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When your beautiful first-born grandchild comes into your life, you may likely consider all the things in her new life that she will see, do and experience. My wish for Emily Kathryn is that she find love, happiness and freedoms that will fulfill her life, and that whatever influence I may bring to her will serve her to those ends.


Greatest threat to civilisation is ‘apparently non-existent’ []
Garsco comments on Mar 16, 2021:
Great interview. The message here to me illustrates how some leaders and even scientists either don’t understand that our knowledge of nature is very narrow and answers are often not apparent, or they have ginned up a false narrative that has been fed to a lot of not so smart leftists (and others) who have perpetuated a con for a political purpose. In the latter case, I’ll leave it for others to say what purpose that might be.
TownHall: Col. Bill Wenger: Women In Combat, the bottom line []
Garsco comments on Mar 16, 2021:
We live in perilous times. That leaders in the Pentagon and in Congress can’t or won’t acknowledge the obvious truths about the differences in men and women in combat roles that are there for all to see is truly frightening. Will we have no need for combat soldiers? We certainly will not have soldiers trained for combat. If our country should need to be defended in a war, it will likely default to weapons of mass destruction that will imperil many, many innocent civilians.
Whistleblower claims Covid nursing home deaths in Michigan being undercounted- []
Garsco comments on Mar 16, 2021:
Whitmer, Cuomo, Wolf ... where is cancel culture when you really could use it. 😬
Democrats voting on two immigration bills that would flood the border and grant amnesty to millions-...
Garsco comments on Mar 16, 2021:
*”[T]he party of immigration lawlessness, mass legal and illegal immigration, and do not care about the impacts on working Americans.”* One word, for now anyway ... **filibuster**.
Pennsylvania Republicans refer Democrat Governor Wolf for investigation into nursing homes scandal-...
Garsco comments on Mar 16, 2021:
Shouldnt Rachel Levine be investigated along with Wolf?
NRA ILA discusses gun control's crisis of credibility- []
Garsco comments on Mar 16, 2021:
It’s always “special” how Democrats get their talking points out and in use almost simultaneously by their spokespersons and in the media. I’d love to see that secret line of communication exposed.
Tell weak Republican legislators to just say no to Biden's gun control! []
Garsco comments on Mar 16, 2021:
Another way to try to fight this and other Dem initiatives in 2021 is for states to exert their federalist rights and pass state laws combating these crazy Dem laws. If nothing else, it could bide time til more sane representation in DC comes around.
[] Girls shuffle dancing to Elvis.
Garsco comments on Mar 16, 2021:
I can do that — for a MUCH shorter time — but my aesthetics are not nearly as good. 😎
FrontPageMag: Festung Pelosi marches on.
Garsco comments on Mar 16, 2021:
Got to believe (hope?) this “permanence” will come to an end in January 2023 when Pelosi is finally out of her current position.
Garsco comments on Mar 16, 2021:
More of this is needed across the country in these legitimate and observable violations. Georgia and Texas seem to be taking the lead (against vehement opposition) in trying to correct the changed 2020 election procedures. More stares need to step it up to ensure free and fair elections going forward.
US Covid relief was enough to give every taxpayer $41,870 but we got peanuts instead- ...
Garsco comments on Mar 16, 2021:
Instead, the usual result of this type of government action is that special interests and fraudsters are the primary recipients of the Covid “relief” benefits.
Woke leftists are weaponizing race again, and this time it's extra ridiculous- [redstate.
Garsco comments on Mar 16, 2021:
Another “woke” attempt to define acceptability for the rest of an ostensibly free country. What exactly are the ramifications of the SFF’s “warning”?
Whats with hypocrite CrazyNancy's hand gestures?
Garsco comments on Mar 16, 2021:
That Pelosi still wields the near-absolute power she does over 99.6% of House Democrats who vote in lockstep on virtually every issue allowed to come up still amazes. Pelosi is the flashpoint in the House. While Republicans are often united in opposition to the Democrats, there’s not been anyone since Gingrich (in the House) on the right that has ignited the left similarly. Today’s Democrat party is racing against time (2022 elections) to enact the most unpopular agenda against the American people in my lifetime and probably ever.
I was expecting a lot more global warming than this..
Garsco comments on Mar 15, 2021:
The arrogant know-all climate hoaxers will tell you this is an expected effect of global war—er climate change.
