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When your beautiful first-born grandchild comes into your life, you may likely consider all the things in her new life that she will see, do and experience. My wish for Emily Kathryn is that she find love, happiness and freedoms that will fulfill her life, and that whatever influence I may bring to her will serve her to those ends.


Ukrainian member of Parliament doesn't hold back about Biden's SOTU Address- []
Garsco comments on Mar 2, 2022:
Saying things he doesn’t mean when people want and need truth and answers to the issues that matter right now won’t get it for Biden. He’s stuck in yesterdays promises but has no intention of honoring any of them.
Just watching the State of the Union address from President Biden, it can now officially be known as...
Garsco comments on Mar 1, 2022:
Lots of tired rehashes of the past. It was all just about what we should have expected.
Report: Putin hired 400 Russian mercenaries to assassinate Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky- ...
Garsco comments on Mar 1, 2022:
400? Zelensky must be a cagey one to find.
My recycle bin
Garsco comments on Feb 27, 2022:
Recycle bin? How about the Trash?
Saying you’re ‘colorblind’ about race is now considered racist by the Federal Government- ...
Garsco comments on Feb 27, 2022:
Sad, but that act does seem to be the case. “Microaggressions” can be rude behavior committed by anyone of any race or ethnicity but, like being “racist” these days, apparently the government preaches that only white people (particularly white men) commit these offenses.
Michigan School District spied on parents’ Facebook groups, reported them to their employers, ...
Garsco comments on Feb 27, 2022:
Employers who fire workers who are “reported” by the school board should be called out by the parents group. As long as parents, who are otherwise good employees, don’t compromise their job performance or reflect poorly on their employer, shouldn’t have to worry about losing their livelihood.
Ukraine responds with an attack in Russia, and more weapons are on way to Ukraine- []
Garsco comments on Feb 27, 2022:
While I’m somewhat skeptical of (but still influenced by) just about everything I see and hear reported on this war, reporting of an Ukraine offensive like this makes me feel the underdog may have a chance to at least play to a draw. Ukraine may be a cesspool of government corruption in cahoots with the west, but an alternative world order of Russia/China dominance wouldn’t be a good thing. On a side note, cleaning up the cesspool of corruption emanating from Washington, DC should still be a priority in the US.
Two foreign policy debacles in a year, these things run I threes, what's the next Biden disaster?
Garsco comments on Feb 26, 2022:
Two foreign policy debacles in ***six months*** actually.
What a crock.
Garsco comments on Feb 26, 2022:
The polarization of our courts and leftist judges’ willingness to stretch so far for such ridiculous comparisons like this makes it difficult to see how we ever get back to more normal political discourse.
How many times can the war profiteers sell Americans war?
Garsco comments on Feb 26, 2022:
Biden’s SCOTUS nominee ***IS*** a radical who it seems has had too many court decisions she’s made overturned by higher courts **Biden Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson could face scrutiny for overturned decisions**
We've hit rock bottom as Germany, Italy, and the EU bypass Biden and take leadership roles in ...
Garsco comments on Feb 25, 2022:
Biden babbles, ignored, as no one listens. The west has no leader in this dangerous era. The trouble is he still, with the power of executive order, could muddle things up more or even provoke a serious, dangerous reaction by Putin.
Abbot Orders Parents to Be Investigated for Sex Change in Minors
Garsco comments on Feb 25, 2022:
Protecting children is always the stated position of government officials. This seems to be concrete evidence of Texas actually doing something that can protect innocent children from crazy, woke parents.
The White House appears to wave the white flag on Russian sanctions- []
Garsco comments on Feb 25, 2022:
If Biden lives to be 90 and can talk at all, imagine the stories he will tell about how he stood up to Putin and saved America and the world.
USPS shuns Biden's EV dreams with massive gasoline-powered mail truck purchase- []
Garsco comments on Feb 23, 2022:
Signs the Green New Deal is sensibly losing steam, if not suspect and expensive battery power
And so it begins.
