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Wow the police broke the law

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If you have a immune system that is not compromised by antibiotics and vaccine there is nothing to fear from any virus.


Don't tread on me.


One more person who will become immune.

How many people has the media interviewed focusing on their experience having and recovering from COVID-19? I have not seen one. I have personally known 2 people who have recovered including their experience having COVID19. The media’s coverage completely ignores the vast majority of what happens when people get COVID-19, they get sick and then recover.

19,450,000 is the population of New York City
11,817 COVID-19 deaths in New York City
21% or 4,084,500 estimated to have antibodies in New York City, they have already had COVID-19
DR (death rate) for Covid-19 is 0.26%
DR for flu is 0.1%

Combined flu and COVID-19 DR 0.36%, this is to give scale of the demand diffidence for medical resources. COVID also spreads faster, especially early as no one has immunity, so the spike has a higher amplitude. It is worse than the flu but not drastically worse. At this point we are clearly in an overreaction phase and the legacy media is making things much worse as usual. At this point there is no reason to continue a full quarantine, it should end today.

We need to look at ways to wind down the quarantine and restart the economy. Temporarily rescind the federal gasoline tax and encourage the states to do the same, do this immediately. Everyone will notice sub $1.00 gas prices.

More protest are necessary, it will be up to the people to end this.

I believe I had covid19 back in December, along with a dozen or so people I work with. Working in an isolated camp it was and is a recipe for all sorts of illness. Funny thing when I did get out to see the Dr. I along with several others were diagnosed with a viral chest infection. It was brutal.
We need to get outside and heal. If one thing that this has taught me is how dirty all of us can be when we are in a social setting. People projectile coffing and sneezing etc.

January 1 in Los Angeles area (West Covina), EMT/paramedic got it from a Chinese man who presented with pneumonia, Chinese man may have not made it. That would mean the Chinese man got it at least 2 weeks earlier. EMT got very sick for a week and took another to fully recover. Affected the lunges, lots of phlegm. He gave it to all 15 members of his family in Mammoth California, everyone recovered.

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