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As urban murders soar, black Americans have increased legal firearm purchases at a rate exceeding all other groups []

sqeptiq 8 Apr 12

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Huh? what "colors" were the "urban murders"? black and white aint "colors", they are shades of grey ... the only "colors" in the sacred 4 colors of our tribes are red yellow and then 2 shades of grey. btw there are no self "chosen"... only the Elect, annointed and Jehovahs chosen ARE chosen... the rest of YOU "shut down" all houses of worship before YOU even forsook (war chief) Jesus' passover... on the command of puppets to the synagogue of temptation out of FEAR... of a non lethal "bat flu"... you wear masks instead of faith... your all guilty... and no, its not "acceptable". now that were all equal "again"... btw (war chief) Jesus is "light toned", the only way he got into the roman egyptian jew"ish" synagogues. he is aramiac of Judah, not hebrew. hes not an israelite, the were in exhile or exhiled during his time. this is all in the bible YOU claim ..."chose" YOU. "color" is irrelevant to heaven "flesh is weak" (war chief) Jesus = WE are spirit beingsthis is just flesh avatars... WE are only mortal in the flesh... better pray to our Creator Jehovah (that is his english name, WE WILL know him as Jehovah and Jesus as writ) to get your wings back...

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