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China virus toll rises to nine as pandemic fears grow []

Obiwannosi 7 Jan 22

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How do we blame this on climate change ??? Or Trump ??? or maybe the Iran thing ... Where "Something" Happened


The elite is itching for a good pandemic.

More vaccine sales

@BikerPetehall70 I don't believe it's monetary. They have convinced teenagers that abortion is a right. They want to put people on missiles to Mars. They want us to subject ourselves to self-driving cars. They villianize vaccines. They are attempting to design automated manufacturing to replace the deplorable poor. They have disarmed the citizens of the most dangerous cities in the world. They've reintroduced measles, tb, and the plague in the United States. They fostered Ebola and tried to import it to the U.S. They have panicked the children of the world with an apocalyptic hoax with no basis in science whatsoever. The relatively peaceful nonviolent nations of Europe have been deluged with violent Islamists who are above the law. They intend to be rid of us all.

Population control @Facci concentration of population into cities where they can be monitored and controlled,


they should be more concerned about work place deaths from unsafe conditions and exposer to toxic chemicals, these number in the thousands per year.

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