Garsco comments on Mar 15, 2021:
Biden and the Democrats (wish it were only just a bad band) will find ways to tax everything they can either directly or through changing rules that stealthily allows them to collect additional taxes. An annual wealth tax would be effectively taxing income multiple times and shouldnt be legal, in my unlawyered opinion.
Last one for the evening.
Garsco comments on Mar 14, 2021:
Pretty damn good! And an adequate female drummer to boot. (No wokeness of any kind intended!).
Do you need to be ruled? []
Garsco comments on Mar 14, 2021:
A lot of truth ... and pretty funny as well.
Democrats bank on relief aid to win back wary working class []
Garsco comments on Mar 14, 2021:
*”[W]orking-class voters now cast Democrats as the party of cultural elites who talk down to them and reject their values.”* Will $1,400 be enough to turn this tide? Maybe the targeted UBI coming soon will do the trick. 😬😷
It's Mother's Day (traditionally called Mothering Sunday) today in the UK.
Garsco comments on Mar 14, 2021:
We in NC have to wait for the strawberries to ripen for our strawberry short cake.
Last night had an experience that reminded me of the weird times we live in.
Garsco comments on Mar 14, 2021:
I attended a high school football game yesterday for the team my son coaches (yes, NC schools are playing spring football since nothing was allowed last fall). The announcer, about every 30 minutes, would “remind” everyone to make sure their face coverings were pulled up in place, to social distance unless you’re in a family group, and to remain seated throughout the contest. Everyone seemed to be obeying. Even the players on the field are required to wear masks.
I mean you still have to draw the line at physical violence but when you consider what The Capitol ...
Garsco comments on Mar 14, 2021:
Jesus chased out the “money changers” that had taken over the church, if I recall correctly.
Elizabeth Warren was not the first to leverage "I'm an Indian" for more special privilege points.
Garsco comments on Mar 14, 2021:
Hollywood just “woke” up. They weren’t sure how to react, so someone started clapping, then everyone in the audience joined in.
Portland Police "kettled" the ANTIFA troublemakers, lol.
Garsco comments on Mar 13, 2021:
Getting IDs on these thugs will be a good step—maybe even a sign of changing tactics to come
BlackLIESMatter Defense Attorney Predicts Chauvin Will Be Acquitted After Jurors Learn George ...
Garsco comments on Mar 13, 2021:
Chauvin should be acquitted if the evidence is presented properly. With the Minnesota AG and friends, I’m not in a trusting mood with MN courts yet. Holding out hope, although a NG verdict will release BLM and buds all over again.
I recently read this post providing some insight into democrats views on the current ...
Garsco comments on Mar 13, 2021:
Democrats didn’t want to hear anything during the campaign except Orange Man Bad. And there was nothing for them to hear except OMB. Biden in the basement, MSM lies about Trump, and “debate” moderators that ignored any questions that might be critical of or enlightening about Biden. So it’s not all that surprising they’d be surprised now by Biden’s first two months.
YahooNews: "We're going to lose fast.
Garsco comments on Mar 13, 2021:
Other than China seizing control of Taiwan and gaining a firmer grip on the South China Sea, what does the US losing a war with China really look like? Do they effectively destroy our military and go home or should we expect them to attempt to exert direct governance over us? And I suppose we would need to cower in the Middle East and other parts of the world where China is already furnishing technology and infrastructure to achieve their Belt and Road strategy.
World financial leaders want to adopt China’s nefarious system to determine credit using a ...
Garsco comments on Mar 13, 2021:
*”In order to cope with [the issues of obtaining accurate data on people], the IMF blog proposed “tapping various non-financial data.” This would include “the type of browser and hardware used to access the internet, the history of online searches and purchases.” Such digital tracking could render more reliable results in determining credit, the article argued.* Few, back in the 1990s during the advent of the Internet, who were excited about its possibilities ever considered how in such a relatively short time things could go so awry for individuals. Totalitarianism seems to have a life of its own and these days, it seems pretty healthy.
“It’s a boy!” I shouted, with tears rolling down my face.
Garsco comments on Mar 13, 2021:
Good idea. Nothing like experience to help make future decisions.
