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LINK Democrats Fear Attorney General Barr Has 'October Surprise'
dd54 HI Aug 8 Aug 8 11
The peas never had a chance:
AlpacaLunch Aug 7 Aug 7 22
Apple CEO Compares Plight of Gay Americans to Kristallnacht & Segregation
WarmPotato CA Aug 6 Aug 6 00
Communist ISIS Antifa: Homeland Security's Confused Pursuit of Pro-Kurdish Americans "YPG volunteers have been portrayed as potential ISIS members and Marxist drug addicts alike."
WilyRickWiles IL Aug 6 Aug 6 22
Trump rips athletes kneeling for anthem, calls Black Lives Matter a 'Marxist group'
RAZE AZ Aug 5 Aug 5 22
FUCK BLM Why would anyone decent support the Marxist organization called Black Lives Matter? Do you already forget how one of their supporters murdered five Dallas police officers in an ambush in 2016? Or do you support it just because you...
ramzpaul OK Aug 3 Aug 3 1313
BLACK LIVES MATTER ISSUES ITS DEMANDS Racial extortion is nothing new. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton made fortunes from it in the 90s, funds that tended to vanish into dubious non-profit organizations that most often financed their luxurious ...
Edgework TX Aug 3 Aug 3 11
Rev. Barber: "Franklin Graham and other religious extremists want you to believe that anyone who doesn’t agree with their particular version of politics is an “atheist,” a “socialist,” or a “Marxist.” These are all lies."
WilyRickWiles IL Aug 3 Aug 3 22
LINK 'Get the Fk Out My Way!': Black Man Goes Off on BLM Protestors
dd54 HI Aug 2 Aug 2 22
As a very realistic person I'm struggling with major Corp. along with many Americans supporting BLM as a organization. 2 min. of research will expose the Anit-American Anti- Family and Massive Marxist ideology. I feel there's no turning back now.
RobbyLennon CA Aug 1 Aug 1 11
I have recently learned that there is 'Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation' and there is 'Black Lives Matter Foundation'. They are NOT related to one another at all. The former is a self-claimed Marxist organisation which aims to destroy ...
Naomi July 31 Jul 31 22
2007311100 IN SEARCH OF FEMINIST THEORY?: Apparently walls not only have ears the can talk as well. If Feminist Theory were the least bit true wouldn’t you expect it to be reflected in actual history? First there’s this notion ...
1914wizard FL July 31 Jul 31 00
Will this uprising succeed? We now have legions of young people who have decided that they know a better way to structure America based on socialistic and Marxist principles thanks to years of indoctrination by leftist educators. When you listen to ...
DotBunn PA July 30 Jul 30 55
The idea that one may receive a welfare, and by this virtue to be aligned with parasitic classes, and the same time to be oppressed, would baffle Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin. The whole point of oppression is to extract cheap labor and alienate the ...
IgorRogov Australia July 29 Jul 29 00
This guy is telling it like it is... And is getting heat for it... Need to support him
RemiDallaire Canada July 27 Jul 27 00 uses disqus. Lately they have begin censoring comments. Also my comments sections are being turned off (i have only non-controversial streams archives and piano improv sessions) I thought it might be something that bitchute was ...
curvycom AZ July 23 Jul 23 00
When I volunteered to serve in the United States Navy back in 1984, I took the following oath: > I, Keith Throop, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; ...
KeithThroop IL July 22 Jul 22 22
LINK Twitter bans 7,000 QAnon accounts, limits 150,000 others as part of broad crackdown
turnerjolene48 NC July 22 Jul 22 33
Lara Trump: Biden ‘Trojan Horse for the Very Far-Left Socialist Marxist Democrats’ BREITBART JOEBIDEN CAMPAIGN2020
RAZE AZ July 21 Jul 21 11
Privilege, Anti-Racism & Marxist Critical Race Theory
AndrewInVail AZ July 21 Jul 21 11
someone correct me but it seems BLM has removed references to their Marxist ideology from their manifesto. of coarse they are hiding it under the sheets if Im wrong correct me. if im right please tell me that this is screenshot or archived ...
