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How do we engage to reverse polarization of ideas in our own circles?

Today it seems that no matter the topic be it PC culture, religion, values structures or current affairs, the moment a conversation meets airwaves it becomes structured within the same framework; usually the standalone and acceptable opinion, opposed by a few or many unacceptable ones that are often packaged with reasons why only a bad person would think outside of such an acceptable opinion.

Often these positions are pregnant with presuppositions too deeply layered to be unpacked by individuals possessed with a new, or independent thought not in the realm of thoughts the correct opinion allows.

If you have entered one of these many orchestrated rooms of conversation, then you will know what it is like to be attacked coming through the "wrong" entrance by not entering the only way appropriate; through the belief in the correct presupposition of course.

What are some examples of times you have found yourself in this manner of situation?

Did you manage to communicate your own ideas? If so how? And how were they received?

Were you labeled in the process?

Furthermore, I would like to encourage ideas on how we reverse this from being commonplace in our culture, where people know nothing, but are masters of having the right opinion on everything?

I hope to know your thoughts.


Kestro 2 Jan 10

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