Farmers react to Biden's Covid relief favoring black farmers- []
Garsco comments on Mar 13, 2021:
*”What happened to equal protection under the law? This is wrong and un-American. I’m sure there are a lot of Americans out there that would love to have our tax dollars pay off all their debts. This is targeted to a very select few.”—Missouri Sen. Sam Graves* This should immediately be challenged in court. I still have *some* faith in that system.
Over the years I have been attacked, there is no better way to describe it, by European and ...
Garsco comments on Mar 12, 2021:
*”The right to keep and bear arms is the greatest testimony to legitimacy any government can have.”* That’s a great way to put it. We in the USA right now do not have a government that’s secure in its governance.
This is the first thing I'd ever heard by either one of them.
Garsco comments on Mar 12, 2021:
Thanks for this. I’m not familiar with Beth Hart but what a performance. Joe Bonamassa has been a favorite for years. Do yourself a favor and explore more of his music.
MyPillow's Lindell and his team are busy creating a new social media platform called vocl dot com.
Garsco comments on Mar 12, 2021:
Sounds ambitious but I hope whatever he is attempting to build will be successful and safe from leftist efforts to destroy it.
Irony alert: Now Christopher Steele concerned about foreign influence on elections []
Garsco comments on Mar 12, 2021:
He should know. It’s ridiculous how today’s world players get to attempt remaking themselves after working so nefariously.
RedState: Antifa (mostly peaceful) rioters stormed banks and the Federal Courthouse in Portland.
Garsco comments on Mar 12, 2021:
One has to wonder what, if anything, it will take for any less than radical Democrats to condemn the Portland-Seattle lawlessness and insurrection... yes, there I said it.
NationalPulse: CNN & WaPo admit the border is out of control. []
Garsco comments on Mar 12, 2021:
If the press, the “debate” commission and their moderators, and Joe’s basement suppressionists had included and allowed discussion of Joe’s stated border promises as part of the election campaign last year, ... er, nah, never mind. It probably wouldn’t have made any difference.
GOP Congressman tries to explain vote in favor of gun control- []
Garsco comments on Mar 12, 2021:
*”If Kinzinger wants to deter evil, then he should target evildoers, not the legal gun owners that are the focus of the gun control bill he embraced.”*
I hope Cuomo gets fried good.
Garsco comments on Mar 12, 2021:
Cuomo will likely be in more trouble on the sexual harassment charges than the nursing home deaths even though it should be the other way around. And he’ll probably skate by on the harassment charges, perhaps only losing his job.
Assumptions of the leftist/globalist/woke explain absurd policies- [ammoland.
Garsco comments on Mar 12, 2021:
The absurdity of EVERYTHING the left purports to believe makes it appear it’s for a purpose nefarious to the US.
Biracial student fails Critical Race Theory class for refusing to confess his 'white dominance,' mom...
Garsco comments on Mar 12, 2021:
DNA test may be required soon to determine the percentage of whiteness so school officials can measure when one has denounced enough of oneself.
Fox5ny: the US had its coldest February in more than 30 years.
Garsco comments on Mar 12, 2021:
Cold weather will soon be banned by Congress and Biden. Seems burning fossil fuels is warming the planet.
Is it possible that someone so kindly sent you coins and you go to their profile page, because you ...
Garsco comments on Mar 12, 2021:
During the 2019 kerfuffle on IDW, I had a contributor (a well-respected one, at that) leave me a bunch of coins right before he quit IDW. Not sure why he chose me for that.
so this past year there has been all this talk about listen to the experts and how you cant trust ...
Garsco comments on Mar 12, 2021:
These days, “experts” can only afford to be experts when they are paid to be by corporations, institutions, and think tanks that fund and push specific agendas. This became obvious as the climate change rush to deceive grew so loudly. Now it appears “experts” don’t even need credentials. They are widely quoted as anonymous sources in our “news” reporting.
LGBT activists get beaten at their own identity game as the "SuperStraight" movement gains momentum-...
Garsco comments on Mar 12, 2021:
Maybe this: “We’re straight, and we procreate!” I’m not sure that many of the 94% will feel compelled to go out and march and make demands (perhaps they should though). I’m not anti-gay but any kind of pushback to gender identity craziness and politics is welcomed by me.
