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What do you make of this - Thousands of new Ford trucks stored at the Kentucky Speedway. Do you buy the "micro chip shortage" story or do you think there is something else going on.

iThink 8 May 10

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Maybe an excuse to transition to automated electric cars.

I'm thinking the bottom has dropped out of the new car/truck market and nobody in this failing economy has upwards of 40k dollars to throw at a truck or car. I'm thinking the gov't is artificially keeping new car/truck production going in order to A)disguise the depths of our economic failure and B) to keep the union/labor people happy for as long as possible.
I'm wondering if the "micro chip" shortage is a fabricated story - a way for our gov't to disguise the fact that nobody is buying pricey cars and trucks any more.
If this is happening in Kentucky then I have no doubt same is going on in all cities where there are auto/truck assembly plants.

Rumor has it that many who bought into these electric vehicles are returning / trading them in.

@FEWI these trucks are not electric vehicles. they are line production pick up trucks w/internal combustion engines. The micro-chip is the electronic module/device that controls and monitors all of the systems of the vehicle.

@iThink I know I was responding to Ren777 statement about electric cars.


Do only white men (and their wives) buy Ford trucks?

seems that way - don't see very many Blacks driving pick up trucks - dey luvs dem caddy ack SUVs tho - wit dem 19" wheels, dark glass, and dey be crank'n up dat super base.

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