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Funny story, just happened.

Nex (45) called me up, and asked me to give my opinion on a topic he was discussing with a friend. The topic was about marriage.

He was on a date, and wanted me to join by phone.


I mean really.

At first I protested. Then I thought why not.

He put the gal (25) on the phone, and I said I was uncomfortable joining their date. She said no worries, it didn't bother her to speak to Nex's ex.

She and I chitchatted about the topic. She's apparently non-monogamus and had gotten a marriage proposal.

I said, well, if you are non-monogamus, and get married, you will have to have a secret life, like Nex. She said what?? I said, yah Nex had an entirely secret life while we were dating for 18 months.

She wasn't happy to hear that.

I said, also, Nex is still married, so you might ask him how he did a secret life.

She said: What!!

I said, yah, he didn't tell me for 18 months.

I hear her say: Nex, what? You are still married?

I hear a bit of phone shuffle, and her repeating you're married??, and he swears at me and hangs up.

I will not be triangulation, nor will I be a flying monkey.

Weltansicht 8 Aug 17

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