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On Tonight's Show we have guest, Nassar Pooli joins a KJJ look alike
The Iranian National Guard will be exposed tonight in the first hour
In 2nd hour we will be interviewing a Kevin J. Johnston imposter
where is the real Kevin J. Johnston?
#Yyc #Calgary #Calgarymayorelect #kevinjjohnston #kevinisafreeman #Revivecalgary
#Socialmedia #News #Podcast #Alberta #Calgarycity

KevinJJohnston 6 July 13

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Kevin, keep your focus locally and stop worrying about places like Iran, Israel and Venezuela. How can a mayor commit 100% to his/her city if they are occupied by external agendas? Calgary is just ridding itself of an arrogant, closet-gay, agenda-driven, small interest mayor and we can see the results of her 3 terms. Calgary is unrecognizable to folks like me who were born and raised there!

Put the interests of Calgarians ahead of those of Israelis! Israel can look after itself. Calgary has been destroyed by a closet-gay radical Toronto Liberal who put the interests of small groups ahead of Calgarians. Don't follow Nenshi. She was a horrible mayor!

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