20 Republicans vote to confirm Merrick Garland because the GOP is worthless- [redstate.
Garsco comments on Mar 12, 2021:
*”The political atmosphere is completely different these days, and Garland appears to have totally conformed to the thinking of his left-wing overseers. When you can’t even offer an opinion on the legality of crossing the border illegally, perhaps you shouldn’t be Attorney General?”* Sadly, both of my NC Republican Senators voted for this confirmation. Maybe Lara will decide to run for Burr’s seat next year.
BLM/ANTIFA folks storm banks in Portland, try to break into Federal Courthouse- []
Garsco comments on Mar 12, 2021:
Just think. This is going to keep happening in Portland for at least another four years. Unless the voters there wise up and elect locals (if there are any) willing to push back sooner.
Joe Biden Needs You []
Garsco comments on Mar 11, 2021:
Little does Joe know people are already getting together. He (or maybe his handlers) are realizing that by July 4, the lockdown will be history and the celebrations real.
Trump reminds Americans Covid vaccine created under his leadership- []
Garsco comments on Mar 11, 2021:
The Democrat mental environment of Washington DC must really corrupt to the point they think everyone will believe anything and everything they can say to bolster their image and position.
Own a “Farm” in the USA?
Garsco comments on Mar 11, 2021:
I guess this is what “you will own nothing and you’ll be happy” means. (You’ll be happy because “we” say you will.)
MedicalExpress: Spherical nucleic acid 'drug' kills glioblastoma tumors in humans.
Garsco comments on Mar 11, 2021:
*"We want to move the technology forward as quickly as possible because there are patients with a disease with no current cure.”* Exciting news for the potential to make this treatment available “quickly,” hopefully for some now suffering. A well-respected professional I used to work with recently passed away from brain cancer/tumors.
The Japanese produce lots of apocalyptic movies where disasters change society.
Garsco comments on Mar 11, 2021:
Those novels would be subject to leftists’ bans.
Apologizing to the woke crowd will only make them stronger.
Garsco comments on Mar 10, 2021:
Perfect response to Winston Marshall on Twitter... *”You're apologizing to people who do real harm to others for simply speaking opposing opinions over reading a book that exposes them. You've not only reduced yourself but you also empowered them.”*
Congressional Democrat's top tech staffer told followers to burn every cop precinct to the ground in...
Garsco comments on Mar 10, 2021:
Where’s a scintilla of sanity on the left?
Biden's Defense Secretary demands National Guard surround Capitol for months- []
Garsco comments on Mar 10, 2021:
Kamala’s inauguration will need NG protection, or at least the leftists want to make sure nothing interferes with that.
Covid isn't a serious threat to most American kids.
Garsco comments on Mar 10, 2021:
The importance of educating our children is paramount. Groups like the LA teachers Union and politicians like NC Governor Cooper(who just vetoed a bill that would force schools to OFFER full time in class instruction as an option) are ruining lives of these students who are performing awfully on end of course testing after remote “learning.”
Federal Covid bailout prohibits states from cutting taxes- []
Garsco comments on Mar 10, 2021:
*” But the biggest losers are states like Mississippi, New Hampshire, and West Virginia that were planning tax cuts next year and now might have to worry about the feds dragging them into court if they do...* *”Or there might be a legal remedy. The Wall Street Journal editorial board suggests that the provision could violate the Supreme Court's "anti-commandeering" doctrine that prohibits the federal government from dictating policies to states—that was a bit of an issue in the pandemic's early days too, you might recall, but for very different reasons.”* If this provision is allowed to stand, then federalism is essentially dead.
Take a slow boat, Thunberg - on a one-way trip! Perhaps climate activist Greta Thunberg should ...
Garsco comments on Mar 10, 2021:
Imagine if radical environmentalists weren’t so angry ALL THE TIME!
There are two things I don't like about Kamala Harris: her face.
Garsco comments on Mar 10, 2021:
Make that three things ... the fake, witchy cackle.
Garsco comments on Mar 10, 2021:
Be careful ... using the word “normal” may get you tagged a racist and/or cancelled. 🤫
Technically Satire, but.
Garsco comments on Mar 10, 2021:
The best humor is always rooted in truth
It's not the left's place to tell us what is and isn't offensive- []
Garsco comments on Mar 9, 2021:
As long as businesses and institutions continue to cave at the drop of a pin, the left’s cancel culture will not stop.
