believe that radical homosexuals were real, right in the debate too, that is, what a bitch thing to do, dude. Dude, I knew that guy, he was at my church before and it was in our youth center there was like five people in our youth center, and he became a very well known born again Christian, he told us his life story, that he fell into some really bad drug problems, you know how it is, or maybe you don't, his wife left, he couldn't see his daughter, he was put in prison, finally found a reason behind bars to start his life over, basically pretty much as it sounds by becoming a born again Christian, and then poof just like that he was clean and everything was going right for him, he even was able to do the work he wanted to really do now which was help others by talking about God and giving them a reason to change too, he did all of that, not even for because he thought it was right to do or that he had to, he found the reason he was looking for to change and was sharing it with other people, that black man that you debated on that show, and then, you being the atheist who just had the problem with people believing in shit, you know, he did all that to change and turn his life around and it really did seem like for no reason at all it was working, and then, he debates you, he probably never even though or expected in his life, that you were actually going to dehumanize him just for asking what you thought about your beliefs. What are you doing Jaclyn Glenn? Like this is not how any decent girls are, well even supposed to act, dude.

So, that's all that you have, right now, Jaclyn Glenn. Just what your beliefs are on religion, that's it. You're not even going to start talking or trying to even though you are an atheist that thinks you have stuff to say, about all of this God damn fucking supernatural shit that isn't based on anyone or any thing's belief system's out there? You are just going to not do what usually atheists would do which is talk about it, and just leave it as it's good to be a skeptic? Did you lose your pitch fork woman when you fell into the Land of Oz too windy? I can see you being that girl in that painting with that old married couple with a pitch fork in old en times. And if you fell into the Land of Oz, it's not because you weren't just chasing a dog while on a bike in the middle of no where.

This is, my point, you don't have anything to say about anything, and you think that because you don't have any beliefs yourself anymore, you really think that it's just right for you to be telling other people they're beliefs are stupid, not to believe in them and why you shouldn't, because that's what you think. You have, zero, right to be mad or say anything whatsoever about what anyone believes, in the whole entire world. If I was only, a Christian who believes that just because you are atheist right now, then, that's even worse because at least my beliefs are that I believe that I must believe in oder for me to have beliefs, you just wanna try saying that you can talk shit about other people's beliefs just if they happen to be stupid and all that crap, and you can't even say being an atheist even if you wanted to be an atheist to believe that isn't the reason why you choose right now not to believe me, that, that is even true because that's what you believe. Stares with hand on chin. How's that working out for you Atheist girl on YouTube, Jaclyn Glenn?

You remember when I said, you are like that anime girl, Erza Scarlet, I forgot to say this before but, this, is exactly why Erza Titania fucking Queen of the God damn Fairies is so awesome Scarlet, she is just like this, there's no problem with her being, anything, nothing wrong with her at all, she just is a girl that she would be her own only natural real enemy, so not that she would do such a thing as this, but if that girl were to ever turn on herself, I'm talking just herself, this is what would happen, she would do just what she did in the anime, she started getting pissed off and angry at the same time at a wooden post, because it was in her way, she wouldn't turn on herself without good reason, that's not something that she would do, but if she ever did, this is what she would do, why, because she's fucking Erza Scarlet, to be fair woman, the only thing that could stand in her way, would be Erza Titania Queen of the Faries Scarlet Jaclyn Glenn, and there still isn't anything wrong with that. Why don't you, start believing in something for once, and not give up, until you find the real right reason not to before just trying to abandon all hope, who knows maybe you might like it Jaclyn Glenn. And that's another thing, you are not a fucking girl that knows everything about girls because you are a girl, that's me, I am the queen bitch they make stories about, do you understand, Jaclyn Glenn? Be a real fucking person, just a human being, and then I will consider for you to not to be my enemy, and stop talking shit about everything that I happen to believe in woman just because I happen to believe it. Do you actually think, does this girl Jaclyn Glenn, really think that in all of what has possibly been learned on earth since on the day of it's very creation, that no matter what has been learn, it must have all been wrong, because someone somewhere just happened to be believing in it first before stupid shitty little bitches like you came along people just like you and tried saying well that's stupid because I can't believe that, burn the witch, fucking bullshit. What gives you the right woman? It wasn't me, that did this to you this time.

caseyxsharp 6 Sep 3
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