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I don’t see anyone connecting the dots in a long game? Could that many people be blind?

America can have Feminist THEORIES & CRT (Critical Race Theories), but god forbid we have Conspiracy THEORIES by thinking critically – damn that’s strange?

Exactly how far back in time the dots go I couldn’t say – but then, I’m not supposed to? One thing I do see is that Hillary & the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) are common entities that have been lurking around since Watergate when my row of dots started being formed – and even before that. Or possibly you think that republicans just go around breaking into places on a whim – just for kicks? Admittedly the dots could go back farther – just not anchored in my memories. I suppose they (the dots) could extend back to when Harry (a democrat) wouldn’t allow MacArthur to nuke North Korea ending in a stalemate with the interference of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)?

A dot has got to form anytime an essential question isn’t answered – or even more importantly ISN’T EVEN ASKED? One that stands out in memory is: Why didn’t anyone insist on knowing what the reason for the Watergate break-in was? The most strategic evasion of a critical question is to prevent that question from ever being asked in the first place.

I can’t remember who said it, but somebody once said that the best way to determine someone’s motive is to look for the eventual outcome rather than the individual move leading up to that outcome? Or couldn’t we also call that playing a long game?

The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) wants a pipeline right through Afghanistan connecting China to Iran – Hmmmm? The to China may want mineral rights in Afghanistan – Hmmmm? And American civilians would make great bargaining chips with which to help Bought Politicians look favorably to the public and loom heavy over Taiwan at the same time – Hmmmm?

Americans understand quick episodes of treason – they don’t even recognize exceedingly slow moving well funded chipping away at the foundational character that threatens them.

Just a thought?

Posted by: Fox News ~ Aug 30, 2021
“Tucker: They won't admit they are wrong and don't care what you think”

1914wizard 8 Aug 31
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Nixon opened China and have you ever heard of Tammany Hall. Voter fraud and incompetent government isn't new. U.S. politics have always been corrupt.

Kansas was a hotbed of socialism in the 1890s. []

The press has always been fake news. Vietnamese officials admitted they had lost the war after the Tet Offensive. Didn't hear that in mainstream media.

What is destroying the Western Civilization is success. Civilizations grow fat and lazy and institutions become corrupt when they are not struggling. Most Americans know very little history and what they do know is propaganda.

200 years is about the life expectancy of a Republic. Republics generally become dictatorships because fat lazy people lose their moral values and conscientiousness. They love to be told a good story and they are an easy sell.

Even globalism isn't new. The bronze age collapse was globalism and elitism gone wrong.

What's new is the internet if we can end the censorship we have a shot at not repeating history. The emerging elitist culture will destroy itself and take us all with it. The way to stop that from happening is to make everyone aware how incompetent the elites are. As soon as people realize that their leaders and experts are clowns maybe they will take responsibility for their complacency and collusion with clown world.

wolfhnd Level 8 Aug 31, 2021

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