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When your beautiful first-born grandchild comes into your life, you may likely consider all the things in her new life that she will see, do and experience. My wish for Emily Kathryn is that she find love, happiness and freedoms that will fulfill her life, and that whatever influence I may bring to her will serve her to those ends.


Glenn Youngkin projected to win Virginia gubernatorial race- []
Garsco comments on Nov 3, 2021:
I thought I might wake up Wednesday to find there’d been a ballot dump in Fairfax County. If there was, I’m glad it apparently wasn’t big enough to steal the election.
Terry McAuliffe delivers remarks, refuses to concede in Virginia governor's race They're ...
Garsco comments on Nov 3, 2021:
I thought I might wake up to find there’d been a 2 a.m. ballot dump in Fairfax County. Maybe too many eyes we’re watching this time?
The Atlanta Braves just won the World Series.
Garsco comments on Nov 3, 2021:
This is likely as disappointing to Dems as is Youngkin’s win in VA
PJMedia: BREAKING: Virginia Election Results Are In.
Garsco comments on Nov 2, 2021:
All the major networks still slow to call the race for Youngkin.
Biden's banking nominee would pursue Soviet economics- []
Garsco comments on Nov 2, 2021:
Thanks for this post. Too many of Biden’s nominees appear to be of similar mindsets. Makes me wonder who is influencing him to choose these radical communists. Biden seems only too happy to put these kind of people in positions of power in his administration.
25 of the greatest quotes on economics and capitalism- [thelibertarianrepublic.
Garsco comments on Nov 1, 2021:
25 excellent quotes!
$450,000 to illegal immigrants, $450,000, $450,000 to fucking illegal immigrants!!!!!!!!!!!! And ...
Garsco comments on Nov 1, 2021:
Joe just ***HAS*** to go… (except we have no good option if he does).
5 Reasons Why Biden Soiling Himself Showed The Leadership Americans Desperately Need > t’s ...
Garsco comments on Nov 1, 2021:
That look when told you soiled your britches on live TV in front of the Pope.
NYPost: MichaelGoodwin: Weak by Weak Joe Biden Shows His Real Stature. []
Garsco comments on Nov 1, 2021:
> The sheer volume of inanity and failure, combined with the president’s mental and physical decline, recalls a wise observation by the late economist Herb Stein that, “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.” …. ***Perhaps America can go on like this for four years. But I don’t see how.***
Garsco comments on Nov 1, 2021:
Biden admin answers judge: says **it will not halt firing employees seeking vax exemptions** before a DC court ruling
My girlfriend hates when I make jokes about her weight. She needs to lighten up.
Garsco comments on Oct 31, 2021:
Thin ice...
The Associated Press Discovers the 'Code' Behind 'Let's Go Brandon' Cheer By Rick Moran Oct ...
Garsco comments on Oct 30, 2021:
The AP must need the “facts” about the chant reported to aid some upcoming report. They can’t let people think they weren’t on top of a story denigrating an unpopular president.
Open letter to Slug.
Garsco comments on Oct 30, 2021:
How about crossing the border and see if you can get separated from your family companion. I hear they’re giving away $450,000 to people from south of the border that happens to. Is this a great country or what?
Trick or Trump?
Garsco comments on Oct 30, 2021:
The Mummy 🤣 The invisible man 😶‍🌫️
Looks like America's lost one decent Republican.
Garsco comments on Oct 29, 2021:
Depends on your point of view.
Minnesota school board chairwoman demands man protesting give his home address- []
Garsco comments on Oct 29, 2021:
Doxing selfies?
Nearly 50 'racial healing' centers hit American college campuses- []
Garsco comments on Oct 29, 2021:
Sounds more like those “healing centers” will just keep poking at that scab, keeping it from healing.
Facebook changes its parent company name to Meta as it forays into newer horizons like virtual ...
Garsco comments on Oct 29, 2021:
Might be a good time for those (like me) who’ve contemplated ditching Facebook multiple times to actually take the plunge.
When you are printing 120 billion a month and climbing.
Garsco comments on Oct 28, 2021:
At that rate, illegals will be able to buy a loaf of bread, if one might be available.
