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Karma. I hear a lot people these days saying how the psychopaths who ruin everyones lives deserve punishment and are due karma due to their actions.

But aren't they already suffering by existing here without sympathy? Can you imagine living without sympathy? Their lives already are miserable with them being stuck in the lower emotional states of fear, anger, pain and hunger. physical gratification is about the limit of their experience, the best they can hope for in their life.

Their current existence is state of hell. Survival, that is all.

DirtySchizo 5 Aug 16

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I think that you make a good point there. But their lives are different than others. A sane person can be happy with normally what other sane people find that makes them happy, but an insane person, it's not like that for them. Even if their lives are what they are like living in Hell, but that's what makes them so different though too, all that they know how to do is to live and feel no sympathy even while others don't give it to them, that's why exactly that it gets so bad when a psychopath gets it in their heads that they should be the ones to be getting all of the sympathy. it's not what sane people live for and that's not what living is all about, so even though their existence is what it is, that for that reason is why that we normal people can't possibly ever allow for a psychopath to be saying that it's because they are insane that gives them the right and do wrong things and then all after they just keep saying it's their right to do that because they are insane, and that's why it's this thing, it's Karma that will be the thing now that seeks them out. It's all cool to be a real psychopath maybe if that's what you are, I'm just saying, they say that about psychopaths because of a very good reason, because don't be just a psychopath that thinks that you're right only, because you think that you are really a psychopath.


The term you are looking for is empathy. Empathy is the feeling that you get when you feel for another person. You are demonstrating empathy with this post.

The trouble is - psychopaths by very definition have no empathy and no sense of right or wrong. They cannot feel remorse. To them, everything is about them. No one else has any meaning beyond what they are or can do for the psychopath. Other people might as well be paper dolls to them.

One example of a sociopath that I remember well is of the pedophile that was executed in Washington state when I was a teenager. He called one of his victims, (a five year old that he tortured and murdered), it. He had a small of remorse in that he told the people who were trying him that he really should be killed because he wasn't going to stop, but he really was indifferent to the 's suffering. His statement was very academic, no feeling whatsoever.

The only difference between a sociopath and a psychopath? The sociopath feels some small measure of empathy. Without empathy, they aren't miserable because they are so selfish. If they feel that they need something to make their lives better, they will just go and take it. There is no connection to the human race at all. And so yes, they don't have the connections that will bring them true happiness, but they also have no comprehension that true happiness is out there. Most are perfectly happy with what they have as they know no other way.

It's terrible no matter how you look at it. But at least if they are punished as far as the law allows, then the rest of us will be better off, at least for those who have gone so far beyond the law that life in prison or life in care or execution are the only options.

Good point.


Was brought up hearing if you want sympathy look it up in the dictionary between Shit and Syphilis.

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