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Do you think some or all Public Toliets / Rest rooms Gender Neutral?
If yes why?

anonymous 4 Aug 5

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I have been in several European public restrooms where there were only only one restroom for everyone.
The men’s urinals and wash basins was in the common room with cubicled toilets.
It was a bit strange to pee I front of woman washing their hands in the same room... however Europeans have a different view on nudity than the US and the UK with all her colonies.
Also, no woman had to pee in view of anyone, they had cubicles for that.

No one cared and no one died.


I think it depends on the size of the public toilet. If it only allows one occupant at a time, then it really doesn't matter. If it allows more than one occupant at a time, then I think it should be restricted to either biological males or females, as we have been doing it for all these years.


That’s not an important issue.


Gender specific only as in the two real genders, man and woman. Period!

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