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Thoughts on providing "psychological air" for people whose ideas and identities tend to coincide (7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

I love debate, but I also want to try and help get more people to understand the importance of free speech and open dialogue. These kinds of conversations can be a annoying at times because you are limited in what you can talk about as topics are often tied to the other persons identity, making an attack of an argument an attack on them. I want to know what some ideas are on empathetic listening as a way to help people be more open to better discussion that can further benefit every party involved. This is primarily in reference to the way Stephen Covey talks about these topics in part 3 of his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Darre 3 Mar 31

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I love the 7 Habits. Good luck getting people to understand the “importance of free speech and dialogue.” Truth is the trolls couldn’t care less. Antifa, BLM, the woke, many progressives - they don’t give a crap about dialogue. It’s about disruption and grabbing power. I don’t even try to engage.

You will find some people here who are willing to have a discussion, though.

Your right .Unfortunately I have trouble getting 5 minutes discussion with my kids let alone the average person to make them aware of these Trolls agenda.

Yea, I am honestly excited to see what discussions I will have on here and am thankful for this community.

But I think the idea is exactly what you mentioned. "...they don't give a crap about dialogue." I'm really interested in understanding why people value things, namely deeply held ideas, and how we can better aid in the growth of those values, both within ourselves and in the people close to us, to more accurately correspond with our natural systems to live healthier lives.

@Darre Welcome! Looking forward to your posts and discussion.


Covey is exceptional. I haven’t read 7 Habits in quite a while but it seems to me that you can have more luck discussing sensitive topics when you ask questions rather than make statements.

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