RobD1 OR July 20 Jul 20 11
Thasaidon Philippines July 20 Jul 20 00
Look, daddy! Maple leaf players that turned pussified Marxist colour? Yes! , the last real men, won the Stanley cup back in 67.
DRrightRD Canada July 19 Jul 19 33
LINK Former Obama Officials May Be Indicted As Durham Report Nears Completion, Rumors Of Charges Incoming - YouTube
dd54 HI July 18 Jul 18 22
Nancy , Nancy .. 🤡. " Trump's Stormtroopers" You're as out of touch as Biden is.. It just proves the actual reason for BLM & Antifa,. Cannon fodder.. Marxist human sheilds against that evil oppressive happiness with our current 1st...
Seriousreason New Zealand July 18 Jul 18 00
Why are businesses falling over themselves to support the Marxist BLM and embracing speech codes as dictated by by the left ? Is it a simple question of corporate virtual signalling for marketing/ sales purposes, or an act of self harm on the turkeys...
Altablue UK July 18 Jul 18 77
LINK Group Throws Paint on Bill de Blasio's BLM Street Lettering, Has a Few Things to Say to Him
DaveO276 Australia July 18 Jul 18 11
Mr Reagan , YouTuber & conservative commentator. Puts the whole Marxist BLM world view into perspective . As it's the enemy of liberty, freedom , & justice. Now cloaked by the Democrat party as somehow good .Chris shares his facts & logic...
Seriousreason New Zealand July 17 Jul 17 11
The left has completely taken over Wikipedia. So one current narrative is that the concept of Cultural Marxism is merely a conspiracy theory. The far left and academia and concomitant media have all embraced this idea in lockstep. Therefore the...
curvycom AZ July 17 Jul 17 44
The left has completely taken over Wikipedia. So one current narrative is that the concept of Cultural Marxism is merely a conspiracy theory. The far left and academia and concomitant media have all embraced this idea in lockstep. Therefore the...
curvycom AZ July 17 Jul 17 11
Here is something Terry Crews said 2 years ago
TheHerrDark PA July 16 Jul 16 11
Tiger Woods is so White. When I first read CNN’s headline, “Tiger Woods praises 'fantastic' Black Lives Matter movement”, I thought here’s another Colin Kaepernick mulatto turning on White race. But once I read through the article I found ...
PostUmbraLux NY July 15 Jul 15 55
Here is the epitome of the useful idiot, and why Republicans and Conservatism Inc., have earned the sobriquet "the stupid party". All of the sentiments expressed in this meme are falsehoods promulgated by the Globalists and Marxists. And they can ...
PostUmbraLux NY July 13 Jul 13 55
Why do so many people believe that cloth masks, and the blue disposable surgical masks protect them against Covid-19?
DeplorableToo FL July 13 Jul 13 1212
These fortune 500 companies donated to the Marxist anti-capitalism Black Lives Matter Foundation-
SpikeTalon PA July 13 Jul 13 1414
Dealing with " social justice " incidents is an established and proven set of protocols . The first step is in knowing the source and history of the instigating party . This is why it is futile to search for an identifiable enemy . Throughout ...
Georgesblogforum SC July 13 Jul 13 11
The BLM founders claim they are "trained Marxist". They study the works of Karl Marx, the father of communism. Marx wrote "The Communist Manifesto", the bible of communism. BLM hides behind the mask of racial injustice and slams anyone as a racist ...
captain21 SC July 12 Jul 12 55
I can't stand feel good organizations that don't do anything, except cater to wealthy leftist elitist so they can feel good about themselves and get their egos stroked. This is a very good report on the ivory trade.
