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Can equality of outcome be achieved.?

My submission is that You cannot equalize treatment unless you can equalize behavior.. How can you equalize behavior when people have different preferences, desires, values, traditions and cultural norms.? So, how do you justify enforcing equal outcomes when there is disparate inputs?

Yoshi 4 June 16

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Equality can be achieved in Math.


As soon as one Individual expresses his or her uniqueness, equal outcomes go out the window.

One problem with manufacturing anything, is that, like humans, they are not all EXACTLY the same. Perfect repetition is an unattainable goal in making the simplest things; so much more among people.


Equality does not exist -other than mathematically- in nature. You may say, "Yes. Of course but we mean equal rights and the right to be treated equally." Sadly, in nature the only rights anyone has are those they have the will and the ability to exercise and defend against usurpation. Those who can think for themselves very quickly realize that being asked to not discriminate in order to produce equality of outcome, is being asked to put blinders on. Discrimination is a survival skill. In America we've been taught that discrimination is morally wrong and now our culture is at risk of not surviving the next decade because latter day Jacobins, socialists and communists have hijacked the dialog and elbowed any reason or sanity out of the discussion. There is no justification of enforced equal outcomes. But, yes, I believe it can be achieved with the right amount of anesthesia and the euthanasia of all dissenters to the anesthesia. Religion may have been the opiate of the masses but science came along and too many people woke up from the pipe dream and suddenly earthly equality of outcome is the new drug/religion and socialism/communism is its theology.


Only if the outcome is misery.


Why would anyone want to "enforce equal outcomes"?


Equality of outcome is impossible. As you stated people have different preferences, desires, values, traditions and cultural norms". We have become so spoiled and self-centered that we expect the world to honor and cater to ourselves personally. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses and must acknowledge them in order to figure out how we can make our best contribution. If other people are wealthier than you resenting them will do you no good. You could be smarter, wiser, have a better backbone or morality than them. It is normal and necessary to try to improve but improvement today seems to be focused on material wealth. Know yourself thoroughly. Accept your strengths and weaknesses. Know that wealth is not the purpose of us being here.

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