Saudi Arabia is buying shares of Alberta's oil sands companies. The 'ethical oil' argument is dead. Max Fawcett: If Canadian oil and gas companies are going to accept Saudi Arabia’s , it’s probably time for their proxies to retire arguments ...
1patriot Canada Sep 19 Sep 19 11
Democratic Congresswoman spotted in airport after pledging not to go home without deal on stimulus-
SpikeTalon PA Sep 18 Sep 18 22
People keep arguing about how terrorists treat people who document their crimes. The picture tells the story.
ThoughtCrimina NY Sep 6 Sep 6 00
Butterfly on the patio IPhone X
HeadMofo VA Sep 5 Sep 5 11
Here Are Three People Accused Of Violent Crimes Bailed Out Of Jail By Fund Kamala Harris Supported
RAZE AZ Sep 5 Sep 5 22
Just the News CEO Solomon files motion to hold St. Louis Circuit Attorney Gardner in contempt
Rosary_Trace GA Sep 1 Sep 1 11
Yes destroy it i agree!
1patriot Canada Aug 29 Aug 29 33
LINK Robert F. Kennedy Jr. arrives in Berlin for Conference on Children's Health - YouTube
LCloster Canada Aug 29 Aug 29 00
The school Democrats are dying off replaced by young Marxists raised in Leftist accordingly people....
B1967 NY Aug 22 Aug 22 33
‪BreakingTruth GlobalNews and all other MediaSilence in ChildExploitation CriminalSyndicates and Liberal Democrats want this Exploitation to become Normal ‬
YellowPill Canada Aug 22 Aug 22 22
0498 ---------------- August 17, 2016 Location: Greenville,SC Victim(s): Christopher Shane Satterfield 25 Attacker(s): Shake Javonite Curry, Shamar Raekwon Sullivan, Desmond Jarrod Jackson, Elijah Kewaun Lentrez Williams...
TheFireRises WA Aug 17 Aug 17 11
Do you guys think that more people have walked away from the left since Trump got into office and the Democratic Party became the Far Left? What is everyone's thoughts on Trump and Pence's chances against Biden and Kamala Harris? Personally, I've ...
TurningPage76 IL Aug 13 Aug 13 55
Google Chrome Browser bug exposes billions of users to data theft...
SpikeTalon PA Aug 11 Aug 11 00
Chicago protests: Restrictions imposed after chaotic night of unrest
B1967 NY Aug 11 Aug 11 11
‘We’re in really, really uncharted territory,’ Kim Foxx says of gun violence in Chicago
RAZE AZ Aug 9 Aug 9 22
Graham says FBI deceived Senate Intelligence Committee in 20 briefing on Steele dossier: 'misled the hell out of them'
RAZE AZ Aug 9 Aug 9 00
Remembering Jay Sebring Lori Johnston Aug 8 · 5 min read Fifty-one years ago tonight, Jay Sebring became one of six people (if you include an unborn baby) who lost their lives in one of the most violent, gruesome, and senseless murders in ...
Andyman MD Aug 8 Aug 8 00
Seattle has become one messed up city... Seattle Council member proposes troubling amendment to inhibit prosecution of crimes committed by protesters-
SpikeTalon PA Aug 6 Aug 6 33
0731 ---------------- August 5, 1976 Location: Columbia,MO Victim(s): Rebecca A. Doisy 23 Attacker(s): Johnny Wright Description: Rebecca was last seen having a drink with Wright, who was a regular at the restaurant ...
TheFireRises WA Aug 5 Aug 5 33
“ are being exploited either in your name or on your watch, and you’re the only one who can stop this,” MacPherson alleged in a letter dated March 22, 2018. “The Trudeau stamp is on these crimes, through and through. It’s just that you’re...
1patriot Canada Aug 4 Aug 4 11
Elon Musk Says Aliens Built The Pyramids, Egyptian Officials Are Not Amused.
RAZE AZ Aug 2 Aug 2 55
LINK Stop Relying On Failing Schools & Media! Educate Yourself | Greg Gutfeld | POLITICS | Rubin Report - YouTube
Aztex2020 NM Aug 1 Aug 1 00
A few of my opinions on transgender and the politicizing of this subject. First and foremost it is my belief that anyone should be able to wear whatever they want within the normal laws that govern decency. However... A bloke in a dress is not a...
Stevezombie UK Aug 1 Aug 1 55
(Political Correctness) Continued..... INTRODUCTION: THE DEBATE AND ITS ORIGINS 3of4 Radical leftism in the American sixties naturally made all kinds of efforts to work up some ambitious theories, too, and part of those efforts, no small part ...