TheHerrDark PA July 12 Jul 12 11
Head of the Snake - Wexner, Maxwell’s, Mossad & Mega Exposed This will make you think whats going
ieuan UK July 12 Jul 12 00
WorldSigh July 12 Jul 12 44
Hope this doesnt attract too many marxist infiltrators !
BikerPetehall70 UK July 12 Jul 12 22
" YouTubers like Brandon from" at the point " Never scared or hesitant to approach the drooling nonsensical members of Antifa. Started the hashtag walkaway. Dedicated to heroism in the face of adversity by the Lil Marxist twerps , ...
Seriousreason New Zealand July 11 Jul 11 00
LINK Dissident Thoughts: The Libertarian Case For Marxism!
ArthurSido IN July 11 Jul 11 11
The following May 14, 2019 post, Kevin Deyoung of The Gospel Coalition asks the question, "Were the first Christians Socialists?" He rightly concludes that they were not. In fact, I would say that they were pretty far from it. ...
KeithThroop IL July 10 Jul 10 11
There are 114 race based laws under the current Marxist ANC government in South Africa compared to only 17 during Apartheid in South Africa.
JennaGardner South Africa July 10 Jul 10 33
Make Him Famous ...
NuuzJunky GA July 9 Jul 9 22
A young man with first hand knowledge, of the constant evils & failings of the Socialist/ communist ideology. The naive & futile belief of young, well off highly educated young people . Is that Socialism , if only done their way . ...
Seriousreason New Zealand July 9 Jul 9 44 {Part 8 of ?} DETOX AMERICA 8: Feminism can’t cover up all the distortions & lies that spews out of their Feminism Marxist Ideology. There are four (4) basic stages to Slow Legitimate Ideological Subversion - ...
1914wizard FL July 9 Jul 9 00 {Part 7 of ?} DETOX AMERICA 7: Feminism can’t cover up all the distortions & lies that spews out of their Feminism Marxist Ideology. Why is it permissible to bash men without the least repercussion but not women?...
1914wizard FL July 9 Jul 9 11
{Part 6 of ?} DETOX AMERICA 6: Feminism can’t cover up all the distortions & lies that spews out of their Feminism Marxist Ideology. Everyone of these foolish people sees a slightly different flavor of the same poison ...
1914wizard FL July 8 Jul 8 00
Stefan Molyneux has been banned from Twitter ----- He will address this on ( I do not want to kick a man while he is down or sling lead at him because firstly he is one of us and I know this has to be a gut punch ...
Afterthought TX July 8 Jul 8 11
LINK BLM Teacher Says 2+2 Only = 4 Because of “Western Imperialism” – Summit News
Xtra WA July 7 Jul 7 22
The George Soros Armed Military Insurgency of BLM, Antifa, Occupy, & Open Societies! Are you awake yet?
1patriot Canada July 7 Jul 7 33
So, let me get this straight. People can decide their gender and the world has to accept it. People can cross the border without a passport, illegally, and ICE isn't supposed arrest them. We are supposed to be ok with a Marxist group of ...
DeplorableToo FL July 6 Jul 6 11
"Will it be the great and glorious republic of the past or the social and cultural Marxist hellhole that is the promise of the mobs? Trump just played the patriotism card, the correct card to play, and it may just work for his reelection." - Pat ...
VDARE CT July 6 Jul 6 11
LINK Two people paint over "Black Lives Matter" mural on Independence Day
DaveO276 Australia July 6 Jul 6 00
Dem damn white supremes dudes
MikeHunt NY July 6 Jul 6 00
Like the nerd I am I was early on seeing through black lives SCAMMERS. I supported them for a week at the beginning of the Ferguson riots then I saw what that they weren't doing anything but destroying things. So I went on their website and they had ...