Garsco comments on Feb 23, 2022:
No one outside of Russia seems to really know what Putin’s next step will be. Will he stop with those eastern-most provinces or will he push on to the entirety of Ukraine—or even beyond? If Putin’s intent is to reestablish the Soviet empire, including former eastern block satellites such as Poland and others, what will the bumbling Biden do?
Creative 52, Week 42: Create a Lens Flare in Photoshop Lens flare is something photographers ...
Garsco comments on Feb 22, 2022:
Nice. I hope all or almost all turned out as well.
Convoy might be the next word the cancel culture comes for, and just merely uttering the word could ...
Garsco comments on Feb 22, 2022:
I won’t be surprised to see efforts all across the country to delay, stop and force the US truckers off the road—before they get to DC. Just how tyrannical that effort might be remains to be seen.
San Francisco school board members who were recalled blame ‘white supremacy’- []
Garsco comments on Feb 22, 2022:
Is that even possible in San Francisco?
Joe Biden stumbles and slurs his way through an embarrassing response to Putin's Ukraine invasion- ...
Garsco comments on Feb 22, 2022:
> Such damage [to the American economy] could have been largely mitigated had Biden allowed the United States to remain energy independent, a mark reached under former President Donald Trump. Instead, this mental invalid meandered into office, canceling federal leases and the Keystone XL pipeline in order to appease his far-left base, without a second thought as to how it would affect the country’s national security. Biden and the left will use skyrocketing oil and fuel prices to argue for more push to their “green new deal” initiatives, which will leave America a lesser power and a bit player in energy politics. That’s clear already as we are at the mercy of oil producers like Russia instead of being a net exporter of oil. It didn’t have to be that way.
DailyMail: Russia 'has moved 10,000 troops into contested areas in 12 hours.
Garsco comments on Feb 22, 2022:
… and Joe Biden thinks all this will distract from his abysmal job performance and help Democrats in November. Earth to Biden: we won’t forget.
If a decision has been made I missed it - Does anyone know if the Canadian Parliament voted in favor...
Garsco comments on Feb 22, 2022:
I may not have it all straight, but I recall that the Canadian Senate must also vote on the emergency act, maybe later this week. Seems the results, though, may not be any different than the vote in the House of Commons. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.
I think Slager makes a compelling argument there.
Garsco comments on Feb 22, 2022:
The points about inconvenience for the residents of Ottawa and the further disruption of supply chain have wafted through the back of my mind. And while the tactics of the Ottawa truckers today and the Occupy movement and BLM street blockers of recent times have similarities, there is a difference, imo. The Ottawa truckers’ protested tyranny and government’s medical overreach that affected practically every person on the planet. The Occupy/BLM protests were designed to lift one group while oppressing another, often with ginned up reasoning for political gain. The truckers seem only to want a return to economic and societal norms that have historically worked and helped all people who would better themselves. Not to say the Occupy/BLM protests are totally without merit. The truckers, though, appear to have been gracious, accommodating as much as possible, and have not been arrogant or destructive. It does get sticky with lines being crossed between the approaches used but non-violence and less arrogance wins, or should.
When I was little, my parents got me a Dog and a Cat for my birthday.
Garsco comments on Feb 21, 2022:
Poor cat.
Cancel culture is coming for President's Day now.
Garsco comments on Feb 21, 2022:
Well, 44 and 46 ***were*** racists while in office. And there’s just not enough diversity, so we can’t have that.
President Joe Biden said the U.
Garsco comments on Feb 21, 2022:
Even Biden’s allies across the country are ignoring such nonsense — at least til November 9.
For the Canadians on here.
Garsco comments on Feb 21, 2022:
What would Trudeau, or maybe the Parliament, do if 250,000 Canadians descended on Ottawa in protest?
Europe, US preparing to impose sanctions on Russia- []
Garsco comments on Feb 21, 2022:
First reports seem to give Putin a pass. All of Biden’s tough talk the last two weeks is much ado about nothing … and with the news that the US Embassy staff in Kyiv has fled to Poland, Dementia Joe now has lost—run away from and shut down— two US embassies in six months. Embarrassing! This is another Joe Biden nothingburger, as Democrats like to say. He’s all talk, lies, and “false flag” imaging designed to cover his incompetent ass.
