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LINK Muslims Flee Britain After Boris's Win - YouTube

Good riddance, but didn't we hear the same upon POTUS Trumps victory and still they come?

purdyday 8 Dec 15
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YOU GO BORIS!!! U have helped wake the people. Islam can go pound sand. And the dense Muzz women that defend their oppression. Don't want their idea of freedom.


So happy for Britain!

Header Level 8 Dec 15, 2019

I phobia is a fear. Hydrophobia (rabies) is a fear of water. Should we fear Islam? Wartime Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill said: We must deal with Islam BEFORE Islam deals with us. Several European countries have stopped Muslim Migrants from entering their country. Anybody ready to move to Hungary?


Hello. It is easy to play the victim card.
It is not Islamophobic to criticize Islam; it is not antisemitic to criticize the Israeli government; it is not anti-Buddhist to criticize Buddhism, and so on.

Naomi Level 8 Dec 15, 2019

Islamophobia has a long history of use, but I prefer the more descriptive term of antimuslim.

Hello WilyRickWiles. As you know, in the UK, the Tories and Labour so readily accuse each other of being Islamophobic and antisemitic. Many people don't seem to know the difference between Islamist and Muslim, and the difference between Zionist and Semite. If they do, they certainly confuse these terms deliberately for their political agendas. As well as playing the identity victim card, making a generalisation of or blanket attack on a certain group of people is one of my pet hates.

@WilyRickWiles The nonsense term "Islamophobia" was invented very recently. If I remember correctly it was about 2010.

@Miss-Martha []

And []

@WilyRickWiles @Naomi
Thank you for advising me of sources which claim that the neologism 'islamophobia' had been used in the 1920's. Even so, it certainly did not come into common use until about 10 years ago.
What is most despicable about this non-word and its widespread adoption by islamists and their ignorant dupes is not that it incongruously and inelegantly compounds words from 2 different languages (Arabic and Greek), but that its use of the Greek suffix 'phobia' to refer to aversion to or fear of Islam is used to imply that to harbour an aversion or fear of Islam is irrational.
In fact for any reasonable, humane, freedom-loving person who has studied or knows Islam its doctrines and its appalling history in any depth, it is very rational indeed to have an aversion or fear for this deceitful, fanatically militant, hate-driven, repressive, misogynistic, bloodthirsy, enslaving, genocidal, supremist cult of sheer evil which brings strife, bloodshed, repression, cruelty, backwardness and misery wherever its devotees set foot.


They are coming. Now the USA border also has African migrants! Wonder how that happened????? Financed, bought and paid for by your politicians.

Yes, and they even like the photo ops for walking them across border.

Soros is not a politician - true enough but things like this still could not happen without political help

@Wesman_Todd_Shaw No, however, he is funding most of this debacle.

The issue is not about African migrants who share the values of the USA and want to be part of the USA but MUSLIM migrants who despise the values of the USA and want to create their own enclaves as a springboard from which to ultimately take over and destroy the USA and replace it with an Islamic state.

@Miss-Martha totally agree with you. Since I know these ones were paid for by an evil person, I’m guessing they are being paid to cause trouble.

@Aaharwood Muslim migrants are not only being paid for and encouraged to destroy Western civilization by internationalist and former Nazi collaborator George Soros, but much more so by their Saudi sponsors through an organisation called the Muslim Brotherhood (IKWAN). The Muslim Brotherhood operates through many front organisations such as PLO and CAIR and is the godfather and fountainhead of all Islamist anti-Western activity through terrorism, propaganda, corruption and political means. It was founded in Egypt in 1928 with the specific purpose of undermining and destroying the West.
Apart from the Saudis, a prominent Western donor to the Muslim Brotherhood was Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, an outspoken admirer of Islam and its hatred of Jews; another was Barak Hussein Obama, 44th President of the USA who has described himself on camera as "a Marxist Muslim".

@Miss-Martha I am so glad to meet someone that knows about this. I know about Soros. I know that the Rothschilds funded him until he became wealthy. I know the Clintons are doing this too.


Muslims Flee Britain? makes me think of this line from a Christmas song...."if oooonly in my dreamssss..."

iThink Level 8 Dec 15, 2019
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