Shiosakai MI July 5 Jul 5 33
The neo-liberal marxist SJW progressives, their thief allies and their sheeple think we won't fight... they are wrong. Celebrate America today. God bless!
dd54 HI July 4 Jul 4 11
LINK Do you know how special America is?
turnerjolene48 NC July 3 Jul 3 11
Universities (some) are going to have in person classes resume in the fall and expect students to return to campus and campus housing. What happens when they get a covid case from campus housing? Public freakout?
tracycoyle CA July 3 Jul 3 11
Please excuse the gaping holes in my knowledge, but I was wondering if there is any danger of China teaming up with Russia against other countries. And would the BLM Marxist agenda be a part of that? Or the chaos and instability we are now dealing ...
MaxGibson July 3 Jul 3 88 I WAS LISTENING TO A FOOL TODAY or was it YESTERDAY: Can’t remember who she was right off; but she was trying to put MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) into categories and/or levels – an act of stupidity I must add. But back...
1914wizard FL July 3 Jul 3 11
Should we uphold equality of the law? Or should we support BLM’s Marxist concept of “social justice?
ramzpaul OK July 2 Jul 2 88
Money laundering? Or a violation of ethics? Should organizations like the Marxist group BLM face legal actions for funneling donations back into the companies of their members?
DeplorableToo FL July 1 Jul 1 33
Michelle Malkin -- "Unapologetic nationalist conservative students like Jaden McNeil are under siege at publicly funded universities—not just at blue state Ivy League schools or crazy California Marxist echo chambers but smack dab in the middle of ...
VDARE CT July 1 Jul 1 00
LINK ZdxThe Purge has come and YOU are next.
dd54 HI June 30 Jun 30 11
Some players want the name of the first commissioner of baseball, Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, taken off the leagues MVP award. He has been accused of committing the cardinal sin of Cultural Marxism: Racism. Anyone who does not worship Negroes ...
PostUmbraLux NY June 30 Jun 30 44
Liberal Vs. Conservative ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 11
Make no mistake! The BLM movement as well as Antifa are nothing more than radical left wing fringe groups disguised as grass roots movements. They follow Marxist ideology and are here to destroy American culture and demoralize the population to push ...
Bjcaviness FL June 30 Jun 30 22
The Right deserves to lose to the Left because it is doing everything wrong. Stop complaining about the Leftist technology companies. If you don't like them, develop alternatives. At least is one alternative even if it is poorly ...
fschmidt TX June 29 Jun 29 22
Is it too late for Trump to do anything about the Marxist movement?
DeplorableToo FL June 29 Jun 29 11
Delingpole: One Law for Black Lives Matter, Another for the Rest
RAZE AZ June 28 Jun 28 00
Aunt Jemima and Marxist Black Lives Matter
AndrewInVail AZ June 27 Jun 27 00
The woke Scottish rabbits are rising and the rabbit hole is a marxist one - if you can stand all the groveling. Warning, Scotland is full of white people! Who knew?
purdyday CA June 27 Jun 27 11 “SORRY, IT’S A BOY” Sarah Silverman: Now you can say that Feminism is just making up for historic oppression of females – but you’d be telling a lie when you did. Yet that’s precisely what’s said & believed ...
1914wizard FL June 27 Jun 27 11 HIERARCHIES, HOW DO YOU CREATE ONE OR DO THEY JUST NATURALLY EXIST? After listening to this video again I realize that it contains all manner information I didn’t address before & probably won’t be able to address in this post ...
1914wizard FL June 27 Jun 27 11
Former KGB Agent, Yuri Bezmenov, Warns America About Socialist Subversion Overnight flip to Marxist rule. Is this not exactly what is happening now?
torontogal4388 NY June 26 Jun 26 55 NEVER RIDE THE RAILS IF YOU CAN GET OUT OF IT: There’s no forgiveness on Rail Roads. When Men get chopped up the literally get chopped up. President Trump is doing everything he can to bring the jobs back to America...
1914wizard FL June 26 Jun 26 00
What’s the problem, officer?
GeeMac Canada June 26 Jun 26 11
The Left claim that the USA is a failed state but is that true? What standards if any do they actually use? They, of course, use the failed theories of Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao. To a Marxist every capitalist nation was built on colonialism. I...
