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I'm sure most on here by now heard about this one, but it's worth bringing up again as something of this nature could and most likely will spread to other states. Everyone, regardless of what your ethnicity is, should be very concerned about this...

Boston hospital to offer "preferential care based on race" with reparations framework-

SpikeTalon 9 Apr 9

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They always state “anti racist “ but how can that be when you’re singling out another race?! This is idiotic!

That's way beyond idiotic.


The hated drinking fountains! One for whites and one for blacks.
But wait we will need one for females. One for males. One for Asians. One for I. One for We. One for You (singular and plural). One for She. One for It. One for They. One for Me. One for Us. One for Them.
The list can go on forever. Racism is an evil very nearly dead but groups like Antifa and BLM are pushing hard to revive it.

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