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Evil 60's marxist radical Angela Davis, apparently is still alive, and has declared that the police were always about protecting White supremacy.

As I said in a previous post, to understand what she and others of her ilk mean, simply remove the word "supremacy".

The police protect Whites from crime, much of it perpetrated on them by Blacks. Laws and customs ranging from not stealing or assaulting people to public intoxication are all anathema to Blacks, as that is what they enjoy doing.

Defunding the police, legalizing drugs, not prosecuting property crimes, gun control are all part of the plan to defeat "White supremacy" and "institutional racism". What that means is that any institutions that prevent Blacks from destroying White people and White civilization must be ended.

Blacks are murderously envious of Whites, because the fact of the matter is, Whites are a vastly superior race.


PostUmbraLux 5 June 22
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this sounds like the things said about nonwhite's during the eugenics movement of the nineteen twenties
Darwin’s son Leonard was the president of the First International Congress of Eugenics. Leonard wanted to register the names of every “stupid” and otherwise “unfit” person in Britain. His plan envisioned that teachers would report “all children to be specially stupid.” To this would be added the names of “all juvenile offenders awaiting trial, all ins-and-outs at workhouses, and all convicted prisoners” (Black, p. 215). Those so registered would be prohibited from propagating. Also, “their near kin were to be shipped off to facilities, and marriages would be prohibited or annulled.”

KeVince Level 8 June 22, 2020

I live in a predominantly white neighborhood. The "only crime" we have seen in the last 8 years was that of blacks from other neighborhoods who have come into our neighborhood to steal cars, and the occasional code violation for people who live here that did not mow their grass. least in my neighborhood it's not so much a "white supremacy" problem as it is a "black crime" problem?


How long does the grass in ur neighborhood have to get before you are hit with a "did not mow your grass code violation" ?

@NonAgrssvMight, according to County Code violations:. "All property must be maintained as not to cause an unsanitary nuisance to surrounding properties. Overgrowth of grass and weeds are big causes of unsanitary nuisances.".

So basically, mow your yard and keep it clean. Usually, violations are cited when the grass becomes higher than 12" and remains that way for 5-consecutive days.

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