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Some months ago with the controversy of election fraud still raging before Biden's "infraudation," I read from my Dad's HUGE 1950s Webster's Dictionary, for the first time, the American Declaration of Independence. As an Aussie and son of a Polish immigrant, and having studied National Socialism and Communism all my life, I did appreciate growing up in a free country, and had a rudimentary understanding of the American Declaration of Independence.

But since the outbreak of the riots and obvious electoral fraud for all those willing to open their eyes, and prompted by Epoch Times reader's in the forums, with America's Constitutional Republic on the brink, I finally decided to read it from start to finish. As such, in concert with Joshua Philipp's instructive commentary on his Crossroads channel, I now have a much deeper understanding of its true meaning.

In particular, the phrase "that are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights" with the capitalisation of the first letters of "Creator" and "Rights." In essence, as Josh described it, the American Founding Fathers recognised a higher power than man or government, unlike Marxist or other totalitarian regimes, such as the fraudulent regime of WOKE idolatry in power right now in the sewer that is DC, the CCP and of course, albeit on the opposite political extreme, Hitler's Reich. In short, regimes that recognise no higher power or "moral" authority than the government, party, chairman or Führer.

As Americans ponder their Independence Day in 2021, with their Constitutional Republic (not the democracy of two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner as Josh has highlighted --- completely lost upon the likes of radical DEMRATS like AOC) now on the brink, the phrase of recognising the power or divine authority beyond man, is now more poignant than ever.

Happy Independence Day and may God Bless America!

Brilliant song and lyrics that strike right at the heart of what is afflicting America and indeed slowly seeping into the rest of the western world.

kultured_yobbo 6 July 4
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As a bit of a side track - what do you see as the difference between national socialism and communism? Growing up in Poland and hearing the experiences people had with either, or both, I couldn't see much difference. Maybe in theory there's some finer and more subtle differences, but in practice the end result seemed the same.

Tom81 Level 7 July 4, 2021

Yes, in terms of end results, as was the case in Poland, they are almost identical. They both have what I term "agendas of exclusion." The main distinction is that National Socialism focuses on explicitly vilifying race, in particular, non-Aryans such as Jews, Gypsies, Slavs (eg Russians, Poles, Ukrainians etc) and black people. Communism on the other hand explicitly states it is for all races, but both require an enemy or scapegoat of some form or another. In Lenin's and Stalin's time of crumbling Tsarist Russia, that was the upper class or bourgeoisie.

But today in America and the west in general, where class is not such a potent wedge, they use race and gender as embodied by Critical Race/Gender Theory emphasising the infantile-like simplified history of the impeccably virtuous oppressed race/gender as opposed to the irredeemable oppressor. You and I as whites, near the bottom of the WOKE totem pole/pyramid, would be compelled to be ashamed of our whiteness, although, even below us would be WASPS -- White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. I suppose you could say in Lenin and Stalin's time, they used Critical Class Theory, but again, there is the core Marxist premise of distilling history down to the virtuous oppressed and the irredeemable oppressor, whether that be by class, gender or race.

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