America was founded a Capitalist Republic by sly concession to slave states as the price of temporary unity in throwing off the shackles of distant monarchy. Considering that slavery had been an accepted institution since the dawn of time it seemed an acceptable short term inconvenience in exchange for long term liberty to allow slave states their stipulation for the time being?

WHY THE ABOVE PARAGRAPH YOU SHOULD ASK? I’m trying to point out that slaves brought to North America served in the Revolutionary War of Independence from the yoke of European Monarchy both directly & indirectly. The subsequent Civil War that cost the lives of 600,000 men was an internal family dispute to rectify an earlier concession allowed as the price of unified liberation from foreign tyranny.

THE ADDITIONAL REASON is to point out that the very thing that Marxism is using to destroy America is the very thing that makes America invincible – IT’S ALREADY DIVERSE NATURE!

Afghanistan can’t be conquered or even brought to heel because of that very same attribute of its diverse groups of people – just as forms the United States. Neither the Afghan Tribes along with their sub cultures or the United States along with its subcultures are NOT conquerable unless they lose sight of their strength in unity.

There is no Black-American any more than there’s a White-American, Italian-American, German-American, Native-American et al! There’s only Americans just like there’s only Afghans.

All forms of Socialism are forms of theft (deceitful people slyly call wealth transfer) from those that earn by those that don’t earn. And America has become no exception.
CLARIFICATION: Many years ago when I studied accounting, Capital was limited to material means of production to the exclusion of money. You could have boat loads of money, but no Capital what-so-ever. If you look around now, money is considered Capital? I don’t know what actually changed it, but I suspect Socialism changed America once again? To be more specific, Feminist Socialism as divorcees want cash not machinery as their pound of flesh from their poor stupid ex husbands – just a thought? Forgive me for any errors, but American Capitalism having been subdued by Feminist Socialism (the majority voters by the way) is a logical conclusion from my perspective?
There’s a misapprehension going round that: Men are most interested in things while Women are most interested in people. I have to posit that it should be: Men are interested in things while Women are interested in cash? Just a quick thought?

Cash as apposed to machinery does seem to be a defining difference between (American) Feminist Socialism & Communist Socialism anywhere else in the world? To a Communist the means of production is paramount; to a Feminist Socialist the squandering of the production is paramount?

Sorry, but this is a long rant that needs breaking up.

PS. #MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is an individual life philosophy analogous to male lions in the wild – PREFERABLY without a pride to protect.

Posted by: Ayn Rand Institute ~ Sep 28, 2018
“Ayn Rand - What Is Capitalism? (full course)”

1914wizard 8 Sep 4
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Generalization normatively speaking ~ Men are interested in women ~ sex.....women are interested in things ~ status, looks, what others think of them, everything materialistic; simply put - gold diggers

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