Mike Maharrey - February 19, 1942: A Black Stain on American History: [tenthamendmentcenter.
Garsco comments on Feb 21, 2022:
Anyone know if this measure actually passed in Washington state back in 2013 or perhaps later? > On Feb.1, 2013 [Hasegawa] filed SB 5511 in the Washington Senate. The bill condemns sections of the NDAA allowing for indefinite detention without due process as unconstitutional and includes provisions blocking any such attempts in the Evergreen State. It forbids any state agency cooperation with federal indefinite detention attempts and provides criminal penalties for anybody who tries. Republican Rep. Jason Overstreet sponsored similar legislation in 2012 and filed a House companion bill this session.
Police Intimidation @ Ottawa Cafe "Don't Open The Door!" Kyle Cardinal Feb.
Garsco comments on Feb 21, 2022:
We are witnessing a seismic shift in the free world—one I never really expected to see. There’s still a chance, imo, that things may turn out okay, but it’s not looking too good in many places.
By George, I think she's got it! Short vid from NY Nadia Let us know what you think []
Garsco comments on Feb 21, 2022:
The US had an administration that saw friendly relations with Russia as beneficial to the world — and the world saw peaceful coexistence blooming despite the shrill idiocy of the left. Now, the administration in charge — and it’s puppet masters in the military industrial complex— are showing just how dangerous, albeit profitable (for them) unfriendly relations with Russia have become for the world.
Riot Gear Squad is UN / NATO Hired Goons. irnieracingNews Feb.20, 2022 - YouTube
Garsco comments on Feb 21, 2022:
Video is “private.” Taken down?
Canadian Truckers to be offered amnesty in the FREE country called America. []
Garsco comments on Feb 20, 2022:
Is anyone “allowed” to leave Canada these days?
PJMedia: Requiem For A Nation. []
Garsco comments on Feb 20, 2022:
UN planes spotted in North Bay, Ontario
NYT editorial board backs Freedom Convoy's right to protest [] via @MailOnline
Garsco comments on Feb 20, 2022:
Well, it’s a crack in current leftist armor. But it’s also an argument that really has no other side, except for full-on authoritarianism.
Protest, looting in Minnesota after sentencing of ex officer in Duante Wright Case- []
Garsco comments on Feb 20, 2022:
Looters will loot. Anytime they get a reason to do so, they will. Some protesters surely wish to object to Potter’s sentencing, but others are out for the loot. None of them realize their actions don’t do anything to advance the “cause.”
Bitcoin companies' response to Canada's request to freeze protester accounts is pure gold- ...
Garsco comments on Feb 20, 2022:
Love it. Crypto will see more interest and soon. Got a blank page with the link in the op. This one works for me.
Ottawa's Police Chief makes a big tactical error- []
Garsco comments on Feb 20, 2022:
In free societies, there is usually some give and take “in situations like this.” That the globalists have chosen to make a stand against freedom in this situation only shows their resolve in pushing this to an authoritarian conclusion. ***Keep on truck in’, please Canadians!***
What The Media Won’t Tell You About Canada []
Garsco comments on Feb 19, 2022:
Trudeau admires the China communist model and likes (and now has implemented) the “flexibility” that dictatorial powers allows him to use.
PJMedia: VDH: Hillary Clinton's Greatest Masterpiece. []?
Garsco comments on Feb 19, 2022:
This link worked for me. The one above only pulled up a blank page ————— What is scary is that Hillary could be the Democrat nominee in 2024 and with the Democrat Media Complex’s cover for her, could still get nearly 50% of the vote, depending on who the Republicans nominate. If we get a 2016 rematch in 2024, the country’s last threads of cohesion may well tear completely apart. A clean slate in ‘24 with “new” nominees would be preferable, I’m thinking, but no matter who gets nominated, the heavy hand of the press will contaminate the electorate once again.
I guess I am on a roll tonight!!!!! Next subject: Canadian Truckers!!!!! I have been watching FOX ...
Garsco comments on Feb 18, 2022:
My understanding is that the Canadian Parliament Is supposed to vote perhaps next week to confirm or reject Trudeau’s emergency powers declaration. I hope they will resoundingly vote Trudeau down and everyone whose money has been wiped out will get full restitution.
