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Waste of time. I was waiting for him to say something outlandish.


Refreshingly funny. I totally enjoy that he's a human being, makes him even more likeable.


Really?? This is the best you can come up

Dmwils Level 7 Mar 13, 2020

Is this the best comment you can come up with?

@WilyRickWiles try to control your're posts are getting pathetic

@Dmwils Triggered?

@WilyRickWiles Nope your posts are always great for a giggle


Gee, that was kinda boring. Not as exciting as Ronald Reagan announcing in 1984:"We are going to commence bombing Russia in five minutes." NO OOOPS! Just laughter. That was the year 1984, not the book by George Orwell.

Or as damning as barry telling the Russians that he’d be more flexible after the election...


Are you really that petty and small minded??

2peros Level 8 Mar 13, 2020

NowThisPolitics makes no secret of their anti Trump position. NowThisPolitics uses optics to create spin.

The first one is their title, "Trump Caught On Hot Mic Before Coronavirus Oval Office Address" they imply he was caught off guard. but I see it as something normal and mundane.
The second is the overlay of music to imply Trump is a fool. But that is just spin and misdirection.

NowThisPolitics feeds the anti-Trumpers what they need, reinforcement of their personal TDS.

Yes he is! Always chirping away at fantasy leftist TDS. Can’t grt over his own stupidity or his inability to be rational. Relies on CNN, NPR, MSNCBC, Don Lemon, and fake media. You’d think at some point he would go back to school and learn something practical? Like counting from 1 to 10.

@Rick-A yes, the TDS is strong in this one...


He is aware of the importance of optics, Trump deferrers to others for help, it has something to do with his decades of experience in entertainment and media. Trump is an expert in this regard.


Thanks for sharing.

Xtra Level 8 Mar 13, 2020

I prefer to just throw my garbage out and I never thank others for their trash. Sorry but that’s just my way.

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