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Will Americans actually use contact tracing apps?

SpikeTalon 9 May 1

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No one who believes in the Constitution will use contact tracing apps. But you can bet Democrats, socialists and communists will. So who will get reported? Right: Patriots.


If they do I'm getting burner phones and strapping them to stray dogs.


I do not and will not own a smart phone so I cannot partake in the surveillance society. Will I be denied freedoms for this behavior? Nope. Freedom is taken, rarely given.

I own a smart phone to uae when ans how I choose tgmgen turn it off and pull the SIM card when I don't. Let them come attempt to take my guns and my freedom.


Not this US Citizen.
Heck, I won’t even use GPS or “Maps” ...

Or 'on star'


Not happening. The techno-nazis can keep their app.

Smart man.

I like your "Techno-nazis" , can I use it??

@Serg97 have it my friend. I despise the bastards.

@dd54 Thank you and Ditto!!!!


"We should not expect officials who get it wrong on the First Amendment and Second Amendment to get it right when it comes to delicate issues of security and privacy."

Exactly. Just one more reason the "release" of COVID appears suspicious. The fallout all plays right into the globalist agenda.

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