McConnell blasts ‘radical left,’ media silence after shooter bailed out by Louisville BLM ...
Garsco comments on Feb 18, 2022:
The radical leftist rats scurry about, doing what rats do. They’re not staying in the walls or the basement any longer.
NewtGingrich: Aging Research Is a Key to Balancing the Budget.
Garsco comments on Feb 17, 2022:
Lower the gifts to Big Pharma *and* have healthier seniors? Surely a pipe dream in America.
SoectatorWorld: Little Justin and the secession of the plebs. []
Garsco comments on Feb 17, 2022:
If a new Congress in January 2023 doesn’t change America’s course, then a general strike by the citizenry might be in order here. I’m just not sure Americans these days could pull it off.
I wonder if these sorry rat bastards are going to pay me back the 20+ thousand dollars in student ...
Garsco comments on Feb 17, 2022:
> The latest round of loan forgiveness brings the total amount approved by the department to approximately $2 billion for more than 107,000 borrowers. I’m guessing one might be able to deduce — in the name of equity — just which former students are the beneficiaries of all this loan forgiveness. Notwithstanding, I feel sure some unemployable wokesters with the right family connections also are seeing benefits.
Canada orders freeze of 34 cryptocurrency accounts connected to ‘freedom convoy’- ...
Garsco comments on Feb 17, 2022:
> The outlet noted that it is up to the individual banks to decide whether their customers meet that threshold, and whether they will follow through with blocking transactions.
PJMedia: Guess Who's in Charge of the $60 Million in BLM Assets?
Garsco comments on Feb 16, 2022:
BLM can now resume its charitable mission: donating 60 million to the Clinton Foundation. I’ve heard donations have dropped off significantly in recent years.
Researchers have demonstrated how a new tool named Unredacter can help uncover redacted text from ...
Garsco comments on Feb 16, 2022:
On the flip side, it might also allow info that was unscrupulously redacted —maybe to protect or cover nefarious persons or actions—to be exposed to voters, prosecutors and the press to better inform the electorate.
Joe Biden's battleground state numbers become major midterm nightmare for Senate Dems- ...
Garsco comments on Feb 16, 2022:
Biden’s even down 53-36 in his adopted home state of Democrat Delaware.
Levi's brand President was offered $1 million to shut up about being fired over criticizing Covid ...
Garsco comments on Feb 16, 2022:
We’re hearing more and more examples of people like her, rejecting the quick and lucrative offers to remain silent to be able to expose the more powerful who operate in the shadows with dangerous and unpopular views.
Senate Republicans move to delay vote on Biden's Fed Vice-chair nominee- []
Garsco comments on Feb 15, 2022:
Biden seems to nominate way too many unqualified, question-dodging, sloppy, radical and morally questionable people for important jobs. This is what you get from a president who’s morally bankrupt, in it for family enrichment, radical when he promised centrism, easily led by other radicals and lies when he’s coherent, otherwise suffering from dementia.
WashExaminer: GOP senators demand vote to defund vaccine mandates before funding government.
Garsco comments on Feb 15, 2022:
Trying to do whatever they can for now!
Desperation sets in after revelation that Durham investigation is 'accelerating,' targeting 'other ...
Garsco comments on Feb 15, 2022:
Could this be the one time the left cannot spin it all away? Now it’s becoming more clear why Durham didn’t/couldn’t “help” Trump with anything before the 2020 election. This is not to infer anyone involved in Hillary’s campaign or Hillary herself will ultimately be held to account, but it looks likely there’s real fire now where’s before it’s only amounted to smoke.
Ottawa Chief of Police Resigns.
Garsco comments on Feb 15, 2022:
Surprising, imo. Maybe there are many more dominoes like Sloly getting ready to fall.
Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently did a Facebook post claiming his country is going to ...
Garsco comments on Feb 14, 2022:
There’re a lot of things that don’t make sense in the world these days. An aggressor telegraphing the timing of his planned attack on his neighbor—to his neighbor— is surely one of the biggest non-sensical things historically. All the “news” about Russia’s planned attack seems always to be from non-Russian sources with no stated evidence.
