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A quote from Stalin that should wake everyone up, "I believe that who and how people in the Party vote, is unimportant. What is extremely important is who counts the votes, and how they are recorded." #TRUMPWILLTRIUMPH

jakuboj 7 Jan 1
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Well when do you see this happening? Tomorrow, next week, when BIDEN is POTUS?
The GOP has done nothing accept talk and raise money for what?
When does all this rhetoric stop and where does the rubber hit the road?
I am sick and tired of this BS.
Where are the people who can drive the resistance? Name them?
The war is over as I see it. If you were in charge of a revolution this is now you would execute it. .
It’s was the best run revolution in modern history! Not a shot was fired and the opposition is where? Getting paid to do what? Nod their heads in approval and put up a charade to cover their cowardice. McConnell is a fucking disgrace!

Rick-A Level 8 Jan 1, 2021

Let's talk further after January 6th.

@jakuboj I sincerely hope I am wrong, but I can’t see how this can be overturned by a procedure that’s going to cause a two hour discussion. That going to result in Joe asking where’s my dog and let’s call in Kamalla the new President Elect?
See this is the object in motion principal, the process is on motion, and it’ll remain in motion until something major disrupts it!
How’s that going to happen? Armed intervention? Not going to happen.

@Rick-A Do you really think Trump's Patriot Alliance will turn the USA over to China? Have faith!

@jakuboj Biden “won” the election they say. I dispute that but how’s that going stop this China centric leftist agenda.
Are Trumps Patriots going start a civil war? The courts as corrupt as all hell!

@Rick-A you can't expect to completely drain a world wide Deep State swamp in only 4 years. Even Trump needs time.

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