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This may seem like an odd question but what do you think a "Genuis" would look like?

anonymous 4 Aug 5

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A couple of possibilities come to mind...


is genuis intentional?


Annoyed, quiet and concerned looking.


I would say its not so much an "odd" question as it is a stupid question. Whats your point asking such a lame question...why is the sky blue, why mommy why...


Look at my profile picture!


A genius can look like anyone, because what makes someone a genius is inside the head. There are pictures of MENSA members, and you can see examples. Geena Davis is technically one. There was a little girl just deemed a genius. Ronan Farrow was a savant and genius. There are a lot of geniuses who have difficulty functioning in society, so high intelligence does not mean an easy road.
Having an adaptive above-average mind probably is more useful that excess intelligence for the daily functioning.


A genius does not necessarily look like anything out of the ordinary. Where the difference is seen is in the work done by them.

Hi IQ is speed. A person who processes faster will accumulate more knowledge than a normal person of the same age. Ask a question not generally known. A genius will probably know the answer.

@TimTuolomne Speed and capacity for the ability to process prodigious amounts of information. Absolutely agree.

@TimTuolomne a smart person would usually not try to answer stupid questions.

@iThink Well I certainly am not a genius.

@Pand0ro neither am I but I recognize a stupid question when I see one. LOL
Whoever came up with "there is no such thing as a stupid question" was pretty stupid.

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