Surgeon loses job after telling school board to let parents decide on masking kids- []
Garsco comments on Oct 28, 2021:
Stuff like this makes me worry about November 2022
If it's not the diehard puritan types downing Halloween, then it's the woke crowd seeking to ruin it...
Garsco comments on Oct 28, 2021:
Where’s the “Hoo Boy” emoji?
Someone please tell me this is just a false story.
Garsco comments on Oct 28, 2021:
That’s about as shocking as anything I’ve seen reported maybe ever.
ICE's arrest numbers have been released and they're absolutely atrocious- []
Garsco comments on Oct 28, 2021:
More evidence of the firestorm that is the Biden catastrophe.
Biden backs work permits for illegal aliens, shamelessly supports firing unvaxxed Americans- ...
Garsco comments on Oct 28, 2021:
It’s really quite remarkable— I’d say diabolical— that experienced, qualified Americans are being forced/fired from their jobs because they disagree with the White House resident over vaccination for Covid, adding to the country’s labor shortages, and contributing to ongoing supply chain issues. Then hundreds of thousands illegal immigrants, thousands who are Covid positive, stream across the border each week, and are welcomed by said resident, waiting to be given work permits, financial and free health benefits that are being denied the fired Americans. I’ll wait for “news” reports of unqualified illegals taking over vacant health care jobs or having to be trained on how to manufacture appliances or do other work in employment areas where Americans have been let go. If it seems like a plan is being followed and is working with precision-like efficiency, well who am I to argue with that?
Not ‘victims,’ but ‘rioters’ and ‘looters’: Judge riles up prosecution in Rittenhouse ...
Garsco comments on Oct 27, 2021:
Rittenhouse may actually be headed for a fair trial.
Judge Finds Teenager Guilty in Loudoun County Bathroom Assault
Garsco comments on Oct 26, 2021:
News report on radio says Loudon County students staged a walkout today demanding safe schools. Mind you, not safe spaces, but actual real safety.
Among independents Bidens approval rating is around 1/3, pretty catastrophic.
Garsco comments on Oct 26, 2021:
A comparison of the first black president (pre-Trump, at that) and this current nincompoop and their relative approval numbers probably wouldn’t mean very much.
Anyone else think these mandates are a sneaky way to weaken police forces around the country?
Garsco comments on Oct 26, 2021:
Reducing the police force certainly sets the stage for the federal government to act, perhaps going as far in time as to establish a federal police force to serve as local police. The whole mandate/firings brouhaha could also give the federal government license to institute fixes in medical, supply chain, and other areas for the crises the government itself is creating right now.
California decriminalized shoplifting for amounts under $950, and guess what happened next?
Garsco comments on Oct 26, 2021:
Must be something in the water out there.
A $10K bank-snooping threshold would intrude on millions- []
Garsco comments on Oct 26, 2021:
The bank snooping shenanigans should go down with the the defeat of both the $1.2 trillion “budget” bill and the $3.5 (or more) trillion “infrastructure” bill—both of which are misnomers.
This is a damn outrage.
Garsco comments on Oct 26, 2021:
Mostly one has heard disparagements of parents who are absent from involvement in their children’s education. Now, seemingly suddenly, when parents show up with questions about curriculum, they are labeled as terrorists. Yes, parents should have shown up earlier, but their trust in educators seemed like one of those things you didn’t need to worry about. That trust is severely eroded now, almost as much as is trust in politicians.
I go for my 'every 18 month' mammogram later this week.
Garsco comments on Oct 25, 2021:
Well, I’d say that’s not exactly an apples to apples comparison. But to your point, probably only once, if at all. 🤢
Get Out of My Mind!
Garsco comments on Oct 25, 2021:
I love the smell of potatoes.
For months, the Biden administration has insisted that the so-called “build back better” agenda ...
Garsco comments on Oct 25, 2021:
So when those increasing unliquidated investment values are taxed annually, I’m sure they will be be taxed yet again when they are liquidated. Wasn’t there once something about double taxation that wasn’t allowed?
As the holiday season draws nearer, corporate media outlets are demanding that Americans stop ...
Garsco comments on Oct 25, 2021:
It’s our fault for buying what we need for our families and our American lifestyles? Biden would be okay for us to resemble those dust bowl families from the 1930s.
Psaki reporting' about Biden's 2008 'drive-by as if it satisfies the need for a visit NOW!