FDA slows approval of affordable cancer drug in the name of racial ‘equity’- []
Garsco comments on Feb 14, 2022:
Seems Big Pharma will use any means or reasons necessary to keep pharmaceuticals that threaten their profits out of official use. Maybe if they held another vote next month when Black History Month is over ?…
Freedom convoy responds to Trudeau's latest threat, sets up a coming clash- []
Garsco comments on Feb 14, 2022:
Trudeau can’t capitulate and he is too afraid to escalate. A man in that situation is very dangerous—and he’ll more likely do the thing he thinks will make him look tougher.
Gasoline prices rise across US again, experts warn more pain at pump coming- []
Garsco comments on Feb 14, 2022:
Something to help us keep Dementia Joe in our thoughts.
Waukesha Parade attack suspect pleads not guilty to 77 criminal charges, 6 homicide charges- ...
Garsco comments on Feb 14, 2022:
Well, he didn’t do it. It was his SUV.
The ‘cancel Joe Rogan’ campaign enters its third phase, courtesy of CNN's Jan.
Garsco comments on Feb 13, 2022:
“Throw it at the wall and let’s see what sticks” is the modus operandi of leftist journalists these days.
FoxNews: Clinton campaign paid to 'infiltrate' Trump Tower, White House servers to link Trump to ...
Garsco comments on Feb 13, 2022:
Facts and truths are coming out, but the culprits are still getting away with it all.. And the worst part is they intend to keep at it.
Standoff continues in Canada, while police attack huge freedom convoy in Paris, tear gas kids- ...
Garsco comments on Feb 12, 2022:
Gratifying to see all this turnout world wide. Powers that be *must* be realizing things have to change.
A well thought out commentary on the Ukraine war scenario as presented by the Whitehouse and its ...
Garsco comments on Feb 12, 2022:
While I wasn’t aware of some details and some of the recent history of this saga that this piece provides, it reflects my opinion of the Biden war machine and the lies it continues to comfortably espouse. I agree with the conclusion that Biden will claim credit for peace if and when Putin proves him wrong on a coming invasion. It would conveniently help Biden’s party in the coming midterm elections.
BusinessStandard: US judge strikes down Biden administration's climate damage cost estimate.
Garsco comments on Feb 12, 2022:
Sounds like one of those things that may be bandied about through the courts for a long time.
Capitol Police Inspector General to investigate GOP claims of illegal office search- ...
Garsco comments on Feb 12, 2022:
The findings/conclusions of this investigation will be very interesting to see
CANBERRA RALLY 12/02/22https://[]
Garsco comments on Feb 12, 2022:
Scenes like this in America in the late ‘60s and early 70s are what helped turn the tide to ending the Vietnam war.
WashExaminer: When politics replaces heroes. []
Garsco comments on Feb 12, 2022:
The left can always put their ability to associate and twist irrelevant facts together into a smeared mess to make a worthless, clueless, politically divisive point.
'The ' shreds the media's coverage of the Freedom ...
Garsco comments on Feb 12, 2022:
Well, Mr Trudeau, as has been widely noted, this is neither illegal nor unlawful.
Biden slammed after attacking credibility of U.
Garsco comments on Feb 12, 2022:
Biden: Just shut up about Ukrai, er, Iraq—I mean that other country over there, yeah, Afghanistan—and get vaccinated!
Warning to Truckers and Convoy Supporters
Garsco comments on Feb 11, 2022:
Very unfortunate turn of events. Polly’s account certainly rings credible.
Biden in deep trouble as inflation hits yet another record high- [redstate.]
Garsco comments on Feb 11, 2022:
I was so relieved when Dementia Joe said yesterday that “we’re in a situation now where, you know, you should have peace of mind” because he was going to “work like the devil to reduce prices”. He’s on it, my friend!
Beyond "defensive" weapons, Ukraine to receive Stinger anti-aircraft missiles within days- ...
