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Thanks to everyone who came from my new video today!!! <3

JaclynGlenn 7 Sep 24
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I wonder if people that feel they need to dictate behavior of others are projecting how they wish to be seen. Meanwhile Abby, while I support caution when it comes to drinking, families and personal risk all included with a possibility of violent addictions, as JG said “do you”, and true enough, find out life as you break it down, including most sexual assaults happen because if alcohol, sex trafficking victims are drugged through the company they are exposed to via social circles (dare you to find a sober pimp), with carelessness of consumption comes much regrets and consequences that foster a premature depression in life ultimately

but do you

it’s a choice to choose the character traits one developes, so forget about anyone who postulates dangers of substances like alcohol, fornication, pill popping, duii’s, inability to maintain constructive relationships, end up in and out of rehabs across the country with partners from the same clinics that will help you into relapse, and by the time your 30, you have no similarities to your life prior to those exciting nights of drunken imbeciles hanging out trying to enjoy each others libido. Is this the sound of modern teenagers growing up?

Sounds like the stuff of helpless despair and excitable premeditated carousing that will cost and be made known

Jaclyn Glenn, make the world godless again, because do you! ( do people understand how bad that gets without accountability)

Also, (censored snark)it’s not Jesus with the Jew, it’s just God. honorable mention to the Temple, Jerusalem, Torah, Moses, Cabal, Rabbi

(Checks sources, double clicks pen, puts bible away) yeah I don’t have the Jewish translation for God, YHVY? Adoni?...bush? Anyways, all that means is it’s time to dye it blonde. Snark snark.

Love how it end with you cuddling the cat.

Also I bet you and Abby would be friends in the right circumstances and get beyond her this public image and just know how to be kind and caring.

I don’t mean to be rude, but seriously, people developing caution while living makes us all brighter by the end of the day, but you got to go through the gloom to know it too.

*accountability reference, I’m pretty sure people with God do pretty shady things, what happens when you convert the masses to next generation atheism? You all on YouTube are first gens right? My God, it was hard enough to care for people when you promised Jesus you would do it for him..


How do I download it from the App Store.? I have an iPhone but I can’t find the app..? Do I have to use safari..? I don’t mind cause I loveeeee you videos and that’s the reason why I signed up but yea just wondering lol


Video bookmarked for later viewing.