Garsco comments on Oct 22, 2021:
Shameless, indeed! That’s Psaki/Biden ***every*** day.
Biden mocks freedom in twisted train wreck of a Town Hall- []
Garsco comments on Oct 22, 2021:
Multi-train car pile up, at that.
Economists foresee high inflation, supply chain crisis, labor shortages lasting well into 2022- ...
Garsco comments on Oct 21, 2021:
Maybe some “good” will come of this if the electorate still has to deal with extra high prices and needless shortages come next November. It’s shameful, though, that leftists are still in lockstep with an administration that is screwing the country like this on ***every*** thing it does.
New poll: Majority of Americans have been hurt by Biden’s supply chain crisis- ...
Garsco comments on Oct 20, 2021:
Let’s go Brandon! FJB too just for good measure!
DailyCaller: Quinnipiac Poll shows Biden's Approval Sinking to 37%, with approval among independents...
Garsco comments on Oct 20, 2021:
Rats fleeing the sinking ship
Don’t call people ‘Americans’: Leading Parks group debuts woke guide- []
Garsco comments on Oct 20, 2021:
blacks have no more of a “shared identity and culture” today in the 21st century than do Whites. (Capitalizations intentional). blacks who have no connection to American slave history and who are from all over the world are here now. The melting pot concept of Americanization needs promotion again, IM(occasionally)HO.
White House mocks suffering Americans as Joe Biden's ratings reach new lows- []
Garsco comments on Oct 20, 2021:
Isn’t the Quinnipiac poll racist? Why do they break out degree/no degree white Americans responding to their poll but not for blacks or Hispanics? And no response numbers for Asians?
A group of 17 mostly American missionaries and their family members were kidnapped by gang members ...
Garsco comments on Oct 19, 2021:
What’s Jen Psaki got to say about this? Kidnappers have rights too, and the ransom money is proper reparations for some reason?
I'm certainly no fan of the Atlanta Braves, but at this point it would be ironic if the Braves win ...
Garsco comments on Oct 19, 2021:
Where would they play the Braves WS home games? And would Biden welcome them to the White House if they won it all?
Axios blames ‘angry’ customers for labor shortage, gets clock cleaned by the Wall Street ...
Garsco comments on Oct 19, 2021:
Maybe the current powers that be are counting on consumer anger for demands the government “do something.” That something could be attempting to take over retail operations to insure “fair and equitable” delivery of food, goods and services. Isn’t that what happens in socialist takeovers?
Home of the Brave - Mark Robinson Delivers POWERFUL Address to NC GOP (from June 7th - somehow ...
Garsco comments on Oct 19, 2021:
Our NC Lt. Governor is making waves … I hope we can give him a promotion in 2024, or earlier if Democrat Cooper could be forced out somehow.
Psaki hit with ethics complaint over Hatch Act violation- []
Garsco comments on Oct 16, 2021:
> The Hatch Act remains a largely aspirational law given the lack of real enforcement elements. What else will be ignored in this administration? Everything and anything that’s against the law or morally wrong otherwise.
Republican flips Iowa State House seat held by Democrats for decades- []
Garsco comments on Oct 14, 2021:
Looking forward to that headline applying to U.S. House and Senate seats all over the country in 13 months.
Biden turns his back on reporters, refuses to answer questions on supply chain crisis- ...
Garsco comments on Oct 14, 2021:
Oh no! Better do as Biden says or… > ***“If the private sector doesn’t step up, we’re going to call them out and ASK them to act.”***
Building Back Better.
Garsco comments on Oct 14, 2021:
All the leaves are brown And the sky is gray I’ve been for a walk On a winter’s day I’d be safe and warm If this was still the USA A **Venezuela reaming** On such a winter’s day *(With apologies to Lou Adler, Michelle Phillips, and John Phillips)*
Freedom from censorship: Inside the battle to build a second internet- []
Garsco comments on Oct 13, 2021:
I can imagine seeing Google, Zuckerburg, Twitter et al with mouths agape, holding empty, bottoms-busted-out bags of nothing when RightForge takes over the online world they live in.