SarahNoble UK June 25 Jun 25 44
How do we keep electing marxist politicians? Rebel News: Rebel News reporters attacked while police stand by: Ezra Levant says "enough"
warminster100 Canada June 25 Jun 25 11
BLM ... “Black Lives Matter” ... that NON Black Activist Organization PRETENDING to be about “BLACKS” ... are Coming for ... JESUS!?!? (Of COURSE this isn’t a MARXIST / Communist Move AGAINST Religion ...) “Black Lives Matter ...
Bay0Wulf ME June 24 Jun 24 00
I am often asked what immigration patriots a.k.a. Americans can do in the face of what is all too obviously a gathering Cultural Marxist coup d’état. I’ll be writing on this at greater length, but my first answer is: we survive. We can do ...
VDARE CT June 24 Jun 24 22
I am often asked what immigration patriots a.k.a. Americans can do in the face of what is all too obviously a gathering Cultural Marxist coup d’état. I’ll be writing on this at greater length, but my first answer is: we survive. We can do ...
VDARE CT June 24 Jun 24 00
How to shut up a marxist A very nice video
Thasaidon Philippines June 24 Jun 24 44 MGTOW (Men Going Their Own way) & MISOGYNY (hatred of women)?: It doesn’t actually exist – MGTOW misogyny I mean. For a whole list of reasons it can’t exist – again, misogyny I mean. Oh, Feminism would like it ...
1914wizard FL June 24 Jun 24 00
LINK Where the fuck is Inslee? Witness describes the scene after second CHOP shooting - YouTube
dd54 HI June 23 Jun 23 22
Who is driving the bus? Socialist? Marxist? Communist? After being caught on video admitting to being trained Marxists, the BLM leaders are now saying they plan to "Get Trump Out" and mold Joe Biden to their movement.
DeplorableToo FL June 22 Jun 22 00
A great article on how the Cultural Marxist Left took over all of the institutions a great read.
Robert100 MD June 21 Jun 21 99
A better option than supporting Marxist Bezo’s Amazon.
ForeverFree76 CA June 21 Jun 21 33
The Revolution has begun to destabilize the USA and Countries around the globe. With all the actors playing the field at the expense of national sovereignty who benefits the most and why? Billionaire Soros and his motorists NGOs and allied ...
dd54 HI June 21 Jun 21 00
Co-founder of BLM:. "We are trained Marxist" we are "super-versed on ideological theories". Keep thinking it's about race, and that they are not colluding with Antifa in these riots
DeplorableToo FL June 20 Jun 20 33
The Deep State Marxist Left Will Try Anything to Stop Trump! Trump 2020!! Geller Report: Judge denies emergency request to stop Trump’s Tulsa campaign rally due to coronavirus fears! Despicable! Thousands of Leftist thugs destroyed and ...
warminster100 Canada June 19 Jun 19 33
Are Marxist actively participating in the BLM riots and movement? Taken directly from they state, "The task of Marxists is to actively and energetically participate in the movement, as we are already doing"! Will the USA become a ...
DeplorableToo FL June 16 Jun 16 22
LINK American Color Revolution actions are escalating and you'll be surprised at what people will do.
dd54 HI June 14 Jun 14 11
Struggle session for kids is being institutionalized.
shj648 Canada June 14 Jun 14 22
Statism with the public UNION "servants" has murdered many great nations. In Canada's case, public servant union and the Constitution is the problem; It was written poorly by two Marxist. And for some "citizens," Canada is a way to make and a good ...
DRrightRD Canada June 14 Jun 14 00
On the topic of slavery let us not forget, When Europeans Were Slaves: Research Suggests White Slavery Was Much More Common Than Previously Believed
KeVince WA June 13 Jun 13 44
LINK Thank you LEOs! Say NO to defunding our Police Departments
dd54 HI June 13 Jun 13 22