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Get an education and get a better paying job!!! Biden is such a dunce that he doesn't realize the minimum wage was never meant to a long term job!!!!!!!!!!! It is a starting point primarily for high school aged kids!!!!!!!!!!!


farmerguy56 7 Jan 23
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Ask someone in Mexico if $7.25 is a minimum wage. (Mexico minimum wage is 123 pesos/day that is equivalent to $6.10/day)

And our wonderful government bought every single American for $1.65 a day


Oh I've heard that before... usually from the Right. Usually from people that have never been Unemployed etc, etc, etc... never had to try living below the poverty line.

Why should any working person have to live below the poverty line?
Why should the unemployed who through no fault of their own or due to poor management decisions or lack of job opportunities, be forced to live below the poverty line?

We have idiots in Australia especially on the right call the unemployed leaners or bludger etc, etc... get a job they say... well we all know except these clowns apparently that there are about (before covid) 700,000 unemployed. We also know there were about 200,000 jobs. Well blow me down guess what?
That leaves 500,000 Australians with no job to even apply for.

They say that youth unemployment in some areas is as high as 25%...
That of course means the other 75% are not youths. Most of whom have worked all their lives, until they were put off. Hardly a bunch of bludgers... just unlucky.
Ageism is alive and well in Australia.

Every one wants had outs not hands up!!!!!!! I worked shoveling horse shit for 1.75 and hour when I was young! My Mom raised 5 kids on social security after my Dad died when I was 8. I lived in poverty. I got a job pumping gas in high school and saved and paid my own way through college! Who are the people that want to take from those that have and give to those that don't? So don't cry your communist blues to me!!!

If I was unemployed I'd take any job to make sure my family & fed & have a home. I'd take two jobs, like some have to make a better life for my family. Never been a bludger & never will be.
Yet the communist unions have made ludicrous demands on business which have hurt businesses & forced them to close or move offshore. Union scum earn $thousands - they don't care about members only their jobs & $$$.
Min wage results in job losses & higher prices

@w0tn0t, @farmerguy56 lol.... no argument to refute anything I said. Just more crap. Your argument about your life more than backs up what I said... thanks.

@farmerguy56, @w0tn0t lol wotnot... most businesses move offshore for cheaper cost and greater profits... etc... they don't care about the people or the country, just the bottom line.
BTW union membership is a minority in our country by a very long way.

@Lightman Unions forced manufacturing to move offshore - Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi - outrageous demands pushing up prices resulting in higher vehicle costs & less sales! Yes, union membership is down thanks to the thugs who run the unions - bullying members, increasing membership cost - they're back to being the communist thugs they are.
As for below the poverty line, those 25% youth expect to walk into high paying jobs, no experience but all big mouth. They're their own worst enemy & the govt is too easy with welfare.

@Lightman Regarding education - its more indoctrination by socialist ratbags who push their leftist ideology on impressionable young people who aren't permitted to question these indoctrinators
No wonder they're too lazy to find jobs!

@w0tn0t Company decisions not only union demands... don't be so naive


Don't be so naive - do some research! Unions don't care

Unions are pushing for a 4 per cent increase in the minimum wage this year, or almost $30 extra a week, despite the potential for a recession as a result of the coronavirus.

The Australian Council of Trade Union's "modest" proposed increase, revealed on Friday, would lift the minimum weekly wage to $770.43 and the hourly rate from $19.49 to $20.27 in the wake of businesses standing down tens of thousands of workers.

The claim clashes with employers' call for a wage freeze and the Morrison government has called on unions and others to depart "from the usual playbook" and adopt a flexible position to save jobs.


@w0tn0t as for those youth expecting to start at the top... yes they are dicks... doesn't have a bearing on unemployment benefits though.
I've had to train many of those kids.
As for education, I never mentioned it... the point in the original post was strangely uninformed... but as for socialist indoctrination in the education system... totally agree been there seen it first hand... social work via Tafe is the worst. you won't pass unless you totally pay out on rw conservative governments.
My post and my points remain totally valid btw.

@w0tn0t I'm not naive I've been through the system from all angles. Unions are not all evil just like Trump wasn't... Don't be as ignorant as the Progressive Left is.
BTW every year unions are entitled to make claims it is our system, and many are simply ambit.


I agree, not all unions are evil yet the #ACTU & the largest union the #CFMEU dominate & have made unreasonable demands on businesses.
You think you're the only person who has dealt with unions? don't be so ignorant

@w0tn0t The CFMEU split. The ACTU is not a Union it is a Council of Unions. It advocates for the Union movement.

@w0tn0t BTW don't lie about what I say... ok... I never said that I'm the only person who has dealt with unions etc... that was a lie and I'm not ignorant... also a lie..


Are all jobs about a living wage? Need a few bucks to get by? Sorry. Not going to be paying you $15/hr when I can hire a PH D to do it. On second thought, you might be the better option.

A job is a job. It is not always a career.


Sanders' campaign staff unionized and demanded $15/hour. Sanders complied with the
wage demand, and reduced everyone's hours.

Hilarious. Sanders' campaign staff felt that they were entitled to dictate policy. That's not how it's supposed to work. The candidate dictates policy. Sanders lost control over his campaign staff.


Which will happen first, higher prices or fewer jobs?

Biden's first few days feels more like a dictatorship.

Both - less jobs & higher prices .... small businesses will fold


Go figure the “Soup Kitcken” used to to be called the White House, Longs for ppl to be at the mercy of the government not self reliant.

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