Biden wars against biological sex and due process with two new executive orders- ...
Garsco comments on Mar 9, 2021:
These EOs and bureaucratic rules about gender rights and gender equality, particularly, come at the expense of the rights of others. This is Biden Executive branch overreach. When will we see pushback—anything at all—to slow this down in the Congress and the courts?
Senator Tom Cotton blasts Biden DOJ nominee for claiming every American institution is racist- ...
Garsco comments on Mar 9, 2021:
This is what the DOJ of the new American roaring 20s will be: Vanity Gupta: *“I think every American institution has been, kind of, shaped by these forces,” Gupta said. “I think we all have implicit bias and racial bias, yes, I do.”* Good on Tom Cotton: *“By condemning your fellow Americans, without individualized evidence of their beliefs, their words, or their deeds, I think these statements were beyond the pale,” Cotton continued. “I don’t think really anybody truly believes them, nor should they be believed because there so preposterous.”* seized by ATF, owner arrested for selling a drawing- []
Garsco comments on Mar 9, 2021:
How will the next law be distorted to find a way to criminalize another citizen—and ignore real criminals.
A victim? Maybe? Of what?
Garsco comments on Mar 9, 2021:
Looks about right.
The Media has lost their Trump Bump, and now they are laying off all the absolutely worthless ...
Garsco comments on Mar 9, 2021:
Donations for progressive “news” sites are drying up now that Trump is out and Biden’s got hostage holders in the WH and is mostly in the basement. The Intercept is begging for money since donations and subscribers are down since January.
HUGE BREAKING NEWS! Former Top Democrat Had Keys to Wisconsin’s KI Center Ballroom Where Absentee ...
Garsco comments on Mar 9, 2021:
It’s still amazing our courts have refused to even consider looking into all the shenanigans of the 2020 election.
PowerMag: Fusion is the power source of the future (and always will be.
Garsco comments on Mar 9, 2021:
That would be a game changer, as I understand. I too have a chance to see it if it indeed does happen in the next two decades.
Wear your uniform
Garsco comments on Mar 9, 2021:
Pretty sure liberal parents are sending their kids to private schools, too. That’s more of a non-partisan wealthy thing.
The Union of European Football Associations is the administrative body for football, futsal and ...
Garsco comments on Mar 9, 2021:
“They” are making it so you’ll never know what to say. Which is it: exclaim skin color differences (as seemed to be the new rule for the 2020s), or pretend what’s visible isn’t (what we we told until BLM took charge)? I suppose it may be, “we’ll know it when we hear it. So just don’t say it.”
Biden sued by 12 states over climate executive order- []
Garsco comments on Mar 9, 2021:
Challenges to Biden’s approximately 60 EOs have been slow in coming. We need to see more of this .. and quickly.
Protests begin after Chauvin Trial delayed, prosecution pushes to reinstate 3rd degree murder ...
Garsco comments on Mar 9, 2021:
Seems like a loose interpretation of the 3rd degree murder charge by the MN appeals court. Judge Cahill’s ruling to throw it out sounds more reasonable. Regardless, this high profile case is destined to be unfair to Chauvin, imho. He’s already been convicted in the media. Now legal avenues will have to align with that to appease the leftist rioters and woke citizenry.
i love seeing Democrat friends arguing how Republican friends (hahahaha cuz they knowingly have ...
Garsco comments on Mar 8, 2021:
It’s the 90% of the Covid relief bill that’s got nothing to do with covid that’s the main problem. Dems and Republicans mostly wanted to send out stimulus money. If that 90% part had been cut, just think of all the help the government could have provided for the struggling families across America.
Kurt Vonnegut makes the case against Amazon- []
Garsco comments on Mar 8, 2021:
There are still a few local places where convenience, finding what I’m looking for, and ease of shopping sometimes happens on in my local, rural area. When it does, I try to oblige it ... and make friendly conversation along the way.
Nearly three dozen Stanford programs discriminate against males, complaint alleges ...
Garsco comments on Mar 8, 2021:
I’d say this guy has his work cut out for himself. How these universities can even think of discriminating with these and similar programs is unfathomable if they’re going to abide by the law. In this woke era, though, it seems anyone but white males can disregard and break the laws.
NewsWise: Hubble, Hubble, toil and trouble.
