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This website is attracting a lot of people who just seem hurt and scared because of SJW injustice, i see this issue of "fearful venting" as a "cultural fulcrom point" where we can tip the odds in the favor of intellectual reasoning and real justice, but its going to take some dedicated people to calm people down, assure them that the fires of war will not consume them if they have the will to resist the heat.

who here still has a cool head and a steady hand, and is willing to administer the medicine of courage to speak your mind and resistance to the urge to panic?

SpearCypher 5 Apr 15

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I find a lot of Democrats in here trying to pet us backwards like cats! I know we need intellectual resistance to toughen us up (we don’t want to become snowflakes), but I’d rather be corrected and improved by people who share my basic values. Hurt and scared? I’m angry!


I have been doing that as best I can, mostly on the subject of guns, because that's something I feel confident about. This far I have mostly stayed out of the climate debate because as a Pagan, many in my religious community believe in climate change the way some people believe that the earth is flat, or 4000 years old.


What website?


This is what I do all the time. I don't have a reason to freak out because I understand what's happening and why. I help others find peace in the chaos, make sense of the insanity, and find hope for the future. If they'll listen.


I've seen too much. I don't panic. Ever. Least of all over differences of opinion.

Once the venting is over, healing can begin.

There has to be a venting. Too long people have been crushed by political correctness. I saw this playing out since the late 90s. Those who railed against it were silenced.

Now, the game is broken. Voices are being found.

But it's on us to make sure that each of us do our very best to speak the truth. If not truth, at least try not to lie.

Chasing those two things will ensure that there will be an existing good. It doesn't have to be popular. It doesn't have to be loud. The sound will drift toward the truth, and one becomes many. Those many will rise as leaders of thought. So when everyone's done suffering their social PTSD breakdown, and start looking for stability, those voices and the knowledge they have imparted will still be there. Strong. True. Solid.

see? everyone look at this guy, he knows that the battle is not over (first that its happening to begin with) like a buttefly, we will live again.

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