1 0 CONFLATION OF SEXUAL PROCLIVITY WITH POLITICAL PROCLIVITY? Such as has become a political tool of indoctrination to socialism – at least in western societies it has? The word ‘conflation’ is used Precisely as to its meaning even though we all generally make use that word slightly off from its exact meaning – we’re all a little guilty of it. As for the word ‘proclivity,’ it is used correctly above though high-jacket, if such can be done, from Professor Peterson’s vocabulary. {That is to say made use of one of Professor Peterson’s favorite words ‘proclivity.’}

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t it appear that the so called progressive left are capitalizing on the weakness of youth when trying to discover their ‘proclivities’ in life?

Perhaps I’m somewhat wrong, BUT NOT TOTALLY, of that I am sure. One look at prepubescent children deciding they’re of a particular sexual proclivity, different gender even, should set off alarm bells everywhere. Why,,,,,,because there’s no difference between prepubescent children male or female. How then could they possibly make such a decision prepubescent when they have their whole lives post-pubescence to decide that for themselves.

Contrary to these socialists, I would assert that political proclivity is social construction rather than sexual proclivity – to say otherwise is the essence (the root meaning) of TOTALITARIANISM!

I’ll end my little tirade with this video that caused me to see the conflation being made – DELIBERATELY MADE BY SOCIALISTS!


  1. a tendency to choose or do something regularly; an inclination or predisposition toward a particular thing: "a proclivity for hard work"
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Posted by: The Rubin Report ~ Jun 12, 2021
“What Happens After a Lesbian Comes Out as Conservative | Arielle Scarcella | WOMEN | Rubin Report”

1914wizard 8 June 15
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The left are like Scientologists—they don't take kindly to leaving!

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