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Hi all. Just wanted to share my thoughts and see what people think.

Preface - female = natal sex woman = gender ID.

I think, if I'm honest the whole JK thing has people missing a huge aspect of the world at large and now minorities are blaming each other for its flaws. Celebrities with zero understanding chiming in on sound bites on an issue that needs far more finesse due to its divisive nature.

Its taken a long time for crimes to be addressed as male vs female to highlight the trend if what radfems call "male violence". But really this whole discussion and infighting between trans people and radfems over legalisation and dogmatic language is being used as a distraction from what I personally believe to be the real issue.

We should be asking why do we NEED to keep same sex spaces?
Why are we concerned over the legitmacy of same sex spaces? Why are we concerned over what it is to he a woman?
Why do some cis women feel hostility toward shifts in language?

Why - because of the historic behaviours of men. Who are 99% male and cis. We are collectively still fighting over abortion, rape and domestic violence, and given almost soul social responsibility in changing female bodies to handle contraception. Sex is a protected class. Martial rape in the UK wasnt illegal until 1992. Let that sink in. Some of us have been alive when it was legal to rape your wife.

In a ideal world non of this nonsense matters because all females wouldn't have these fears, that become more prominant once you become a teenager or an adult. Its one which I believe more progressive people believe has disappeared simply because we can now acknowledge the existance of gender identity. Part of me is kind of thankful young progressives are this naive and not as bittered or as bruised as even many of us cis women and even trans men in our mid to late 20s.
Because it gives me hope.

However we need to, as it stands make legalisation on tangiable and measurable qualities that understands risk factors in society it stands. There is statistical reasoning behind these fears and we need to reach a logical and measured response in addressing these concerns.

There is no reason for transwomen and cis women to be enemies. The only people it serves are the one that have disrespected females and women for centuries.

So I say to people finding themselves lost in the polarisation of the topic and mess of language, which I believe JK has due to her own horrific experiences at the hands of an awful cis man. Use the right fucking pronouns. Don't call trans women men and be respectful and be clear at the start of your discussion if you are refering to gender identity and or natal sex. We will get alot further in opening up the dialogue again. Because really - isn't that what we all want?

Be interested to hear peoples thoughts.

WhytfAmIHere 4 June 11
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FUCKING PREACH! Can I tweet some of this out? It's so well worded!

Sure I don't mind - as long as the context is still the same.

If you do though, you might want to read up onon the maritial rape legalisation as I'm sure people will query it and as its to do with an overlap between common law etc so I have simplified a bit - sorta. It goes back to the the ideas held that for a long time a women gave consent by just being married. Something which we carefully leave out of our history classes along with alot of other stuff...

Anyway even in in the 90s a man actually managed to mount a defence for rape on those grounds above in which meant he ended up with a sexual assualt charge instead of rape. Which is what caused it to be finally changed in line with societies views.


Many women don't want to be called "cis" - they do not like having this word forced upon them.

Why is it we women have to bow to a demand - specifically, calling a trans woman a woman and using the pronouns we are told to use - but we cannot make a demand of our own - specifically, do not call us "cis?"

The concession is not equal. There is no language equity here.

Can I ask why you have an aversion to the term "cis?" In a transgender conversation, it's used to differentiate trans and non trans people, similar to the words "gay" and "straight."

Second question: Is there a term you prefer be used instead of "cis" in a transgender discussion?


Well said!

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