Krunoslav Croatia July 27 Jul 27 00
Sooner or later the Vatican will be fully exposed as Globalist UN/Deep State HQ, For many decades Vatican Jesuit Order, completely infiltrated World & US Institutions, especially universities, political, Intelligence agencies etc. Watch Utube ...
Macwa GA July 26 Jul 26 00
COVID-19 is a real disease, but much of the response has been turned into a hoax. I don't trust the data that I'm seeing anywhere. In some ways, that's to be expected. Data collection is difficult. Good data collection is even more difficult. Getting...
WftRight WY July 24 Jul 24 22
Happy Homelands! RAMZPAUL is back to the insane asylum called America. Join Styx and me live on Saturday at 11:00 P.M. EST. as we discuss this week’s insanity.
ramzpaul OK July 24 Jul 24 33
London crime rising five times faster than rest of England, report reveals Crime in London rose five times more than in the rest of the country last year, stark new Government figures revealed today. The number of homicides in the capital went...
ieuan UK July 21 Jul 21 11
0656 ---------------- August 15, 2017, May 18,2017, April 4,2017, February 27,2017, August 19,2016, July 2017 Location: Kansas City,MO Victim(s): Steven Gibbons 57, Michael K. Darby 61, Timothy S. Rice 57, David Lee Lenox ...
TheFireRises WA July 19 Jul 19 11
The 'Tolerant Left' Strikes Again - Sen. Blackburn blasts 'cancel culture' after former Hillary adviser tells her to 'f--- off' FOXNEWS
RAZE AZ July 18 Jul 18 22
College student disciplined over photo with rifle- A Fordham University student says he’s being forced to undergo “political re-education” after running afoul of campus administrators after posting a picture of himself ...
SpikeTalon PA July 17 Jul 17 11
I was just thinking again about the NFL and the renewed discussion player "protests" that disrespect our flag and national anthem, and I was thinking that I don't know why an individual or group would find it a good thing to willfully insult a whole ...
KeithThroop IL July 10 Jul 10 44
For those who are growing tired of police shootings and race related crimes, I’ll try to find some good obscure and interesting serial killer stuff to post soon.
Andyman MD July 10 Jul 10 00
Those Confederate statues were symbols of freedom and patriotism and bravery in the face of tyranny. Many decades ago the American people reconciled and put the war behind them. Confederate and Union leaders were now American leaders. An armchair ...
PostUmbraLux NY July 9 Jul 9 11
The formerly honorable SPLC has become fraudulent and intolerant. They now see fit to publish hysterical exaggerations in a bid to silence @JackPosobiec. We NEED to promote genuine discussions between political partisans. We do NOT need more ...
Mythinformed WI July 9 Jul 9 66
DOOM! DBug GumballModel, SBV, OPOrangeCrush CrownDown OpChickenSoup THE GREAT AWAKENING,
ieuan UK July 7 Jul 7 00
A couple of other headlines about this incident... Black man threatened with noose on 4th of July A black man says he was almost the victim of an "attempted lynching". Remember the Nascar guy saying someone snuck into his garage unit and ...
KCSantiago TX July 7 Jul 7 33
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Indicted for Crimes Against Humanity - ITCCS Summons June 7, 2019
1patriot Canada July 5 Jul 5 11
And he was right.....
RemiDallaire Canada July 3 Jul 3 11
Fake hate crimes
Andyman MD July 1 Jul 1 00
POLL Provo UT "BLMers"?! WTF? Prolly the most AYFKM-est vid & story seen so far display how far our "fellow whites" and/or "greatest ally"'s propaganda taking over 20something whites' minds. Big upside provided tho - in my humble opinion - by ...
JATW IL June 30 Jun 30 44
Liberal Vs. Conservative ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 11
Celebrities cancel shows, Human Trafficking, Trudeau’s crimes, Catalyst Twin Flame, Cannabis from 5D
ieuan UK June 29 Jun 29 11
These are the vicious crimes against our people that are hidden by the mainstream media.
ramzpaul OK June 27 Jun 27 33
Riots, racial attacks, random violent crime increasing, serious crimes being ignored, communists claiming territory within the USA. Trump responds with a proposal that flag burning should be illegal as our churches and cities burn.
ramzpaul OK June 23 Jun 23 11
Thanks just joined group today
utube3805 IL June 22 Jun 22 00
Really wish conservatives would stop sobbing about black women having abortions. America has a lot of problems, but a shortage of blacks isn’t one.
sqeptiq PA June 20 Jun 20 66
Recasting and reissuing popular movies and shows, demolishing statues and artwork, and rewriting historical narratives seems tantamount to book burning. Is this just another burning of the Library of Alexandria? Are these events going to set ...
