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Glenn Beck: Organizational Psychologist Dr. Karlyn Borysenko joins Glenn to discuss the damning materials sent to her last week from a whistleblower within The Coca-Cola Company. The employee, who Dr. Borysenko points out is NOT white, felt so uncomfortable with the diversity training (read: critical race theory training) circulated by the company that he/she decided to share it with the rest of the world. Listen for yourself, but Glenn argues that this material IS racist.

toronto_Georgia 7 Feb 22
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Those racists use polar bears to advertise, not very anti white!


Here is a list if u want to boycott

Header Level 8 Feb 22, 2021

BOYCOTT Coke and it partner companies!


African Americans, feminists and Alphabet people are the most racist and unnecessarily and overly defensively sensitive people I have ever heard cry. (And cry they do, about everything they don't get). They hate whites for being white, they hate men for being men, they hate straights for being straight. They have All these imbalances and distorted views and beliefs that they trow onto simple normal folk. Typically of insecure weak minded people, they cast ALL their self made, distorted problems on someone else only to hate and develop a want to destroy them. They are a weird and strange lot, have not grown up and taken adulthood on as we should


The backlash against Coke will rival the backlash against Gillette.

As far as I am concerned (LOL - like I matter) I wish companies would go back to just selling good products and leave the social engineering to the Lefties and their ilk. Don't know about all of you but I was raised to be upright, considerate, respectful and compassionate from the time I was a small child and continued that tradition in raising my own son. I'm pretty proud and respectful of how he turned out Thank You Mam.

@toronto_Georgia But if I were a Leftie (which I’m not), I would come back with something like, ‘That’s just what I would expect someone who is blinded by their own whiteness to say. By defending yourself, you only prove my point’ (whatever the hell that might be). This is going to be a difficult fight to win, and it must begin at the local level. Is it in your schools yet? Do you even know? What will be your response if/when it comes to your workplace/company?

@Jmann44492403 Oh, I totally hear you there. Thank God I am retired and out of all this BS. Never could be a yes man. I am neither proud nor embarrassed to be white. I really didn't have any say in that event. As to what I chose to do with my life, I have absolutely no reason to apologize to the sickness that now seems to find the world an unbearable place. Take a hike kids. Whinny crybabies never had a chance in my households both when I was a child and when I raised a child. Life was never "fair", pull up those big girl panties and deal with it.

I have not bought nor used any Gillette products since that ad campaign ran. I don't care if Gillette executives and shareholders attempted to soften their stance I would not care if they publicly wept and cried for forgiveness and understanding - I WILL NEVER EVER buy another Gillette product so help me god and now - same for Coka-cola company. And that's going to be hard because I did so love my diet coke and did not like Pepsi at it will take some will power on my part but NO MORE diet cokes for me!

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