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I've been thinking about the 58+ plus genders that don't exist. I think what's happening in society is that we're conflating gender and identity. We all search for meaning and identity, especially during our formative years. These days it's so much easier to slap a label on yourself and decide that you're Elegender as opposed to doing the hard work and coming to term with you really are. I understand why it's attractive to ID as anything other than male/female. It also feeds into narcissism that you're a special and unique snowflake.

Lacie 3 July 5
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everyone is using gender to mean simply an identity, but that's not what it means. this is why words and word definitions are important. you get me! haha


I could have said it better myself. I’m a 30 yr transsexual dude and this whole 58+ gender thing is getting ridiculous. I’ve seen people identify as deer, trees, you name it. Now on one hand I really don’t care how they identify but on the other I feel like it’s making a mockery of who trans people who have an actual medical diagnosis (gender dysphoria).

Agreed. In a world where we're supposed to be so sensitive to everybody's precious feelings, this is truly ridiculous. I feel so bad for people with actual real dysphoria who have gone through the therapy, HRT and surgeries who are now grouped in with all the other crazies. I've been working in behavioral health for almost 20 years (with a focus in clinical psychology) and the new genders make absolutely no sense. Gender dysphoria is a real, biological occurrence that has been observed in brain scans. While rare, it makes sense. People who claim to all genders, no genders, some genders or otherkin are either doing it for attention or need actual psychological help that does not include 'affirmation therapy.' We're literally letting a group of people engage in utterly delusional behavior with little consequence. I can't fathom what the consequences are going to be, but they're coming and they aren't good.

@Lacie Thank for your voice. I feel like we need more people in your department to speak out about these kinds of things. I agree when the consequences come, they won’t most definitely be good at all. I am so upset that these people that are doing these things are getting the louder platforms and silencing the rest of us.

OMG did you see the trans girl who idenfies as a male deer? lmao like WHAT?

@ariellescarcella I believe I have. If I’m not mistaken I think Blaire White made a video on her.


I want to add a new comment. I Googled to find out what the "58 genders" actually are. [] Actually, it looks like many of them are just variations of the same ideas.

Here are just two examples I picked:

Cis, Cisgender, Cis Male, Male, Cis Man, Cisgender Man = All mean the same thing.

Female to Male, FTM, Trans, Trans Male, Trans Man, Transgender Male, Transgender Man, Transmasculine, Transsexual Male, Transsexual Man = All more or less mean the same thing. (Though some differentiate transsexual and transgender.)

So, it looks like the "58+ genders" statement is a bit misleading as well.

Look up 1,000 genders game. You should find a nice long list of things some identify as. I personally have heard a few of them in real life...

@WhatIsGoingOn Haha!! I'm going to look that up right now. I've heard some pretty bizarre ones in my travels on the internet. It should be a fun time.

For my opinion on that, see my other comment!

YES all the same shit


Thank you! Well said! I can't agree more. I want to add the idea that I think it is mainly very young people who are coming up with these 58+ "genders."

I'm a trans man. I'm 34. When I was in middle school and high school, the trend was for people to identify as witches, werewolves, and vampires. It sounds ridiculous now - and it was. Some decided they were "wiccans" and "pagans." Some decided they were "energy vampires" (so they did not drink blood, they drank energy from other people). And I think werewolves had some sort of emotional transformation at the full moon. I don't really remember and I don't want to think about this any harder than I have to.

Now, I'm not in middle school any more, obviously. And I'm not a teacher and I don't have kids, so I'm extrapolating a bit here based on what I see on the internet. But it seems to me that kids identifying as a special "gender" is pretty much the same thing we did when we were vampires.

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