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Election 2020: A Pathetic State of Affairs

Justin Smith is looking to American Patriots willing to withstand tyranny inflicted on Americans. In this case the mounting evidence still pooh-poohed by Dem-Marxists, RINOs and status quo Establishment Republicans (YOU MUST question Establishment motives accepting criminal elections!): []

JohnHouk 7 Feb 5
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Bottom line, if we have a fair and honest election, the Republicans will take control!!!!!
Any other out come will be FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!
You may not like the way TRUMP talks, but you can not dislike the way he governs!!!
Or do you want more JOE and CAMELASS??????

Serg97 Level 8 Feb 6, 2022

Treason = capital offense? I think this is the reason why there are more treasonous politicians these days.


We'll have to see what plum corporate jobs members of Pence's family are getting as rewards.

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