911 system in jeopardy as first responders reject jab- []
Garsco comments on Oct 13, 2021:
4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August. My 32-year old daughter is quitting her radiologist/CT hospital job this month (and will be a stay at home mom). She and millions of other Americans are really fed up with Biden’s America. Anyone know where the kill switch is for this insanity?
Woke boys school tackles toxic masculinity, threatens expulsion for 'misplaced' jokes- ...
Garsco comments on Oct 13, 2021:
***Great Norm McDonald clips in this link.*** Too bad America’s turning into a sad, humorless bastion of wokeness. I’ll bet at least a small percentage of those St Albans boys can’t wait to get free of that place. Imagine your parents paying $50k/year for that crap.
It isn't only vaccine mandates that are a concern, the authorities wanting to zealously enforce ...
Garsco comments on Oct 12, 2021:
Why would organizers who believe people can’t be trusted to look out for themselves want to stage such a dangerous and threatening thing as a public parade? I suppose, though, a public display of control that’s destined to be ineffective or fail could provide cover for further control.
Airline tells pilots, cabin crew to stop saying ‘ladies and gentleman’ to be more inclusive- ...
Garsco comments on Oct 12, 2021:
“Good morning, menstruating people, sperm producers and gender deniers. This is your captain speaking.”
Dave Chappelle Vs. The Mob []
Garsco comments on Oct 11, 2021:
I watched The Closer on Netflix. Chappelle is entertaining as well as presenting a performance that doesn’t back down from a lot of sensible viewpoints
The discrimination-based 'health equity' happening around the country is not health care — it is ...
Garsco comments on Oct 11, 2021:
Humans already have built in equity outcomes in health. It’s known as death. Until then the constitution guarantees ***equal*** opportunity healthcare treatment as needed for Americans. Or at least it says that on paper.
Vernon Jones quits interview after being asked about his discrimination against white employees- ...
Garsco comments on Oct 10, 2021:
Seems Vernon Jones thought abandoning his closet would make keeping that door shut and locked. Very few locks like that work these days.
Garsco comments on Oct 10, 2021:
Trying to remain relevant, when relevant is passé.
Report: Manchin told Schumer his remarks were 'fking stupid'- []
Garsco comments on Oct 8, 2021:
Schumer doesn’t know when to schut his mouth. I hope he alienated some other Dems as well
WashExaminer: Adam Schiff claims Robert Mueller suffering 'heartbreaking' cognitive decline.
Garsco comments on Oct 8, 2021:
Mueller’s condition was evident when he gave his in-person report to Congress in March 2019. You know, the report he could have made 3 days after he was assigned to the “investigation”. That’s when he knew there was no evidence for Russia, Russia, Russia. The investigation, IMO, was extended only to assure a Democrat congress was elected in 2018.
PostMillenial: NPR accuses Dave Chappelle of using 'white privilege'. []
Garsco comments on Oct 8, 2021:
Donald Trump and the Republican Congress should shut NPR down or severely cut back on its funding in 2025
Garsco comments on Oct 8, 2021:
Two of those three who addressed this Democrat-controlled HouseOversight committee were Jack Sellers, chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and Bill Gates, vice chairman of the board. The Maricopa Board of Supervisors, along with the county elections board, were the local entities that obstructed the audit by refusing to provide county servers and other subpoenaed info. So I’m not surprised at their “testimony.” *Just sayin’*
School Board group’s gripes about parents don’t justify Federal ‘domestic terrorism’ ...
Garsco comments on Oct 7, 2021:
There’re already state and local laws on the books handled sufficiently and legally by local LEOs to address such overzealous protesting. It certainly doesn’t come close last years violent summer protests resulting in deaths, injuries and billions of property damage that was mostly ignored
Biden’s State Department spills the beans, announces how many nukes the US has to the world- ...
Garsco comments on Oct 7, 2021:
Divulging military strategies, reporting nukes inventory, purging the ranks of strong, physically fit young white men for gender whatever bodies … that’s the Biden military.
As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly. []
Garsco comments on Oct 7, 2021:
RedState: U.
Garsco comments on Oct 7, 2021:
> The American forces have been operating in Taiwan for at least a year, the officials said. Biden must not be aware of this. Surely he’d have recalled them by now, since they’ve been there since Trump was president.
The future of the Republic
Garsco comments on Oct 7, 2021:
Not sure if there should be another choice—and not sure it what it would be. Not many will up and move from their comfort zone.