Garsco comments on Feb 11, 2022:
When toys of war are assembled en masse, it makes war easier and more likely. Putin’s buildup and Biden’s blustering are disturbing. It’s difficult, though, for any lay person to confidently know the reasons for all this. One thing I do find utterly unbelievable is the US claim that 50,000 Ukrainian citizens might be killed in a Russian invasion. The more outlandish the blustering the more unbelievable it becomes. It’d be my hope that cooler heads prevail and let Biden in Bidenspeak claim he stopped a war from happening.
DARPA flies 'smart' Black Hawk Helicopter with no pilot on board- []
Garsco comments on Feb 11, 2022:
That’s the biggest damn drone I’ve ever seen!!!
Biden DOJ recommended reduced sentence for BLM arson killer for political reasons- []
Garsco comments on Feb 11, 2022:
The DOJ needs constant close oversight and monitoring. Perhaps those doing the monitoring would statutorily have to be from the party not in the White House. I’d have to think about the teeth such a statute might have, lest it come back to vindictively and maliciously bite later.
US truck convoy is being planned, could be headed to DC- []
Garsco comments on Feb 11, 2022:
Biden will use the (Orwellian-sounding) Dept. of Homeland Security to attempt to crush the convoys at points all across the country, imo. I think any attempt to do that will backfire and ignite additional convoys coming from all directions, or at least that’d be my hope.
Democrats accuse their opponents of ‘Jim Crow 2.
Garsco comments on Feb 11, 2022:
Allowing racial discrimination against whites today doesn’t do anything to fix racial discrimination against blacks of yesterday. There are plenty of examples of people of all races who, through talent, ability and determination, have become successful. There are also plenty of people of all races who wait and are content to make do with whatever pittances are handed out to them. The government cannot legally (and should not illegally) pick and choose those they wish to see succeed.
The Freedom Convoy is getting ripped off again - this time by the province of Ontario.
Garsco comments on Feb 10, 2022:
Perhaps the same legal action threat that scared the bejeezers out of GoFundMe will be hoisted on GiveSendGo.
The following was a post I recently shared on another site, mostly in a challenge to those who ...
Garsco comments on Feb 10, 2022:
That this many parental rights protections need to be specified in this bill shows just how abusive schools have become to steamrolling ideas on students without parental participation. As far as the leftist kerfuffle over this bill, the need to make the sexual/gender discussion prohibition in the bill into an LGBTQ issue is the only straw they could grasp that would have any chance of gaining other leftists’ support. Everything else is inarguable with pretty much everybody.
It's Happening: State Board Says it Could Move to Disqualify Firebrand GOP Rep's Re-Election Bid ...
Garsco comments on Feb 10, 2022:
Democrats, if allowed, will make every effort to prevent voters from maki g their choice for Congressional representation. **This is the Democrats’ way to suppress voting.**
Kari Lake - candidate for governor of Az.
Garsco comments on Feb 10, 2022:
I agree. I saw her interviewed in another setting recently and she captured my heart! There’s also a guy (R) running for US Senate from AZ —Blake Masters—I’ve seen a couple of times who’s making a lot of sense. 2022 elections are shaping up to be really interesting. Just hope I don’t get disappointed after the polls close in November.
Ottawa Police Ordered to Return Fuel - Returns Fuel Contaminated - Freedom Convoy 2022 - YouTube
Garsco comments on Feb 9, 2022:
Sore losers that got called down by the judge thought they were getting over on the convoy.
Memphis Black Lives Matter founder sentenced to six years for illegally voting- []
Garsco comments on Feb 9, 2022:
BLM seems to have leaders that ride on a fraudulent soul train.
Senator Tom Cotton demands answers for the leniency given by Department of Justice in a BLM arson ...
Garsco comments on Feb 9, 2022:
This current DOJ, much like the one under Eric Holder, blatantly dishes out the “justice” prescribed by by its president-leader rather than real justice. Some say Trump’s efforts to influence his DOJ was scandalous but it was nothing compared to the Obama and Biden DOJs.
The Stacey Abrams mask controversy deepens as more photos surface- []
Garsco comments on Feb 9, 2022:
Abrams illustrates the leftist practice of Covid Privilege as well as any of them.
