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Schumer sets vote on infrastructure, but GOP wants to see a bill

Finding ways to offset the cost of an infrastructure plan and ambitious reconciliation package is a heavy lift for senators

Before Schumer announced his plan for amendments, Republican senators said Monday their party was unlikely to vote for the motion to proceed while negotiations are ongoing. Schumer will need 10 Republicans, in addition to all 50 Democrats, to vote for the motion to begin debate on the bill before he can offer any amendments.


Garsco 8 July 20

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Me thinks Mr Schumer will not get his way in the end. At least, I hope he won't. That's one of my biggest gripes with modern day Democrats, no sense of fiscal responsibility, it's just spend spend spend and increased taxes.

If the Dems can be held off until the 2022 “election season” gets underway, that would be big. Not much of anything usually gets done when Congressmen and Senators are running for re-election. Of course that’s no guarantee…

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