I think it's high time to consider disbanding and consolidating Federal law enforcement into one ...
Garsco comments on Oct 7, 2021:
> I think it's high time to consider disbanding and consolidating Federal law enforcement into one agency that can be watched more closely by Congress Careful! Some think this is a goal of the left, which could evolve into federal takeover of local LEOs (bigger cities and blue states, anyway to start): police , sheriffs and other law enforcement agencies. I’m not sure either that Congress could be trusted with that mission.
Leftists wanted NASA to rename James Webb Telescope over ‘LGBT persecution.
Garsco comments on Oct 6, 2021:
> “Queer scientists,” though, say they’re disappointed NASA did not take them at their word and simply rename the telescope. > It does not appear that the petitioners, including the four leaders who initially accused Webb of wrongdoing, presented any evidence that Webb was intentionally discriminatory against LGBT individuals — only that, in the 1960s, most federal agencies weren’t particularly welcome to gay and lesbian scientists and engineers. Surprisingly refreshing that common sense seems to have prevailed. I’ll wait, though, for this decision to be overturned.
So a Roman walks into a bar and holds up 2 fingers and says, "Five beers please."
Garsco comments on Oct 5, 2021:
Took me a few seconds...
No Secret
Garsco comments on Oct 5, 2021:
Can’t let a thing like 700,000 Americans dying without access to proven therapeutics stand in the way of Big Pharma’s profits and Fauci’s kickbacks.
Women's Soccer Lawsuit: Equal Pay?
Garsco comments on Oct 5, 2021:
The US Women’s soccer team lost to a team of teenage boys in an exhibition game last year, as I recall. Those boys might consider suing for equal pay with Rapinoe and her girlfriends.
Sinema issues statement about activists who filmed her in the bathroom — ‘not a legitimate ...
Garsco comments on Oct 4, 2021:
Arizona Authorities Probing Illegal Recording of Sen. Sinema > [An Arizona] state statute makes it illegal for any person to film another without their consent in a restroom or bathroom. Violators can be charged with a class 5 felony. Violators can be sentenced to up to 2 1/2 years in jail.
In order to attack 'systemic racism,' a school eliminates failure and time constraints- ...
Garsco comments on Oct 4, 2021:
Dumbing down of America’s future adults will help the control aspect of the long game revolution.
Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, Gov.
Garsco comments on Oct 4, 2021:
I hope Mrs. DeSantis’ cancer is in early stages and she receives prompt and successful treatment.
President Joe Biden downplayed demonstrators’ harassment of Democrat Sen.
Garsco comments on Oct 4, 2021:
Biden could’ve, in his remarks, struck a blow for civility in today’s politics—FWIW—rather than basically giving this behavior a “presidential greenlight”
DailyMail: Fauci tries to cancel Christmas.
Garsco comments on Oct 4, 2021:
Mustn’t risk infecting Santa and Rudolph. They’ve been quarantining all year.
Leftist protesters harass Sen. Sinema in public restroom- []
Garsco comments on Oct 3, 2021:
These kinds of tactics would tend to make me even less likely to vote the way these protesters advocate.
Scary part is, shit like that has a way of spreading to other states.
Garsco comments on Oct 3, 2021:
Likely, in my unlawyered opinion, it will be impossible to have a court accept a challenge to such a BS regulations until they are actually implemented.
RedState: Democrats Thought Biden Was Coming With a Plan to Get the Two Bills Passed.
Garsco comments on Oct 3, 2021:
Biden has never accomplished anything on his own, except apparently enriching his family through government (your taxes paid) kickbacks. His “plans” always involve underhanded schemes and shenanigans but somehow he can’t seem to make that work when it’s in full view of the country.
GatewayPundit: CDC Director says vaccines Cannot Prevent Transmission” of COVID virus.
Garsco comments on Oct 3, 2021:
Seems more and more like the best immunity is recovering from Covid. The government still can’t figure out how to say that and save face. Still to be determined and publicly discussed: those who are vaccinated then get a mild to semi-severe “breakthrough” case—what level of immunity to those individuals have?
Manufactured Crisis – A Map Of The Cargo Ships Currently Incoming And In Holding Pattern Offshore ...
