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"Postmodernism is the answer above all to the totalitarianism of modernity (e.g. wars)." suggested yesterday! [2018]

So what is modernity?

Modernity is the state of being modern, each generation was the pinnacle of modernity and every generation to follow will be the pinnacle of modernity in the future. Now that that's out the road we can talk about modernism. A modern quality or characteristic of thought, so something in keeping with modernity. To think postmodernity is to think in the state of modern thinking. Then to say is the above all answer to totalitarianism of modern thought I think is funny in the most ironic way.

Postmodernism is truly meaningless, contradictory and oxymoronic.

Well behaviour isn't what you know it's how you behave. When we talk about behaviour we talk about motivation. What motivated that behaviour. It wasn't knowledge that motivated a change in behaviour how in how one feels about it or that idea.

So let's say I'm engaged in self destructive behaviour, I behave that way because I'm suffering for some reason, I feel pain. Acting out makes me feel good, brings me pleasure. Till one day I realise I just caused myself more pain. Ultimately I wanna feel good or at least not in pain. So I will try to better myself in doing things that make me feel better about myself.


From what I can see cooperation is going rather well. It is not that anything is band, you discern nonsense through discussion...

Here we recognise that what we talk about is close to people's hearts so you can get annoyed however there's a line of you cross you go. You don't get to turaid abuse.

The group is full of diversity of not just people but ideas. They will be challenged.

The object of debate here is not to win but get the truth. This requires a certain amount of honesty and resilience.

I mean here you are cooperating with me, what does that tell you?


"People want to end the conversation before it even begins. It's the control of subjectivity and the subversion of dissent that destroyed democracy and gave rise to totalitarian propaganda play."

Would be an excellent example of wanting to end the conversation before it begins, no?

Hidden claim, subjectivity is an absolute. Where everything is subjective, not up for discussion.

Hidden claim, one person can control another's supposed subjective experience. Does that make sense to you? If it is the case that subjective is the absolute. (it’s it’s own contradiction) then how can one control ANOTHER’s, given in the circumstance that if it were one cannot be sure other minds exist? How if everything is subjective can one say another is controlling their subjectivity, one couldn't say that about the other person. Only that they are influencing or experiencing. (which in itself makes things relative, not subjective).

Overt claim, anything other than the position of subjectivism is anti Democratic and totalitarian. I find that really ironic. Lastly that anything other than subjectivism is is subversion and lies. Very odd statement indeed.


ChrisODonnell 6 June 8

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If all is subjective then there is no absolute truth. So if we are having a discussion with the purpose of arriving at the truth of a matter, we are wasting our time, since no real truth exists in the first place. If we are having a discussion just to see words flow before our eyes, where is the profit. If there is no real truth why even worry about anything, after all, all is vanity blowing in the wind.


Postmodernism The quality of life after modern society collapses

@ChrisODonnell The idea of modern society is to be an improvement on the past, there is a cycle of civilization that has played it self out over and over through out history. The last stage of that cycle is decay or breakdown of that society when the corrupt leadership of that society refuses to progress.
I believe we are at the end of this cycle and the next will be chaos.

@ChrisODonnell the unfortunate truth is that post modernism is only the start of the apocalypses, or epic collapse

@ChrisODonnell The corporate structure is nothing but a Ponzi scheme. The government has adapted this structure, set up like multi level marketing,the product they sell is control over a segment of the population. as with all schemes like this there is a tipping point. we have gone beyond this and the collapse is inevitable, when this happens there will be a lose of standard of living and life.

@ChrisODonnell It is not the Institutions that are in trouble it is the things they use, clear back in the 70 the idea of preventive maintenance stopped being practiced. now things only get fixed when they brake this has lead to a situation where there is a critical amount of infrastructure that is beyond it's useful life. The collapse of a hundred year old dam being the latest example. What happens when the main transformer at Bonneville dam develops an internal short and and vaporizes itself in a blinding arc. These things do not last forever and are past there expiration date the transformer would take 2 months to build and install this would place added strain on smaller plants causing the to have failures. Lose of electricity in a society that is dependent on it for its survival will Kill thousands of people. Add to this the problem that planed obsolescence will cause when things that are designed to fail or need major repairs within a year of there manufacture. It is true the bureaucracies and corporations will prosper till the infrastructure that feeds them and supplies their power disintegrates around them.

@ChrisODonnell They are the short sighted people who refuse to look beyond next months profit and lose statement and only care about short term gain. Don't forget that the stock market crash in the 1930's happened when it was at it's highest level and was thought to be a fool proof way to get rich.

@ChrisODonnell Money as you have shown has very little to do with the current state of our economy the problem comes from human nature itself as greed and lust for power erodes our society. those whom hold power are reluctant to let it go and will stop at nothing even using violence to keep it.

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