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Hypothetical speech:

 My fellow Americans i share your disgust in the Rittenhouse verdict which is why im enacting an executive order to ban all ar 15s and weapons that embolden vigilantism among the far right Trump supporting white supremacists. People  must be allowed to "protest" without fear of another potential Kyle Rittenhouse  murdering them.People like kyle r.are a threat to our democracy So effective immediately all weapons must be turned in within blah blah racism blah blah white supremacy/privilege  sincerely,  joe the houseplant biden

This is just a concern of mine i don't think the left is going to take L for long. i truly hope this doesn't happen but what I have seen is that they're willing to go there if you know what i mean
I hope im just being paranoid please forgive my punctuation and grammar errors i just wanted to get the idea out

Brains4naught 4 Nov 20
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Kyle Rittenhouse: "Y'all can't cancel me, just get mad that I'm the man until you smash the screen."

Noone Level 7 Nov 21, 2021

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