Garsco comments on Mar 7, 2021:
I am glad there are scientists looking into space and documenting their findings, even though sometimes those findings seem speculatively obvious. That astronomers have been observing and contemplating the fluctuating brightness of the red hypergiant VY Canis Majoris for several centuries—before Hubble, of course—is a testament to man’s quest for answers to things in the universe. Even as mankind often seems to backslide in our worldly relations, it’s heartening to know the mysteries of space still command our attention.
Just listening to the NEWS, it sounds like we will get OUR Covid bonus checks just in time to pay ...
Garsco comments on Mar 7, 2021:
Democrats have steadfastly refused to discuss the need for such broad distribution of Covid “relief.” No doubt there is still some need but does anyone who has not lost a paycheck or otherwise suffered loss of income need this relief that the US government is borrowing/printing money to send out? The continued federal unemployment payments may still be deemed necessary in some situations, but it’s documented that aspect of relief is harming businesses that need their employees to come to work and is delaying the recovery from the government-mandated year-long destruction of the economy. It’s easy to see the Democrats are opening the spigot with no regard for the long term harm to the country.
Yeonomi Park: Attempted soldier revolt in North Korea.
Garsco comments on Mar 7, 2021:
To help provide for the NK people, Kim should have taken Trump up on the offer to build resorts on the NK coast. Enslaving his soldiers for life shouldn’t end well for him.
WorldNetDaily: Henry Kissinger urges Biden to support Trump's "brilliant" Middle East success.
Garsco comments on Mar 7, 2021:
It’s obviously too much to ask for the Biden administration to use or even display an appearance of common sense. *”[A senior Israeli-based] foreign affairs specialist said, ‘We got the ball on Indonesia and Israel to the [one]-yard line.’ Unfortunately, Glick wrote, ‘the Biden administration has dropped the ball on the ground and walked off the field.’l*
Garsco comments on Mar 7, 2021:
As troubling as this report is, it only confirms things previously reported and suspected. As I would expect, this is deep in the weeds and will likely never result in any action that is punitive or would result in any change in “deep state” behavior. Had Donald Trump managed to be re-elected, his attempts to “drain the swamp” may have proved to be slightly more fruitful than in his first term, but the swamp has been shown to be massively resilient in resisting any meaningful change.
'Fear' is the new 'smart'- []
Garsco comments on Mar 7, 2021:
From this article ... *”Fear is a healthy and useful natural reaction to events. It can save your life. But it’s not healthy for an individual to live in fear for a prolonged period of time, and fear should never take on a mass identity. Entire societies living in fear for a prolonged period of time are highly toxic to their citizens. In war time, societies are saved not by those who fear, but by the individuals who refuse to let fear lead their lives, and turn it into bravery. Because, as the Buddha says: ‘The whole secret of existence is to have no fear.’”*
That woman is beyond clueless.
Garsco comments on Mar 7, 2021:
There are some “influencers” who come along that make me wonder how a platform, even as leftist as MSNBC is, can allow such a personality to speak. Joy Reid may top my current list (if I had a list) of such influencers, although I’ll temper that thought with the idea that I’m still good with her right to hold her stupid opinions.
Microsoft Forms Ministry of Truth - YouTube
Garsco comments on Mar 7, 2021:
How can Bill Gates be exempted from charges of spreading disinformation?
RedState: FBI find no evidence of links between Republican Congress members and Capitol rioters.
Garsco comments on Mar 7, 2021:
Whoever the “man” behind the Democrat curtain is that continues to spew out lie after lie after lie really needs to be exposed.
TheTexan: Texas State Representative introduces a bill to finish Trump's border wall.
Garsco comments on Mar 7, 2021:
At the very least, just filling in gaps in the wall to complete the wall where it’s been started and abandoned would be a great achievement.
Wild Cherry Play That Funky Music White Boy []
Garsco comments on Mar 7, 2021:
I wanted to stop this video and go to the next post, but I had to let it play through to the end.
Say what you will about Trump - and I know you will - but at least he had allowed comments on his ...
Garsco comments on Mar 7, 2021:
Donald Trump’s presidency was absolutely the most transparent of any since at least Reagan. Trump was always talking to the press in news conferences where he answered numerous questions, ad lobbing with the press on the White House lawn as he boarded Marine 1 for a trip, speaking directly to America in televised addresses, and of course in his massive rallies. The belligerent press during his four years would have made a lesser man hide and refuse access to reporters but Trump knows/knew what Americans expected from a president when it comes to communication.