Despite Governor Glenn Youngkin issuing a mandate to schools around the state to not enforce mask ...
Garsco comments on Feb 8, 2022:
Some interesting allegations in this lawsuit …. Federal money for these schools requires students be masked for the schools to get the money? Sounds a lot like hospitals getting money for deaths deemed as Covid-caused.
President Joe Biden’s top science adviser routinely bullied and demeaned staff in front of their ...
Garsco comments on Feb 8, 2022:
**Biden's top science advisor resigns after accusations that he mistreated and bullied his subordinates**
A Resident in Ottawa Living Next To Convoy Takes A Walk To Meet the Truckers After Dark.
Garsco comments on Feb 7, 2022:
Just goes to show what narrative the power keepers are willing to spin about the protesters to maintain their iron hold over citizens.
As RedState reported previously, Abrams decided it’d be a great idea to post a picture of herself...
Garsco comments on Feb 7, 2022:
Abrams’ attempt to paint her critics of this incident as racist is about as lame and predictable as it gets. She ignores not only the imagery of her stunt but whatever justification she and other leftists have pushed for mask-wearing to begin with.
Rumble video makes a sweet offer to Joe Rogan- []
Garsco comments on Feb 7, 2022:
Joe Rogan should go for it. Leave the woke tech in his dust.
Marcel Irnie: Freedom Convoy ADDRESS TO THE NATION - Feb.
Garsco comments on Feb 7, 2022:
Please post updates on the Feb 7 presentation about the way forward. Thank you.
Marcel Irnie: Freedom Convoy ADDRESS TO THE NATION - Feb.
Garsco comments on Feb 7, 2022:
“A moment in history when there’s a tremendous amount on the table…”
Protesters continued to gather and demonstrate against COVID-19 vaccine mandates and restrictions in...
Garsco comments on Feb 6, 2022:
> Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly … decried the lack of resources – ***and legal authority*** – to disperse the protest. What’s next? Finding and using ***”illegal authority”?***
Been thinking more about the recent development regarding the Canadian trucker convoy and the action...
Garsco comments on Feb 6, 2022:
Yep, Ottawa Police are working against the convoy **Ottawa Police move against Freedom Convoy protesters to seize fuel supplies**
Been thinking more about the recent development regarding the Canadian trucker convoy and the action...
Garsco comments on Feb 6, 2022:
I heard GSG was up to $2.4 million today for the convoy. I guess GFM returning donations means the money, or most of it, may yet get to the convoy.
Candidate to replace Justin Trudeau declares 'smaller Government makes room for bigger citizens'- ...
Garsco comments on Feb 6, 2022:
Some voices in Canada are reading the tea leaves.
Photo op cringe: Grinning Stacey Abrams sits among masked children with no mask- []
Garsco comments on Feb 6, 2022:
If the election in Georgia were held today, I believe she’d lose by much more than the 50k votes she lost by in 2018
I’m running for Prime Minister to give you back control of your life. - YouTube
Garsco comments on Feb 6, 2022:
Do regular citizens elect the PM or does the parliament choose? When will the next PM election be?
Trudeau ain't the boss, you are says upcoming PM Pierre. []
Garsco comments on Feb 6, 2022:
Do regular citizens vote for PM? Or does the parliament choose him/her? When’s the election?
Freedom Convoy - Liberty Coalition Canada on Ottawa Police tyranny announced by Chief Peter Sloly - ...
Garsco comments on Feb 6, 2022:
Hasn't Trudeau’s quarantine run it’s course? If the convoy is an occupation, then Trudeau’s is an abdication.
77% of students at one Baltimore high school read at elementary, kindergarten level- ...
Garsco comments on Feb 6, 2022:
Funny—not really— the race of the students in the photo with this story does not comport with racial statistics for Baltimore city schools whose makeup of about 65% black, 28% white, and 5% Hispanic.
Professor temporarily removed from campus after defending pedophilia- []
Garsco comments on Feb 5, 2022:
The university could have just sent him packing if that’s their intent, but I suppose they have to try to prevent legal action later on. Or, they may be waiting for the incident to blow over so things can return to “normal.”

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