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Shorty after I was married my wife had people tell her they'd seen driving around town with a red head. She even got calls from two different "friends?" about my apparent adulterine behaviour. I had no idea what was happening until she picked me up after work one day. With my 3 year old Irish Setter sitting in the front passenger seat (his normal position when traveling with me), I just jumped in the back and rode home sitting between the front sets peering through the windshield. It was a pretty dog.

cRaZyTMG 7 Nov 27

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If you've read some of my previous posts, well, let's just say I like the fiesty ones, the telephone smacking, got her owm knife and sooo happy to stab you with it kinda females (raised 3 kids, they might have seen a fight or two)......WAIT....I retract that, we always ended up fucking....fugg lost my point, cheers

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