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It's a badge of honor at this point.

Kalki 5 Feb 23
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2peros Level 8 Feb 23, 2021

Even leftists are getting banned on facebook. Wonder if this will wake them up.

Facebook is betrayal. Facebook became powerful because of the energy that people put into it. Facebook used the power given to it by its contributors to hurt its contributors. Many conservatives were making enough money on facebook to support a family. Facebook banned them for petty political reasons, knowing that they were killing a family. Facebook doesn't care. Pure evil.

Dante reserves the 9th circle of hell for betrayers.

Pretty much everyone I know including most of my extended family have dramatically cut back on any use of FB. Most are totally fed up with the manipulation and control.

So what is the logical conclusion / scenario ? Without some conflict or dynamic you end up with an echo chamber of whining. No trolls, no opposition, no fun. These guys are gonna censor themselves out of business. They prolly don't care and actually own the alternative sites the banned will migrate to, like this place hahahaha...

Facebook used to have rich group discussions. Today, I dare not post in any facebook discussion. I use facebook only to connect to friends with chat, and I'm encouraging them to transition to the Intellectual Dark Web. I tell them that facebook uses their private chats in its social credit score.


I've only had an account banned from one; I gave up pretty much all the others almost a decade ago because I could see what they were turning into.

I don't know if that puts me ahead of the curve or behind it.


Yes, it is a constant challenge to work around some of the prohibited words like "TRUDOPE", so I shorten it to T-DOPE and people still understand that I am referring to the TURD who thinks he is Canada's Supreme Dictator.

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