Garsco comments on Oct 3, 2021:
Another Biden-facilitated crisis with the aid of the Democrat-induced pandemic labor shortage.
@farmerguy can't figure out how I can be 48 years of age in August 2021 and still not be born in ...
Garsco comments on Oct 2, 2021:
Ah, a fellow Sagitarian!
U.S. Court vindicates patriot Edward Snowden- []
Garsco comments on Oct 2, 2021:
… and yet Snowden is still banished from America under threat of treason charges.
Guess What Happened to This Hotel After it Allowed 150 Afghan Refugees to Stay - Paying guests ...
Garsco comments on Oct 1, 2021:
Well, if the Afghans are going to trash the place and tear up furniture, I guess the exorbitant rates the government pays the hotel were needed. But the hotel shouldn’t expect any normal or return business.
They cannot see…
Garsco comments on Oct 1, 2021:
Death count is out-of-date, or otherwise not what is the official count.
Fuck Joe Biden! Fuck Joe Biden! Fuck Joe Biden... 5 minute video []
Garsco comments on Oct 1, 2021:
(Fuck Joe Biden!) Maybe I’ll routinely begin prefacing all my posts here and other places with this.
Louisiana hospital system to dock pay of employees with unvaccinated spouses- []
Garsco comments on Oct 1, 2021:
It’s becoming painfully obvious, IMO, that our court system is too unwieldy to quickly resolve the unconstitutional and discriminatory attacks on individual rights and freedoms that are springing up nearly every day now.
These countries have an internet kill-switch (and they admit it)- []
Garsco comments on Oct 1, 2021:
It seems likely there’ll be a manufactured need to use that “switch” in the US sometime before November 2024.
Research is showing that college-educated Americans are quietly experiencing a surge in distrust in ...
Garsco comments on Sep 30, 2021:
> “Democrats’ understanding of Republicans actually gets worse with every additional degree they earn. ***This effect is so strong that Democrats without a high school diploma are three times more accurate than those with a postgraduate degree.”***
The leftist National School Boards Association is begging President Joe Biden to use domestic ...
Garsco comments on Sep 30, 2021:
Sounds like a game plan ol’ Joe would embrace
County Changes Rules So Matt Walsh Can’t Speak At School Board Meeting.
Garsco comments on Sep 30, 2021:
Matt Walsh calls Loudoun County School Board 'child abusers' and 'predators' in fiery speech
FBI: Violent Crime Increased 5.
Garsco comments on Sep 29, 2021:
Lockdowns when only the criminals are out roaming and the police have been defunded and are nowhere to be found.
PJMedia: Electricity Shortages in China Wreak Havoc on Supply Chains.
Garsco comments on Sep 29, 2021:
Above link didn’t work for me. If the US can’t get truck drivers and unclog the backlog of ships waiting to dock in US ports, missing out on high-priced Chinese Christmas goods may not be such a bad thing. (Of course, that’s if the ships waiting to dock is a real thing).
The leftwing inquisition is a comin'.
Garsco comments on Sep 28, 2021:
Democrats today are sneaky, destructive vermin, destroying the foundations and established protocols of America.
An ANTIFA member has now been charged in the shooting of an anti-vaccine mandate protester earlier ...
Garsco comments on Sep 28, 2021:
Look for, IMO, Kamala and/or her minions to bail him out and later the charges will be dropped or reduced.
Another hip-hop superstar claps back against mindless compliance: Rihanna follows Nicki Minaj in ...
Garsco comments on Sep 28, 2021:
*“Think, while it’s still legal”* Is it still?
Biden Admin loses DACA appeal in Texas, so they're just making a new rule- []
Garsco comments on Sep 28, 2021:
Authoritarian rule by any other name would smell just as putrid. The Joe Biden team steamroller moves on ahead without regard to our traditional checks and balances.
Misguided petition demanding permanent monthly $2,000 stimulus checks nears huge milestone- ...
Garsco comments on Sep 28, 2021:
Okay, let’s give *every* adult person $2,000 per month. Then anyone *willing* to work will command at least $50/hour, that $3 loaf of bread will rise to maybe $12, same for a gallon of gas, and a good used car might be a bargain at around $50,000. We’ll all be so much wealthier and better off, won’t we?

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