Birth Rates Are Falling To CRISIS Levels, Younger Men Are NOT Having Families []
Garsco comments on Mar 6, 2021:
Not to worry. The Harris/Biden administration is supplementing our growth with open borders
Garsco comments on Mar 6, 2021:
Those “leading” America right now just make it so easy for our adversaries
Exclusive: US agency probes Facebook for 'systemic' racial bias in hiring, promotions - attorneys - ...
Garsco comments on Mar 6, 2021:
Either FB will ban all EEOC employees and get Twitter to do likewise, or they’ll promise never to ban them until next week.
Corporate media, Capitol Police rumors of another Capitol attack again prove to be a dud- ...
Garsco comments on Mar 5, 2021:
This tells us that corporate media and capitol police are planning for protests and/or riots when a mid-term presidential inauguration is held. The inauguration of Donald Trump is just a rumor, but there is another inauguration anticipated in the next few weeks or months of someone who is not Trump or of his party that may require the force of the National Guardsmen now stationed in DC to protect that inauguration.
Breaking news
Garsco comments on Mar 5, 2021:
Could be true ... maybe BLM has diversified into bomb making.
Breaking: The Senate has just voted to reject a proposal sponsored by Sen.
Garsco comments on Mar 5, 2021:
They haven’t given up on it. Dems in Congress are in a race to get as much of their radical agenda done with the scant majority they have. It’s as if, as Newt Gingrich said on Tucker this week, they know 2022 looks bad for them so they’re going full speed ahead
NationalPulse: CCP deploying emotion detection surveillance tech as the newest part of their ...
Garsco comments on Mar 5, 2021:
The obsession with total control is foreign to me. Of course I have no political ambitions.
LA teacher's union under fire for effort to racially classify critics- []
Garsco comments on Mar 5, 2021:
The union lost all credibility last year by making far left demands conditional before returning to work, including defunding the police, shutting down charter schools, imposing wealth taxes, single payer health care, funding for housing for homeless and other demands that are not in the union’s purview. Seems as though UTLA wants to marginalize parents who are white or Asian and who are concerned about their children’s educational progress. Rather than trying to find ways to provide educational opportunities for students, UTLA wants to continue getting paid while not teaching.
Garsco comments on Mar 5, 2021:
Groups that I’m aware of that have been removed have been removed for a lack of activity or postings.
Greg Abbott Blasts Joe Biden for "Neanderthal Thinking" Remark, Says Illegal Immigrants are Exposing...
Garsco comments on Mar 4, 2021:
Abbott’s condemnation of Biden is well deserved. If you think about it, Biden’s policy of busing Covid positive illegal immigrants across Texas and other states is very similar in principle to Cuomo’s policy of sending Covid positive senior citizen patients back into nursing homes.
What's happened to many of the Federal cases against Portland rioters should infuriate you- ...
Garsco comments on Mar 4, 2021:
I saw this (or a slightly different version) earlier. But here’s a quote from the linked article here that explains what’s happening in Portland by the U.S. DOJ: ***”The reason that the violence and criminal action continues on even now is because there are no consequences, either locally or federally. There no longer seems to be any justice system when politics/leftists/Democrats are involved.”***
ConservativeBrief: Axios reports the Biden administration is at its wits end dealing with child ...
Garsco comments on Mar 4, 2021:
*”What they have been doing is taking these children and handing them over to sponsors in the United States* ***at a clip of an average of 174 A WEEK*** *for the week ending March 1, Axios reported.* ***But they are getting an average of 321 children A DAY*** *so those numbers do not work.* Truly, in 6 weeks of flabbergasting governances, this is the most miscalculated thing of about 56 “proclamations.” All of them together show how absolutely incompetent this administration is.
Red States REVOLT Against Biden’s Transgender Order as Traditional Families SURGE Worldwide ...
Garsco comments on Mar 4, 2021:
There is hope for a return to sanity
WashExaminer: Festung D.
Garsco comments on Mar 4, 2021:
One day, Nancy will no longer be Speaker of the House. You can all fantasize about the way that will come about.

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