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The lone trump supporter LOL

This is funny but what's even funnier is seeing the people who supported Trump in the media change their tune OVERNIGHT - they'll all pretend they never liked him in the first place!

You guys will be loyal to the and though right? And when Don Jr puts on his adults voice and his weird America flag jacket and appears to be under the influence and screams like a manic game show host you'll applaud him won't you? Don Jr 2024!


bastion 7 Jan 21
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I never liked Trump, never watched any of his stuff, in fact his comments on the golf course development resistors in Scotland or Ireland, don;t remember at moment, I still hold against him because I live that way and that junk he said should be bulldozed over is valuable treasure when you reuse everything possible. Bush people, rural people the world over live that way. I only supported him because the Hillary alternative would have been a pre-emptive nuclear war by several nations against America.

You are entitled to your opinion and labeling/defining people as you always do. Your picture could be staged for all I know. I really pity you with your haughtiness it betrays your ineptitude hostility and childish sophomoric mocking.


You really have very little understanding of the Trump phenomenon.

Of the hundreds of conservatives I know maybe two or three of them supported Trump. What they supported was Trump's opposition to the corruption that Clinton and Biden represent. What Obama never understood is what the rank and file Republican was clinging to was what they call principles, it may be delusional but it isn't the delusion that an ignorant Obama thought it was.

Trump did have millions of supporters, I just didn't happen to know many. For the most part they were the working class people who's parents had been Democratic but felt abandoned by the globalist, multiculturalists, the new racists represented by Obama and his nasty wife.

wolfhnd Level 7 Jan 21, 2021

LMAO (again). Orange Man Bad is gone and your obsession has not waned. This is rather unhealthy, wouldn't you agree?

Look to the future, commit to some morally high standard goals and get your ass going. Happiness follows

Maybe you shouldn't let me upset you like this?

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