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LINK 2019 Socialism Conference observations that you should be aware of.

Informative article on how the democratic party is being co-opted by socialists. Highlights their weaving social justice, identity politics and climate-change into achieving the ultimate goal of a socialist political and economic state. The green new deal is a thinly veiled red new deal. Marxism is evident but they steer clear of any mention of authoritarianism of the state as the 'new socialism' insists the states function will only be 'regulatory' in nature. Yeah, right...heavy sarcasm.

dd54 8 Nov 19

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The democrats went socialist right after the trun of the century (into the 1900s that is). Wilson was certainly a sociailist with racist tendencies, but then socialism has not historically been about racial equality. Not a lot of ethnic minorities in Russia, Red China, and other socialist countries in the old days, and certianly no ethinc miniroties in the leadership. What is happening today is the evolution of those beginners.

Agree. Fabian socialists are relentless.

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