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What is the general thought regarding the Convention of States - supported by Mark Levin?

Do you support the Convention of States?

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Peelsr 5 July 6

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All a Convention of States is for, is to force Congress to submit Constitutional Amendments for ratification, when they refuse to take action themselves.
When Congress is unresponsive to the priorities of the People/States that they represent, Article V is the mechanism in the framework, by which we simply go around them; otherwise we have no recourse at all.
It's Plan B... a failsafe... how could anyone be against that?
It should be a routine, recurring... and rather boring administrative event. The only reason there is anxious opposition to it is because it takes power away from Congress and restores it back into the States and the People whom they are supposed to be representing in the first place, where it belongs.


The Convention of States can only propose Constitutional Amendments. The procedure for passing those amendments is the same as it always has been. At this point, I can't imagine anything meaningful that will get approval from thirty-eight states. People seem to have this uninformed view that they and their buddies from a bunch of different states can come together and rewrite the Constitution. That's just not true. The state legislatures still have to approve anything that is passed by a Convention of States, and the state legislatures are not going to approve anything that will bring about real reform.

The state legislatures are predominantly liberal and over two-thirds of them have signed on to a convention. Since state legislatures are continuing their turn to the liberal side because of our education system turning out liberals I think we may see a convention in the not too distant future. It will be a catastrophe for freedom of any sort. This covid mask farce and the police state is just a foretaste of things to come.


Sequestering people with radically different views is not the answer. The U.S. was intended to be, and still should be, a melting-pot. Inter-partisan communication must be established and supported.


With the state of the nation today we would end up with a constitution even worse than the dead one we now have. It would be impossible to have only common sense running the show. Take a look around at the politicians we have . . . 99.9% fools.


Such a convention could agree the negotiated separation of the US.

That's not happening.

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