Starlight TX June 20 Jun 20 33
Capitalism is Dead
AndrewInVail AZ June 20 Jun 20 11
0836 ---------------- June 19, 1996 Location: Philadelphia,PA Victim(s): Aimee Willard 22 Attacker(s): Arthur Bomar Description: Aimee was driving along the highway, when Bomar, a felon on parole for 2nd° murder who...
TheFireRises WA June 20 Jun 20 11
RCMP Don Matheson Reveals Corruption in The RCMP We The People - Constitutional Conventions We've been making tremendous progress in a short period of time, and the response from all of you has been fantastic. So many of you have reached...
1patriot Canada June 14 Jun 14 11
If you like crime books and have not read any of his books, I would recommend Robert van Gulik's, Judge Dee books. They have never been out of rint in their English translation since they were published in the 1950s. They are set in ancient ...
Thasaidon Philippines June 9 Jun 9 00
Put them in fear of a social worker that will stop the crimes oh yeah hell yeah that will stop all them 911 calls for sure !!
JVIP-WTPNN UT June 9 Jun 9 11
Self defense insurance vs legal protection plans for gun owners-
SpikeTalon PA June 6 Jun 6 11
I want to give my opinion on current events. Personally I'm glad the cop that killed Floyd has been imprisoned: because I believe he intended to do so. However, I am not remotely glad that people are rioting., Peaceful protests in the past have ...
J_Midnite MS June 3 Jun 3 88
Great Statistics! Tony Heller: Destroying America Through The Big Lie. America haters around the world are cheering on the efforts by the press and social media to create racial hatred and violence in the US. ...
warminster100 Canada June 2 Jun 2 00
POLL So I have seen many crazy theories regarding the riots and some not so crazy, what do you think? I have seen people claiming republicans are behind it, (I see little to no logic to that theory) Theres the idead that this is an organized operation ...
wutthafuk FL June 1 Jun 1 44
ON THE SCALES OF JUSTICE RAPE & SLAVERY ARE OF EQUAL WEIGHT – NEITHER HOWEVER WEIGHT AS HEAVY AS MURDER: Nothing herein is intended to validate reparation(s) to anyone who didn’t PHYSICALLY suffer the offense in question ...
1914wizard FL May 23 May 23 22
If you guys have an interest in true crime AIU has been making a lot of investigation bideos in the last year that counter unsubstantiated narratives of a lot of important high profile interracial crimes. Please go check them out this introduction to...
Slugo Zimbabwe May 21 May 21 11
When Government programs do more harm than good- Shame on the U.S. government for making unemployment pay better than work.
SpikeTalon PA May 13 May 13 22
If anyone wants the best solution to the world today, just check my revised Profile.. it’s short and sweet and intellectually stimulating (even if it offends u)
SocialDarwin NC May 9 May 9 1010
SF Is Giving Homeless FREE Hotel Rooms with Drugs & Alcohol! -
JoogleVAX4U TN May 6 May 6 33
Proof that the elites in America are coming for all of have rights in U.S., exercise them.....Just say NO!
purdyday CA Apr 29 Apr 29 55
AG Barr: balancing public safety with the preservation of civil rights...
SpikeTalon PA Apr 28 Apr 28 11
Below the radar: prosecuting gun crimes saves lives act...
SpikeTalon PA Apr 21 Apr 21 00
This is an outrage! Man shoots robber in Arlington, ends up in jail without bail and charged with multiple crimes-
SpikeTalon PA Apr 2 Apr 2 55
Michigan County Prosecutor charged with embezzling asset forfeiture funds... Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced Tuesday that her office had charged Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith and three other county officials ...
SpikeTalon PA Mar 25 Mar 25 22
The police in the UK have been given emergency powers to detain and quarantine people suspected of having the Coronavirus. This is obviously necessary but I wonder whether in our politically correct society records will have to be kept of the ...
Kravman2 UK Mar 19 Mar 19 33
Chinese media blames Trump for coronavirus.
ChrisTemple CA Mar 12 Mar 12 22
So much for British justice. “Only on Remand” “I would remind you that Julian is a remand prisoner who has served his unprecedentedly long sentence for bail-jumping. His status is supposedly at present that of an innocent man facing ...
KettleSpout UK Mar 3 Mar 3 11
This is an alarm bell, which is ringing out to our elected officials to cover ALL LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS, with a full and comprehensive healthcare plan. Because without a full and comprehensive plan for our own people, our own ...
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 27 Feb 27 33
UAE Victims of alleged war crimes in Yemen have demanded that American authorities act on what they say is "compelling evidence" of offenses by American mercenaries acting under the direction of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 20 Feb 20 11
The Crimes of Winston Churchill by Crimes of Britain Britains Imperial Fantasies and social and political regression is in full Brexit swing!
