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RemiDallaire 8 July 21
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To Improve Olympic Chances, US Women's Soccer Team Replaced By 15-Year-Old Boys Team In Wigs


US Women's Soccer Team To Boycott Scoring Goals Until Racism Is Defeated



We should form a national women's patriotic team composed of biological females that love America. They would get bigly ratings.

Secession! Protestantism!

Defund sports. Make athletes earn money legit, by endorsements and ticket sales.


I don't subscribe to karma; that would mean every bad thing that happened to us did so because we deserved it. Instead I take great comfort from the general unfairness of the universe because at least that's equal.

As for the women's team, I would say these kind of things tend to happen when you stop being focused on success and become distracted by things that ultimately do not help you. But what could I possibly know? I'm just a product of Whiteness.


We have a similar problem here with some National sports teams.
Our Soccer Team also took the knee... and held up the so-called aboriginal flag... to support BLM a marxist political organisation... Sorry girls I've been a big fan but no longer, stick to sport and forget politics.
Perhaps the fact Australia now has an american coach may have something to do with it...


Three cheers for Sweden

ellism Level 5 July 21, 2021

That fugly anti-America he/she/it should be expelled from representing the USA.
He/she/it represents a Marxist ideology, NOT the USA.
KeepPoliticsOutOfSport LOSER!

w0tn0t Level 7 July 21, 2021

The American women's national team excluded players that are Christians.


There are American athletes that denounced America, such as the American women's national team.

American sports fans will renounce athletes that renounce America. We will see Americans rooting against the women's national team.

Sweden 3 - USA 0
Brazil 5 - China 0


Whoo boy...poor choices can lead to some embarrassing moments.


Karma works.

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