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Why is everything on this site so political?

Is anyone eager for more light-hearted conversation? I feel this community will fall apart if there aren't people having conversations less dire. I would love to speak with any of you. Message me about anything, and I mean literally anything, and I will do my best to respond. It's okay if it's political, philosophical, or about your personal interests, I will listen.

Aldrich 3 May 23

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Because you have to be a NO BRAINs CNN watcher to post on ultra liberal sites like Twitter or fakebook(not a typo)


All life is genetically programmed to do everything it can to stay alive and reproduce. Some of those strategies are in finding secure locations with enough resources and by having some control of the environment. Humans have evolved a rich imagination that has allowed us to develop tools and methods that increase our ability to survive in diverse situations. The feeling of having control is something that allows us to feel secure. The problem with our imagination is that we can build mental constructs that imagine our selves as secure. That is politics. The need for security is so strong that we would rather feel safe and be in danger than be safe and feel insecure. Politics are those stories we make up so we may feel secure.

A thoughtful insight, indeed. Politics is often too generalized, I feel. It's much more complicated than just which side you may identify with--in truth, it is a wide array of things that you must pick and choose to build your own "mental construct". Unfortunately, some will follow others without thinking for themselves, and that leads to ignorance.

@Aldrich Another way that humans feel secure is by following charismatic leader who they believe has things under control. That way they have the relief of not having to worry about it. As you stated politics is very complicated. The followers of a side can hold up flags and declare about freedom and justice. When individuals of that side start getting down to what those concepts mean, the fighting will begin. That is why it is necessary to have an easily defined enemy to focus on, so they will not have to confront the difficult task of resolving their own internal differences.


there are nonpolitical groups here.

The only one I have found is the "memes" group, and even then those are political memes for the most part.

@Aldrich there are a number of groups about music, guitars, there is "cult of beauty" which is about fine art, there is "question of the day" which is explicitly NOT for political content...keep looking around you'll find its NOT all politics all of the time.


"The English word "politics" derives from the Greek word politiká (Πολιτικά, 'affairs of the cities'😉, the name of Aristotle's classic work, Politiká. In the mid-15th century, Aristotle's composition would be rendered in Early Modern English as "Polettiques", which would become "Politics" in Modern English."


In it's original meaning politics encompassed all social activity.

Hmm. The word has certainly evolved in meaning, or connotation at least, has it not?


plenty of groups on here non political that get little service or discussion. be the one that keeps them alive.

I make sure to check them out.


Feel free to start a group where you do whatever..

I have yet to find out how to do that. Perhaps it is because I am a lower level or something.


In my opinion most o us are drawn to this site to discuss the things that other social media platforms are either censored by or our peers are constantly arguing with. Much less arguing on this site. Facebook is more "fluffy" with their trolling and constant joke memes. This site produces more independent thought and it happens that politics seem to drive everything these days from climate change to the plandemic

I agree. It seems this site is more focused on thoughtful, civil discussion on topics that might be censored on other platforms.


I think it's because the media has taken over the discourse in the world and has convinced us, by selling the idea constantly, that politics is of the utmost importance. When I was a little boy back in the 1950's and '60's politics wasn't such a large part of the media emphasis; News came on at 5:30 or 6:00 in the evening for 30-60 min. CNN came along in the Summer of 1980 and changed the world. It was so interesting at first like trying different brands of cigarettes until you find one you really like and the next thing you know you're addicted. I have often wondered how the world would look today if there had been a 24 hour news network during the Vietnam era. If you were looking for a place to escape strictly political discourse I think Slug has the potential for it if you delve into the groups and especially the comments. They can take you down some wonderful rabbit holes I bet.

I never really thought of it that way. Certainly, over-politicizing the media has served to be a dire mistake, as it has only led to further separate us all. I think it all gave us the idea that the other side aways has to be the "enemy", when in truth they are our brothers and our allies. It's a shame.

@Aldrich Though it is correct that the other side does not always have to be the enemy and, in the most sentimental light, they are indeed our brothers, it is premature to assume that just because they aren't enemies that they are your allies. Self-interest is pretty well hard wired into the human creature and the nobility to rise above it is very rare and even if so not always reciprocated.

@Geofrank Well, you have certainly explained it well. I guess I may have used the word in the wrong context. Or perhaps misunderstood. In the best sense of the word, they are our allies, because they are our own countrymen. Disagreement among ourselves doesn't necessarily mean they have to become even an adversary--that is a flawed thinking. However, excessive self-interests, from any which side, serves to overstep the boundaries of what an "ally" is supposed to be.


I think the site is solid as it is. Perhaps if you post an original insight you could initiate the type of conversation you seek.

That is good advice. Thank you.


The newer members know this site as Slug, but its original name was IDW.Community, and the Intellectual Dark Web usually discusses politics and news related to such, which is why most of the public posts are political in nature. Be sure to check out the groups.

Hmm, I see. I didn't know IDW.Community and Slug were the same thing. Do you miss the nature of how it was, or has it even changed at all?

This is the first I hear it called "Slug". What a strange name.

@FEWI Same here. But I don't participate in any other platforms. Anyone know the origin of calling it Slug?

@FEWI I think looking at the fist in the logo it is intended as a "Red Pill" slug in the face to break the hold of "Woke" PC discourse in social media. The fist is admittedly a violent image but sometimes the only cure for social malaise is a "smack up side the head."

@Aldrich Hasn't changed much.

@Geofrank I haven’t seen the new logo. I have the original .. IDW. In a black square.

@FEWI Its a black fist-thumb down- outlined in white coming head on toward the viewer with the word Slug just to the right of it.

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