N0DD Feb 18 Feb 18 44
This is the biggest political issue affecting increasingly polarized dating decisions...
SpikeTalon PA Feb 10 Feb 10 11
New Zealand Police complete an 8 month investigation, Bust a drug ring, arrest 10 people, recover 5 million dollars of drugs, and Big Surprise, they did not surrender their military style weapons in the police buy back scheme either - Really ???...
The_Q New Zealand Feb 10 Feb 10 11
"Vices are those acts by which a man harms himself or his property. Crimes are those acts by which one man harms the person or property of another… "To punish men for their vices…is a sheer and utter absurdity for any government claiming to ...
JlazyJ NM Jan 23 Jan 23 33
Missouri cops used federal loophole to seize $2.6 million from drivers who they never charged with crimes...
SpikeTalon PA Dec 30 Dec 30 11
The ten worst state laws proposed and passed in 2019...
SpikeTalon PA Dec 23 Dec 23 00
LINK What do North Wales, Ireland, & Greece know About 5G That We Should - YouTube
1patriot Canada Dec 19 Dec 19 00
Impeachment garbage, where are the 'high crimes'?
SpikeTalon PA Dec 16 Dec 16 00
The future of prosthetics- The world of Deus Ex is slowly becoming reality.
SpikeTalon PA Dec 10 Dec 10 11
Have a drink, prohibition stinks: remembering the tyranny of prohibition...
SpikeTalon PA Dec 5 Dec 5 22
Conservative scholar: Democrats are trying to impeach Trump over 'thought crimes'...
SpikeTalon PA Dec 2 Dec 2 22
What are we gonna do with those other 98 genders now?? Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;' Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’ By Michael W. Chapman | June 2, 2015 | 1:34pm EDT Dr. Paul R. McHugh. Johns ...
Kingsfan9920 CA Nov 25 Nov 25 00
I just watched Ron Maclean trying to virtue signal his way into the public's good books. Will the left wing idiots never understand that their bullshit flowery words are meaningless. We have heard this rhetoric over and over from every one of them. ...
jakuboj Nov 16 Nov 16 11
For 30 years I have been listening to these sexual pervert activists tell everyone they are not wanting to promote acceptance of child rape. Even when one of their founding leaders in the 60s was a well known pedophile and leading member of NAMBLA, ...
KCSantiago TX Nov 15 Nov 15 22
Where are the President's "high crimes"?
SpikeTalon PA Nov 4 Nov 4 00
UnTrue Crime | Season 1, Episode 1 | The Nightmare Begins The prosecution of Mike Bullard A true crime investigation series conducted by expert researcher Diana Davison. Diana searches through archives, court documents, testimony, ...
BJDichter Sep 13 Sep 13 00
Any chance the press gets to put a dig on the prez, they take it. Forbes article on beekeeping and Morgan Freeman keeping bees. In the last 2 paragraphs they have to make a dig at Trump for something.. These sociopaths in the media need help, real ...
EdNason CT May 9 May 9 11
LINK Trudeau rang up $384K in food, liquor on only 5 flights | Sheila Gunn Reid - YouTube
WorldSigh Apr 24 Apr 24 11
LINK Best life advise I've ever seen...
cRaZyTMG Canada Apr 23 Apr 23 44
LINK A simple demo of order and chaos (and order again) - Home made Pendulum Wave with 15 billiard balls - YouTube
arboristly560 VA Apr 22 Apr 22 11
LINK Wagons Circle Obama Administration as Democrats Continue Fake Investigations
10thGeneration VA Apr 20 Apr 20 00
Mueller’s done and so should Dems too because Trump is no Nixon “Even if you believe Mueller should have been appointed given the swirl of questions kicked up about Russia, Volume 2 of the Mueller report should not exist at ...
Garsco NC Apr 20 Apr 20 11
POLL Don't rebuild the Notre Dame cathedral - YouTube
AJElicits Canada Apr 20 Apr 20 22
I have been reading through the WikiLeaks emails and working with others for some time now and you don't have to, believe me, it won't matter in the end but the crimes committed are of such heinous magnitude we will only know around 60%. 40% will be ...
Gerri4321 MI Apr 19 Apr 19 55
Funny but sad
Gerri4321 MI Apr 19 Apr 19 00
From the “People Who Profess to Have All the Answers Are Very Annoying to Those Of Us Who Actually Do” files... I find “some mindsets” (point your own fingers) very disturbing. Some people, who have decided on a topic and established in ...
REParker SC Apr 18 Apr 18 33
Really she is petrified, this is not her worst crime understand she has done far worst and covered for far worst crimes.
Gerri4321 MI Apr 18 Apr 18 00
Toddlers the greatest exercise program, and free
Gerri4321 MI Apr 18 Apr 18 00